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Submission + - Google Map's data switch has been bumpy (

neogeographer writes: Google's map data switch has hit a nerve with the Geographic Information Systems community- more than one GIS professional has notice major gaps in the accuracy and quality of the Google Maps data since they switched to using their own data last week (previously, Google Maps had relied on TeleNav and NavTeq, dedicated map data providers). The hodge-podge of data sources compiled by Google Maps proves that keeping map data accurate is incredibly challenging in an ever changing world, and that the reputation of an internet map service will suffer dramatically if the data is off. The most egregious example- Canton Ohio is mislabeled as Colesville, Ohio (as of this submission this is still true). While they now have a 'report a problem' link on the maps, the turn-around time for correcting their data has been criticized, and waiting for someone to report a problem on a map makes the data worthless in the meanwhile. Crowdsourcing is a neat idea in theory, unless you're trying to get to Canton, Ohio (or trying to get out!).

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