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Comment Re:So you're telling me (Score 1) 410

No, we're saying that there's a huge difference between "we added a new thing!" and "we added something you actually want!" I seriously don't understand the mindset, which I see all over, of "it's new, therefore it must be better!" Like people saying "you don't like Windows 8? Go back to Windows 95 then, you mindless anti-progress hater!" Like, no, I like progress, there's just a difference between change and progress. Progress requires change, but change doesn't inherently make something better, just different.

Give me an actual fully-self-driving Google car, then we can talk about adding entertainment features. Until then, stop shoehorning silly crap that doesn't have to do with driving into cars just to raise the price even though people aren't asking for it.

Comment Re:Who proof reads this stuff? (Score 1) 61

> "Who proofreads this stuff?
The grammar in these sentences and paragraphs is so bad, this whole interview is unreadable to someone who is a native English speaker. Either the person who transcribed this is not a native English speaker, or they are completely illiterate. Get it together, Dice - you're embarrassing yourself."

Were you adding all those mistakes to your post ironically/to prove some point? Anyway, fixed. :p

Comment Re:Promethius 1.5? (Score 1) 60

I have absolutely no problem with that. In fact, that's one of my favorite things about English - given proper context, you can quite easily verb nouns and noun verbs. I think that's all kinds of interesting. (I wouldn't say that science "is" a verb - I would say that science is a noun, which is being used a verb in that sentence after having a null morpheme applied to it. Though particular verbs that get used as nouns *often* enough eventually do graduate to being full dictionary-level verbs.)

A descriptivist


Ugh, I actually worked with LeadTools at work a few years ago, it was a pain. We had to rip out all the calls to a previous imaging library because they'd changed their licensing terms to one upper management didn't like... then after I'd replaced everything with calls to LeadTools, it came down that upper management didn't like their terms anyway, and we were going to end up building our own. Which was fine by me, anyway, LeadTools' API is kinda mediocre.

Not sure what that has to do with working from home, though.

Comment Re:What about the outliers? (Score 1) 280

On the other hand, if you're visiting your friend in the suburbs, you probably also aren't going to have a problem parking.

I'm not going to go to a time-rental model for cars completely, no matter how cheap/convenient they get, for exactly the reason you describe, plus I like having my own car I can fill up with stuff and then leave that stuff there and know it'll be there later.

Still, there *are* also plenty of times driving yourself somewhere is not nearly as convenient (mostly due to parking considerations), so right now for those, the choice is driving anyway (inconvenient), public transportation (inconvenient for different reasons), or a taxi (crazy expensive). If robot cabs push down the price of a taxi significantly, that decision would skew heavily towards using a taxi for those specific instances, which would be *nice*. They're also exactly the instances the article describes where more people using taxis would help solve traffic congestion, so everyone wins.

Comment Re:How would a D&D franchise improve a film? (Score 1) 210

> "D&D does have some decent franchises of its own though, a Planescape or Dark Sun movie would probably be TOO hardcore, "

Unfortunate, as those are the two franchises I absolutely *would* go see a movie about.

Well, alright, I'd see a Dragonlance movie, too, but only if the main characters were all gnomish inventors. Actually, Spelljammer would be pretty cool too - haven't seen nearly enough properly steampunky movies done right. That'd be pretty a pretty cool setting for a movie, actually.

I don't think they'd do any of that, though - I'm expecting generic Tolkien-inspired garbage movie #388-390 before the franchise flops too badly to bother.

Comment Re:LOL at "gender and preference of the mark" (Score 1) 238

First of all, I dunno where you're getting that statistic from, I think that's slightly on the low side. More importantly, there are more than 7 billion people on the planet. If, say, only 1.5% of the population is gay, that's still more than a hundred million people. That is a lot of people.

Comment Re:Thanks for the blotched printer migration... (Score 1) 46

I do quite like the Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie sysadmin song:

There's a guy who works in another room
Or, on another floor
He's the one you call
When your document ain't there no more
He's probably a boy, but he might be a girl
Or, something in-between
He's the only one in the building
Who knows what PC load-letter means
He's your System Administrator
He probably reads comic books
And you tremble in fear when you have to hear one of his
"What a dummy", looks
Got a virus, lost your password or you just can't print?
In an hour he'll show and then he'll crouch and squint
Fight to save your files, he might be there all day
But sometimes, he just presses caps lock...and he walks away...
But hey! Suddenly my password works! Hooray!

Hooray, happy Syst. Admin. day,
Gonna buy my guy a gift to say:
"Having you around means I get to stay
Stupid! And uninformed!"
And I can keep opening .exe e-mail attachments,
And forgetting my mother's maiden name,
And naming files with spaces
And ampersands and colons,
'Cause you'll fix it all for me!

I'll give you a cake,
I'll give you a hug,
I'll buy "The World's Best
System Administrator" mug,
Just help me out...
System Administrator!
Delete my Recently Viewed Websites file!
Restore my network settings so I can find my F drive!
Argh! Plug in my mouse!

Piss him off,
And you'll be fired by tomorrow morn,
Cause he's the guy
Who knows that you were surfing porn.
So July 26th...
Make sure you get a present for your...
System... Administrator.

[A computer is] like an Old Testament god, with a lot of rules and no mercy. -- Joseph Campbell