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by Grishnakh (#47949747) Attached to: Netropolitan Is a Facebook For the Affluent, and It's Only $9000 To Join

The rich don't need good service. They'll pay their $9k each, get pissed off, and the site will be down after a couple of years due to non-renewals; meanwhile, the site founders will have made $10-20 million (2,000 people, your numbers, times $9k = $18M) and can retire quite comfortably.

I wish I had thought of it....

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by Grishnakh (#47949707) Attached to: Netropolitan Is a Facebook For the Affluent, and It's Only $9000 To Join

Actually, it's pretty clever. Make up something lame, call it "exclusive", and sell it to people with more money than brains. It reminds me of some company that made fancy, massively-overpriced cellphones to sell to rich people (with sapphire mechanisms in the buttons, no less) back when the iPhone v1 was revolutionizing smartphones.

This thing doesn't have to become a giant commercial success, it just has to make a bunch of money before the owners bail out and it collapses.

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>The answer to this will be 'No'. The obvious way Apple is going is to change the audio output jack to the headphone to something proprietary like Lightning.

So what? At some point, the signal has to be converted to analog so that it can drive transducers and produce listenable sound. Anyone with a soldering iron can tap into the signal at that point and record it with very good quality.

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> I don't remember the what the video tech is called, but newer DVD players and TVs won't display videos that have a specific watermark embedded in it. That DRM hasn't been cracked yet. In theory DRM is impossible, but in reality they only need to stay ahead of the hackers. That's not too difficult.

It's not that easy either. Basically it's an arms race between the two interests. The media interests have money on their side (which can be used to hire engineers to come up with difficult-to-crack schemes), whereas the crackers have on their side the fact that a crack only needs to be found once, and then distributed via the internet, and then the whole scheme is useless. However, the crackers have limited resources and interest, so they only bother if it's really worth their time. So any DRM that hasn't been cracked yet can likely be attributed to it not being worthwhile enough to bother with. Playing DVDs on Linux was seen as worthwhile enough because 1) it wasn't too hard to crack and 2) DVDs were (and still are) by far the dominant method of recording/viewing movies. Yes, streaming video has made a big dent, but not that much; there's still tons of stuff not available on Netflix instant play. And Blu-Rays were supposed to supercede DVDs, but in reality that hasn't happened.

There's plenty of protection schemes that haven't been cracked, but many times that's because no one really cares enough to bother with it. Some proprietary music format that only U2 uses, on one kind of player, will probably be ignored by crackers.

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>I remember the days when I would put one radio recording a cassette tape in front of another radio playing a cassette tape and whalla - instant duplicate. No it may not be the same thing as a digitally equivalent copy of an mp3, but it certainly could be pirated.

Yes, but that sounds like crap. However, it is possible to get very, very good copies using analog recording: even if Apple somehow made it ridiculously difficult to make digital copies of U2 music and made it so it would only play on an iPhone/iPad, are they going to eliminate the analog headphone jack too? It's easy to copy music by plugging a cable from a headphone jack into a line-in jack on another computer. Even if they eliminate the headphone jack and make you buy digitally-connected headphones which use encryption, at some point there's a DAC and an amplifier to play the analog sound into your ears, so anyone handy with electronics could tap into the amplifier output.

However, all of this is bound for failure: what kind of moron would buy a song that can only be played on one device? Apple does not completely control the music market, and there's a lot more Android phones sold now than iPhones. Any proprietary Apple scheme won't work on Android.

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by gl4ss (#47942961) Attached to: Dremel Releases 3D Printer

depends what you're comparing it to.

if you're comparing to similar sized wanhaos or flashforges(it's a rebranded flashforge) its not that different in price.

if you compare it to makerbots it's a bargain. and less bullshit than current mbi products. and just as capable (PLA only like all current makerbot printers).

as to why having ability to print abs is sometimes nice: it can withstand higher operating temps for the part you print. 60 degrees(hot car) and pla gets easy to deform.

as to why cheapo printers don't allow for abs.. you need at the very least a heated bed and that needs better PSU.. and an enclosure helps too.

for a thousand bucks with a brand name association and warranty it's no really so badly priced. of course if you can tinker a little bit you can get a printer for 500 bucks - but be prepared to spend couple of weeks tinkering around getting it just right. my currently in use printer cost total of about 540 bucks with the upgrades i had to do and it prints now ok(comparable to 1000$ printers) but it took redesigning of some parts to get to this point.

point being, you can buy makerbot 5th gen for 2800+$.. or you could buy two of these and forty kilos of plastic. and the 5th gen probably needs you to call support more often (mbi just recently killed their google support group to cut bad press. among other things their new smart extruder is a _mess_ and not user maintainable, so you have to send it back every time you get a clog - which is quite often since they fucked up the redesign real bad).

and the flashforge dreamer or dremel rebadge of it seems to have a lot saner approach when it comes to stepper motor driving too(mbi rolled a custom stepper driver solution for their 5th gens.. and it's noisy as hell and the board seems built so that it is non trivial to update the sw on the driver chips)..

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by mrxak (#47940417) Attached to: On Independence for Scotland:

I would personally love to see them tell the queen to stick it, but unfortunately even if the Scottish vote to be independent of the UK, they'll still have a monarch.

Whether they eventually choose to ditch the old leech is an entirely different issue, though I personally hope they'll be emboldened by a Yes vote today and end up with a nice constitutional republic.

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by Grishnakh (#47938165) Attached to: Scotland's Independence Vote Could Shake Up Industry

Just think about this. Imagine the extremely religious and militaristic southern states with their own military and nuclear weapons. Now imagine that there would be virtually no one to contest the idea when they decide that the gays and atheists in the north-east need to be put to death.

You don't think the northeast would have its own military and nuclear weapons too?

Russia is militaristic to a far greater degree than the South and has nuclear weapons, and is extremely anti-gay (far more so than the South), and we don't see them running around killing gay people all over Europe.

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by mrxak (#47937659) Attached to: On Independence for Scotland:

That's not actually that clear. The UK is a member of NATO, for example, not Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. If Scotland leaves the UK, it's no longer part of NATO.

Of course, the day after the vote, Scotland doesn't just become a separate country. It's going to be quite some time before Scotland actually becomes independent. The intervening months/years will give Scotland time to form alliances and establish its own separate defenses.

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