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Comment: Re:Bad idea (Score 1) 479

by Grishnakh (#49176433) Attached to: Snowden Reportedly In Talks To Return To US To Face Trial

Snowden does not work for the Russian government, nor is he ever likely to. What he's been doing for a job over there, I'm not sure, but I'm quite sure they're not going to employ him in a job doing the same thing he was doing in the USA. At best, he can just work in private-sector jobs there which have nothing to do with the government.

Yes, if he exposed government corruption in Russia, he wouldn't be treated well. But why would he ever be in a position to see such corruption and expose it?

+ - GitLab acquires Gitorious->

Submitted by sckirklan
sckirklan (1412015) writes "QUOTE:
As reported by the Next Web GitLab and Gitorious announce today they are joining forces in an effort to strengthen the development of GitLab’s open source Git management application and provide Gitorious customers with an enhanced user experience."

Link to Original Source

Comment: so did they or did they not have a running prototy (Score 2) 194

so did they or did they not have a running prototype? it seems they did but then they wanted to develop another more expensive product.

the story reads like they started r&d after getting the money. _all_ r&d including case manufacturing options(yes there are other options than injection molding and 3d printing, which are all pretty much cheaper in their unit range) and all code for the micro and choosing another micro..

I mean, how the fuck can you spend so much more on your r&d that you were supposed to already have been done?

furthermore, they didn't design the product to the means they had available - for example, if you're a low run and injection molding tooling is too expensive(and you know that because you've done a cursory google search beforehand, right, right???) you can get of the shelf aluminium cases and such quite cheaply. sure it's 5-10 times more expensive per unit than injection moulding but still would be under 10% of the 99 bucks. lasercutting etc would all be options - they would just have had to compromise on the overall shape of the frigging device. like, fuck, here's a box 3 dollars + cheap ass shipping. or a bunch of other similar boxes, extrusion they could have cut etc. then the cheap ass method of pcb for the ends( cheap cheap in low run too) to hold the display, buttons etc.

fuck you could even source them as 3d printed pieces nowadays cheaper than the quoted 25$ per case due to the tooling.

really, the whole story reads like they didn't do the development beforehand and promised stuff out of their asses. they wanted to change the product to a more expensive one and do the r&d again after the kickstarter while the kickstarter should only have had to pay for the production of what they already demonstrated.

whats even worse? they're using this as a publiciy stunt for their smartphone apps! that is they have a revenue source, they're an existing company, they just blew a lot of customers money on paychecks to themselves and didn't deliver.

Comment: Re:serious question (Score 1) 166

by Grishnakh (#49168517) Attached to: Marissa Mayer On Turning Around Yahoo

thanks for that information. but other than the mail, none of that is anything they did. they bought out other companies. I mean thats great for them, flickr is a good platform, im sure tumblr as well. but buying a company and innovating are 2 different things.

Most big companies are like this.

Look at Microsoft, their history is full of purchases: Powerpoint, Hotmail, Visio, Dynamics, Skype, Nokia, Bungie,

Comment: Re: Live (Score 1) 230

by Grishnakh (#49167435) Attached to: Spock and the Legacy of Star Trek

The 1st season of TNG was a mess; it got better afterwards when Gene became less involved and Rick Berman took over. He's really the guy we can thank for TNG being the classic it was. He took Gene's great vision, and made a great show out of it. It also helped when Gene's drinking buddy Maurice Hurley left the show, as he was a writer and had a lot of sway over the scripts. He's the reason Gates McFadden left during the 2nd season.

As for the Federation not being superior, how do you figure? They weren't militaristic, so of course they weren't easily able to easily overcome the Romulans and Klingons who devoted all their resources to empire-building and the military. It's just like Russia today. Their economy sucks but they're still holding onto lots of territory and have lots of power because that territory holds valuable natural resources, and they have a huge and powerful military to guard it and push their agenda, including seizing land from neighboring nations.

Comment: Re: Live (Score 1) 230

by Grishnakh (#49167391) Attached to: Spock and the Legacy of Star Trek

BS, TNG was a great series. However, it was really rough and kinda bad during the first season, and into the 2nd.

What worked was when Gene was the figurehead and kinda oversaw things, so that people were working according to his vision, but Gene was not involved in any nitty-gritty details. He was a lot like George Lucas: he came up with some cool ideas and visions for things, but when they were executed by other people is when the final product was really fantastic.

Gene became much less involved in the show after the 2nd season, and that's when it really shined, at least until it just got too old and stale. The 3rd-5th seasons were amazing, and some of the best TV ever made.

The same thing happened in TOS too. All the best episodes were when Gene wasn't so hands-on.

Now with Gene gone, it's gone to crap because they aren't using his vision at all, they're just recycling and trying to make money off of things from the prior series, but without the vision that really made it ST.

Comment: Re:Live (Score 1) 230

by Grishnakh (#49167327) Attached to: Spock and the Legacy of Star Trek

Great post. I feel mostly the same way, except I never bothered with JJ's 2nd movie because I was too disappointed by the 1st one.

The real problem with Star Trek, however, was that it was unrealistic in its optimism and with everyone having such excellent values. They said many times in the series that genetic engineering was bad, was banned, etc. (except for that 2nd-series Pulaski episode in TNG, for some odd reason), but the only way humanity is going to be that moral is if it's engineered into them, or we do something to engineer sociopathy out of our species. Right now, sociopaths are in charge, and are exceedingly common, and their values permeate our society. Just look at the replies to your post: these days, the only thing that matters is money and profit, that's what makes a person "good". Even the Christians will tell you this these days: God favors people who make more money, and loves rich people more, and poor people are poor because God has abandoned them. Popular TV preachers like Joel Osteen will happily tell you this, and countless Christian churches preach this theology.

Of course, even Star Trek had its dark side, but it was in the past: we were supposed to have the Eugenics Wars back in the 1990s, and we're supposed to have WWIII sometime soon. Only after all that calamity is Zephram Cochrane supposed to invent the warp engine, meet the Vulcans, and quickly propel us into the galactic neighborhood as seen in STE, with humanity going from a war-torn society to eradicating poverty inside a century. So according to ST, we're supposed to be living in a pretty shitty time right now. That seems ridiculously optimistic however (that going through WWIII and meeting the Vulcans will suddenly turn us into a wonderful race of moralistic do-gooders without a bunch of sociopaths running our society like we have now).

What I like to tell people in discussions like this is that Star Trek does show our society, but not in the normal episodes; they're in the "mirror" episodes! That's us: the evil humans who run around murdering and conquering anyone and anything we can. If we ever invent warp drive and phasers, the galaxy is going to wish they only had the Klingons to deal with.

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