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Comment: ...from the trenches (Score 1) 272

by neogramps (#34231812) Attached to: Web-Users Fall For Fake Anti-Virus Scams
From what I can see, working at a helpdesk with a userbase of ~30000, these are on the rise again, and in the last 2 months, I've had several infections which failed to be picked up by MSE, Avast, Spybot and Sophos. This year I've had at least 1-3 infected machines a day, 5 days a week, and 90% have been the fake-av variety. They are also getting more sophisticated recently, doing more and more damage, creating local proxies, adding in rootkits, hiding in system files (instead of user profiles). So while fake-av's are old news, they are the malware of choice at the moment, and their visibility means a larger number are detected (unlike traditional malware, which Jo Bloggs fails to notice)

Comment: Re:Wonders will never cease! (Score 1) 107

by neogramps (#32849512) Attached to: Major ISPs Challenge UK's Digital Economy Act
I've had to call virgin 4 times in the 6 years I've had their cable/tv bundle. Only once did i hit the idiot wall (trying to raise an alert about a line fault, but the zombie on the line was convinced both my router and my tv box had simultaneously died!). All the other times I've called, service has been good and they seem to have stepped things up recently too - i called last week at peak time (6pm) - got through to a Welsh chap in a minute, he tested my box, and booked an engineer for the next working day with no fuss. Later that night I got a text to say it was a line fault, and the engineer was cancelled. The next morning I got a follow up call to check everything was fine (it was) - service doesn't get better than that.

+ - Pandora's Box Opened at last->

Submitted by neogramps
neogramps (1432089) writes "It's been a long time coming but the first Pandora consoles are finally rolling off of the production line (well this one actually walked out the door to a customer who lived near the "factory").

Initial estimates had put production and development at taking two months, but Murphy had other ideas. Banking issues, design problems, problems communicating with the Chinese moulding company, escalating assembly costs and even a volcano all managed to get in the way, but the small and dediced team soldiered on, and just over a year and a half later, the wait is coming to an end for the four thousand pre-orderers."

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Comment: "Collector's edition" (Score 2, Insightful) 241

This approach is not so different from having a normal and collector's edition of the game - there have been plenty of times in the past where the collector's edition gives you some in-game bonuses - if it was dressed up like that, rather than as additional DLC you have to buy separately, there wouldn't be such a hostile reaction. Selling it as DLC just makes Bioware look greedy; but selling it as a collector's edition makes it seem as though they're catering to hardcore fans and rewarding them with bonus content for buying the shinier box.

Comment: Re:From a different perspective (Score 1) 485

by neogramps (#28291597) Attached to: Supreme Court Declines Case Over Techs' Right To Search Your PC
That story is completely different to the situation here; unless the guy had child pornography as his wallpaper, the techs had to actively go looking for it, and would not find it doing the repair that he had asked for. That said, in cases like this, I don't care whether evidence is obtained illegally or not, you committed a crime and you got caught - you should go to jail! Dismissing damning evidence on technicalities is not just.

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