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Comment: Re:absolutely the dumbest idea ever (Score 1) 291

Or could that be the point? What a better media story as why they need to crack down harder on the internet...Just cause the services being sold are bad doesnt mean that the person selling them is a bad guy or even real. It could just be a huge charade to tarnish bitcoins and its users.

Comment: Remove it (Score 3, Interesting) 462

by neo8750 (#45317695) Attached to: Re: Daylight Saving Time, I would most like
I live in part of the US who up until a few years ago didn't have DST. I will say I hate it. During the summer when the days are the longest you will still have daylight at 11:00pm(23:00). Then in the winder it gets dark at 4pm So i go to work in the dark come home in the dark. Where as before I come home it still be light in winter and in summer the sun would be down before 10.

+ - Average cost per 'official' wiretap in the United States: $50,452->

Submitted by schwit1
schwit1 (797399) writes "Last week, in a very, very quiet release, the US Federal Court system published its annual Wiretap report to Congress.

This is something that is required by law; the Administrative Office of the United States Courts (AO) must annually report the number of federal and state applications for court orders to “intercept wire, oral, or electronic communications.”

Note – this report only covers wiretapping orders by US courts; it does not include anything related to the NSA’s electronic surveillance, FBI ‘administrative subpoenas’ to Google / Facebook, the US Postal Service snooping people’s physical mail, or any of this top secret FISA nonsense.

In other words, these numbers add yet another dimension to how vast the US spy state has become.

The report gives a lot of eye-popping details about these official, court-ordered wiretaps, including:
  • Riverside County, California is the most spied-on county in the United States
  • Followed by Clark County, Nevada
  • 3,395 wiretaps were ordered, averaging 29.03 days each
  • The average cost of a wiretap order last year was $50,452
  • The highest cost was $872,841 for a Federal wiretap in the Eastern district of Washington
  • 87.39% of these wiretap orders were connected to drug-related charges
  • Only 18.19% of these wiretaps actually led to a conviction

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