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Comment Re:You know how they could attract more players? (Score 1) 170

They were supporting OS X before (the small plugin that was necessary to play through browser was supported at least) but after the last big update they stopped and left only native windows application for it. Wine is a solution but it still sucks and seems like they're shrinking and not investing time and money into something that doesn't pay out as much as they would want to.

Comment Old school? Quake3 (Score 1) 382

Quake III Team arena, of course. Or QuakeLive nowadays which in some ways is even better than q3. Say what you wanna about cards, RPG and like but nothing builds up your rage and adrenaline like quake. Mix up with few friends and some alcohol and you've got yourself a pretty bloody gorefest.

Comment Re:Obvious omition (Score 1) 199

Ads that play sound

THIS. It even gets better sometimes when they don't start playing immediately (haven't figured out why due to adBlock now) but after a while. Nothing makes you want to kill someone more than full sound screaming voice "THIS NEW PENIS ENLARGEMENT TECHNIQUE HAS BEEN PROVEN TO WORK BY THOUSANDS OF SCIENTISTS"..

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