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Comment: Sounds like a parody to me (Score 1) 253

by neminem (#49174057) Attached to: Gritty 'Power Rangers' Short Is Not Fair Use

By virtue of the fact that anti-humor is one of my favorite kinds of humor - by taking a super-cheesy show and *removing* all the cheese, making it dark as frack, that sounds like a brilliant parody of the original. (Obviously, I am not a lawyer, but I do want to watch this now, and I hated Power Rangers as a kid (and now.))

Comment: Re:Too bad (Score 2) 43

by neminem (#49168617) Attached to: Google Prepares To Enter Wireless Market As an MVNO

What I see in Google is the only company that pulls off ads and spying *without* being annoying or terrible. I hate companies that inject ads into things such that it gets in the way or makes it harder to do what you were doing. I hate companies that spy on you without your permission and then do sketchy things with the results. Google ads don't get in the way, they tell you straight-up that they're spying on you, and they don't generally do anything terribly sketchy with the results. Thus, they can spy on me as much as they like, if they keep it up and use it for good.

Comment: Too bad (Score 1) 43

by neminem (#49168115) Attached to: Google Prepares To Enter Wireless Market As an MVNO

I was just commenting to a friend just yesterday how much I hoped Google would decide to get into the phone carrier market as themselves, as it would really shake things up - if anyone could get mixed cell/satellite communication down to affordable prices and thus make internet finally *truly* available anywhere on the planet, it'd be Google. And I long for that day (i.e. the day where one doesn't have to pay cruise ships their hilarious gouging rate for basic connectivity, for instance.)

I suppose setting up as an MVNO is a first step, but it isn't quite the same. (I like Google, but I'll most likely stick with Ting all the same.)

Comment: Re:Yelp is so full of shit sometimes (Score 1) 77

by neminem (#49069491) Attached to: Company Promises Positive Yelp Reviews For a Price; Yelp Sues

While annoying that the default isn't sorting chronologically (I agree completely that this is the only sort that is actually useful), and that you have to re-sort every time you visit the page for a new place, it *is* only a single extra click, next to the default "yelp sort", the "date" link.

Comment: Re:Lemme get this straight (Score 1) 65

by neminem (#49067643) Attached to: California Floats Conditional Approval For Comcast/TWC Merger

Yes. I'd be all in favor of his "conditional" approval. The *problem* with both of these companies is that already, neither of them has much/any competition. If the merger goes through, they still don't. If the merger *doesn't* go through, they *also* still don't.

Much of this lack of competition is legislated. If part of the deal for them to be approved to merge is that they are *forced* to stop blocking any competition, either public or private, from existing, then yes, I'm all for it. What we really need is some actual competition, I don't care who by. I have an amazingly cheap phone bill from a company with amazingly good service, because that market actually has decent competition.

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