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Comment Re:bring back full height 4:3 screens (Score 1) 491

I was going to say that too, except, 16:10. I mean, more choice is always good, so I agree that it *would* be good if 4:3 screens also still existed for people who preferred them. Personally, the first time I got a 16:10 laptop, I fell in love instantly - I wouldn't want to go back to 4:3 in a laptop screen any more than I want to be forced to go to 16:9. So I was going to say bring back 16:10, but sure, bring back both while you're at it. Choice is good.

Comment Do not think it means what you think it means (Score 2) 242

> "companies talking publicly about wanting to give employees a better work-life balance (complete with on-site gyms and unlimited vacation time and... stuff...)"

If I saw a company providing an on-site gym, I'd be worried that their goal was the *elimination* of work-life balance. Same with unlimited vacation time. On-site gym means "we want you to be at work as much as possible". Unlimited vacation time means "we will guilt you into not taking very much vacation, because there are no strict rules". I much prefer working for a place where the amount of vacation is explicitly stated (though I wish that number were higher, of course), because that means you know exactly how much it is expected that you will be able to take, and as long as you stay under that number, nobody in the company has any reason or excuse to complain if you take it.

Comment Re:A modest prediction (Score 1) 242

I'm watching Master of None right now - it surprised me that they've so far mentioned Yelp once and Uber a couple times, but I don't think it was product placement; they're just going for actually feeling like real life, so if *we* would talk about yelping or ubering, why shouldn't characters of a similar demographic in a show also?

Comment Re:Amazon sounds as bad as eBay... (Score 1) 143

Yep - a few months ago, a package didn't show up when it was supposed to. I likewise waited a couple extra days just in case, then opened a chat. Got a new package with the same contents delivered the next day, a free month of Prime, and bonus: the original package *did* show up, about a week later, and they said I could keep it.

Comment Re:Just wait until next year (Score 1) 109

I dunno, but it is what I drink when one happens to drop and I need the mp. (And once upon a time, it was what you used if you needed to get beaten up to debuff yourself for some reason, via pop rocks explosion; these days it's better to just cheat at scratch 'n sniff stickering via url manipulation.)

Well, regular cloaca cola is. The diet stuff from the white citadel (diet, in this case, meaning, according to the source, that it has more ice in it than regular cloaca cola) wouldn't ever be worth it.

Comment Re:Easy test (Score 1) 315

The former is usually what people "who only need 6-7 hours!!" say. "But i feel great!". Yeah, but you'd do better if you slept more.

I'm not sure that's true - different people do seem to need different amounts of sleep. I know plenty of people who are totally happy on 6 hours, that sleeping more would be pointless for them, their brains are just better at that.

I think his point is exactly correct - you can measure how much sleep you need just by going to sleep when you want to, waking up when you want to, and then seeing, on average, how long that is. For me, it's just about *exactly* the average 8 hours, often down to the minute. (I know what it's like only getting 6-7 hours, and I can do it for a while, but I can tell the difference. Any more than 8 and I feel blah.)

Comment "Divided along gender lines" (Score 1) 373

"We have always been inspired by innovation and it seems peculiar that an industry revolutionized by a pioneer like Grace Hopper would remain so divided along gender lines."

So they're going to fix gender-division by... opening a new school and offering pretty substantial benefits, that you can only enjoy if you're one gender? That's a great way to make it not about gender... reminds me of the old joke, it seems kinda like screwing for virginity. Not that this is a new thing, but I haven't seen it so perfectly juxtaposed against a quote that says the total opposite so perfectly.

We all agree on the necessity of compromise. We just can't agree on when it's necessary to compromise. -- Larry Wall