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Journal: I like slashdot

Journal by nekoes

today I made a new friend. his name is shoelessone

he likes to post good comments

I wish I had mod points I'd give them all to him like all the licorice jelly beans



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Journal: Some thoughts

Journal by nekoes

I do believe I should start with like a +8 modifier. Then everyone could read my awesome words of wisdom regardless of their threshold setting.

Also, I should have infinite mod points.

Not to mention I should be able to spend them in discussions I'm part of. Like seriously, what were these guys thinking when they designed this shit?

Some guy just totally burned some other guy I was totally burning in this awesome discussion on slashdot and I think he should be modded up for awesome burning. Since I'd be at like a natural +8 maybe I could bring him up to a +6 or +7 with some of my infinite mod points, just because he had an awesome burn and all.

Also, to keep my faithful readers updated on my current awesomeness level: it's keeping pretty stable at supreme - you guys will be the first to know if it ever wavers.

Peace, love, and seashells.

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Journal: You heard it first on slashdot!

Journal by nekoes

"There is not a huge PC gamer community."
Thanks ilyaaohell!

I heard this on slashdot. It must be true because everyone on slashdot knows what they are talking about!

Also: moderator points.

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Journal: new post

Journal by nekoes

I made a new post today. I am pretty sweet internet guy.

Some good news - I'm awesome.

See also: 8-)

Please discuss.

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