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Comment Re:Thanks for the blotched printer migration... (Score 1) 44 44

I do quite like the Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie sysadmin song: http://www.deadtroll.com/sysad...

There's a guy who works in another room
Or, on another floor
He's the one you call
When your document ain't there no more
He's probably a boy, but he might be a girl
Or, something in-between
He's the only one in the building
Who knows what PC load-letter means
He's your System Administrator
He probably reads comic books
And you tremble in fear when you have to hear one of his
"What a dummy", looks
Got a virus, lost your password or you just can't print?
In an hour he'll show and then he'll crouch and squint
Fight to save your files, he might be there all day
But sometimes, he just presses caps lock...and he walks away...
But hey! Suddenly my password works! Hooray!

Hooray, happy Syst. Admin. day,
Gonna buy my guy a gift to say:
"Having you around means I get to stay
Stupid! And uninformed!"
And I can keep opening .exe e-mail attachments,
And forgetting my mother's maiden name,
And naming files with spaces
And ampersands and colons,
'Cause you'll fix it all for me!

I'll give you a cake,
I'll give you a hug,
I'll buy "The World's Best
System Administrator" mug,
Just help me out...
System Administrator!
Delete my Recently Viewed Websites file!
Restore my network settings so I can find my F drive!
Argh! Plug in my mouse!

Piss him off,
And you'll be fired by tomorrow morn,
Cause he's the guy
Who knows that you were surfing porn.
So July 26th...
Make sure you get a present for your...
System... Administrator.

Comment Re:If gas stations get rare (Score 1) 871 871

There was an April Fools thing like that last year - i.e. Uber of outhouses. I thought it actually sounded like a pretty great idea. I agree, if they could send it to you by drone, that'd be even more useful, would get there faster and not worry about traffic. :D

Added bonus: nobody is going to be shooting down *that* drone.

Comment Re:No Compromises (Score 1) 152 152

I would mod you up, but I don't have any mod points at the moment, so this is a post in lieu of that: I am also firmly in the physical slideout keyboard camp. We're a dying breed, which always seems weird to me - why *wouldn't* you want a slideout keyboard? Apparently most people don't. I really hope manufacturers throw us weird people a bone every once in a while, and that it doesn't go the way of 16:10 laptop screen, RIP :(.

It's not even adding that much weight! A little more depth, but... so? (That said, I'm *not* personally in the phablet camp - the 4.3-inch standard is absolutely a fine screen size as far as I'm concerned. Slightly larger would be ok, phablet-size is too big for my purposes, though I'm happy enough that there's a wide range of choices available, since different people want different things, and it's best if they keep making options so everyone can get what they want. Like slideout keyboards, for instance.)

Comment Duh. But correlary (Score 2) 21 21

I am absolutely willing to trade my personal data for fun and/or profit. I figure they'll get it anyway, might as well help them along if I can get something out of it. Only if what I have to trade is worth what I'm getting, though. My personal data is worth way more to an aggregator than it is to me, so I'm happy to sell it to them.

Generally speaking, though, all the *mobile* apps that try to help me sell that data, suck my phone's battery like a cheap robot hooker, and *that's* worth way more to me. So I don't bother with them, which is too bad. (I've tried a couple similar programs for PC use, too. Don't have to worry about battery in that context, of course, but I do have to worry that they won't sporadically bug out and totally go crazy eating all my cpu and/or ram, which they have, so not bothering with those, either.)

Just sticking to *passive* methods of selling my data (i.e. surveys) has been pretty lucrative, though. A little bit more time-consuming, and the data they're getting might not be quite as precise, but it won't interfere with the things I actually *want* to use my laptop and/or phone for.

Comment Uber should countersue (Score -1, Flamebait) 247 247

Taxis are losing money to Uber? Certainly true, but isn't Uber also still losing money to taxis in the same way?

I'm surprised Comcast hasn't tried suing Verizon, or the reverse, yet, with the same logic: "we aren't *technically* a monopoly yet. Verizon is taking some of our customers cause we suck so badly! They're eating our profits, which is illegal based on the 'law I just made up and also here have some money, judges, nudge nudge' principle. Lawsuit!"

Comment Doesn't sound very Breaking Bad... (Score 1) 98 98

Walter White would *never* blow up a building. Well, I mean, he blew up plenty of buildings, but not accidentally, and not the ones he was making meth in. If you suggest the building blew up due to the behavior of someone acting like he was in Breaking Bad, I would assume the building was being used as the headquarters of some nasty Mexican drug lord, and the dude had to teach the guy a lesson in badassitude. (Sorry, spoilers.)

Comment Re:Apply your skills anywhere but tech... (Score 1) 634 634

> "I quit my job at my "Unicorn" company on Page Mill Road in Palo Alto. I wish them well (a year of vested stock) but now I'm happily setting up data logging systems on marijuana grows."

> "If you're 40+ like me, just take a hit now"

Heh heh heh. I see you enjoy your new job. :)

Comment Re:Automotive-oriented headline I'd like to see... (Score 1) 192 192

Not good at all, but that isn't what the person I responded to was snarking about.

I absolutely agree, I would not ever buy a self-driving car where *any* features essential to driving safely - wheels, brakes, acceleration, maps, etc. - were hooked up in any way to any system that was remotely accessible from outside the car in any way, no matter how much it was promised that they "take security seriously". Air gap or nothing.

Comment Re:Automotive-oriented headline I'd like to see... (Score 1) 192 192

I absolutely agree, nonsarcastically - do you know how awesome a self-driving RV would be? Pretty awesome.

I don't want any of that crap in my regular boring 4 door commute-to-work car, granted, but I am absolutely ecstatic about the idea of a google/tesla partnered self-driving electric RV - retire in style, see the whole country, sleep at night while your RV drives through the boring bits and not pay for a hotel. Sounds amazing.

Comment Re:LOL Italy? (Score 1) 176 176

Yes, I have been there. I was there last year on honeymoon, Rome, Venice and Florence, all three of which are now among my favorite cities I've been. I didn't feel even remotely threatened a single time by anyone in any of those places. Well, except by drivers; drivers in Rome have zero concern for pedestrians (and vice versa). But I didn't feel *intentionally* threatened by anyone, anyway (did run into several tourist scammers, but they were easy enough to ignore). Didn't feel like prices of anything were unreasonable, either (except hotels in Rome, but I think we just got unlucky, picked a weekend without realizing it until too late that everyone had hiked up prices of hotels because something big was going on that weekend in the Vatican.) And if you don't want it to be stupid hot, just don't go in the summer. May, when we were there, was perfect.

That said, your description, minus the completely unnecessary racial epithets that mark you as an obvious troll, do sound quite a bit more like parts of the the Greece component of that vacation. So much poorer, dirtier, the tourist parts were way touristier, a lot (though by no means everything, you just had to know how to avoid the touristy crap) was overpriced, and we did actually feel a bit unsafe once, but it wasn't from a black person. Much the opposite, in fact: was from someone we were about 90% sure was a neonazi.

Comment Re:Police state++ (Score 1) 549 549

Only if cars have any way of accepting remote override requests, in which case cops would be the least of my worries.

What I love so much about the series Extant is, other than obviously the aliens and the one plot-necessary true AI, the technology in the show feels like an amazingly real near-future extrapolation of current technology. This includes a proper self-driving car... which just killed a guy by parking on a train track and locking all the doors "for his safety", after being presumably tampered with by someone that wanted to murder him and make it look like an accident.

I absolutely am looking forward to self-driving cars, but I will insist that they not auto-update, and certainly not allow remote override while the car is driving - preferably not even have any potential *mechanism* for that even being a possibility.

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