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Comment: Location (Score 1) 750 750

by nekura (#31742292) Attached to: iPad Review

My iPad has no 3G, therefore it has no GPS. But applications were constantly asking me for permission to use my location. This seems like an oversight: if you don't have a location sensor, don't ask! Even the built-in Map app asked me for information that it could not possibly have.

The iPhone and iPad can both find your location using Wi-Fi.

Comment: Re:Using an iPhone makes you look pretty lame? (Score 2, Informative) 884 884

by nekura (#27015155) Attached to: Why Japan Hates the iPhone
It's not necessary to crack the iPhone to copy over ringtones, but it's not super simple, either. It's been a while since I've done, but if I remember correctly you just cut out the piece of song you want in your favorite audio editing program, encode that to m4a in iTunes, change the extension to .m4r, then reimport that to the Ringtones section of iTunes.
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+ - EverQuest 2: Devs Grant Favors to Cheating Guild 1 1

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An anonymous reader writes: SOE's small and generally quiet EQ2 Test Server is suddenly at the center of a major controversy. A guild proven to have enjoyed Dev favors on Test was transferred for free to a Live (production) server. No other Test players were allowed this "small kindness," widely known to be forbidden, and transfers from one Live PvE server to another usually cost a player $50 USD.

In an epic thread on SOE's official EQ2 forums, the new senior producer for the game (Bruce "Froech" Ferguson, taking over for the recently departed Scott Hartsman) insults and blames the other players for the fiasco, choosing a guilt trip instead of an apology. Red-names at SOE claim to be sorry that the player-base is offended but, in excellent political double-speak, never once acknowledge themselves as the source of the offense.

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