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Desktops (Apple)

+ - MacTech Conference First to Show Mac-based Planeta->

Submitted by neilticktin
neilticktin writes: In just a couple of weeks, MacTech Conference will have the first public display (outside a university or research setting) of Mac-based planetary exploration rovers and boat controlled by iPod Touch's. Professor Wolfgang Fink, who came to the University of Arizona from Caltech last year, will be demonstrating the units on the first day of the conference prior to the Conference's keynote by Andy Ihnatko. The rovers which can carry a payload of 40 pounds, and the boat, are based on Mac Minis and controlled by iOS devices such as the iPod Touch over the Internet. Fink and his colleague Mark Tarbell will be available to answer questions and discuss University of Arizona research using smart robots to explore planets, and will speak about them on the last day of the conference. For those that want to attend, educational discounts are available, and a special bundle option/discount expires on Mon Oct 25.
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The Sad History and (Possibly) Bright Future of TiVo 490

Posted by timothy
from the better-to-be-verbed-than-knighted dept.
gjt writes "For the couch-potato geek, one name typically comes to mind: TiVo — the company that invented the DVR, and with it, timeshifting. TiVo has been around for more than 10 years now. And TiVo fans (like myself) tend to love TiVo. Yet, despite being well-loved and despite having been around longer than the Apple iPod, TiVo comes nowhere close to the iPod/iPhone's success. Apple sells more iPod and iPhone products in a single quarter than TiVo has sold in the entire lifetime of the company. At its peak, TiVo had only 4.4 million active users — that was over three years ago. Now TiVo the number is about 2.7 million. So I wanted to find out why TiVo hasn't been more successful — especially with a seeming lack of competition on store shelves. I did some research and posted my finding about TiVo's past, present, and future. The key takeaway seems to be that TiVo is a victim of cable industry collusion, loopholes in FCC regulations, and, of course, plenty of their own mistakes."

+ - Head-to-Head: Parallels Desktop for Mac vs. VMware->

Submitted by neilticktin
neilticktin writes: MacTech has released comprehensive virtualization benchmarks comparing VMware Fusion 3 to Parallels Desktop 5. Over 3500 tests performed to compare the two on MacBooks, MacBook Pros, iMacs, and Mac Pros. The surprising results included 3D graphics, gaming, suspend, resume, startup, CPU performance, footprint, battery life, and more. The purpose of the testing and the article are to answer the questions about performance for the different virtualization solutions available, as well as the differences between Windows XP and Windows 7 in virtual machines, as well as multiple processors and 64-bit vs. 32-bit. The resulting 7500 word article, with 23 figures, is the most comprehensive look at virtualization on the Mac with today's commercial Mac products.
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Game Endings Going Out of Style? 190

Posted by Soulskill
from the to-be-continued dept.
An article in the Guardian asks whether the focus of modern games has shifted away from having a clear-cut ending and toward indefinite entertainment instead. With the rise of achievements, frequent content updates and open-ended worlds, it seems like publishers and developers are doing everything they can to help this trend. Quoting: "Particularly before the advent of 'saving,' the completion of even a simple game could take huge amounts of patience, effort and time. The ending, like those last pages of a book, was a key reason why we started playing in the first place. Sure, multiplayer and arcade style games still had their place, but fond 8, 16 and 32-bit memories consist more of completion and satisfaction than particular levels or tricky moments. Over the past few years, however, the idea of a game as simply something to 'finish' has shifted somewhat. For starters, the availability of downloadable content means no story need ever end, as long as the makers think there's a paying audience. Also, the ubiquity of broadband means multiplayer gaming is now the standard, not the exception it once was. There is no real 'finish' to most MMORPGs."

+ - MacTech Looking for 25 year stories->

Submitted by neilticktin
neilticktin writes: MacTech Magazine has kicked off it’s 25th Anniversary celebration. The magazine is seeking out great stories and memories from those who have been in the community a while. What kind of stories? Well, it depends on your background. For example, tech support stories, Macs and celebrities, wacky network stories, funny programming stories, etc... The best stories will be published in the magazine over the next year. http://www.mactech.com/25thAnnivStories/ has the submission form.
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Affordably Aggregating ISP Connections? 180

Posted by timothy
from the glob-glob-glob dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Has anyone setup a system to aggregate multiple ISP connections to form a high bandwidth site-to-site link? Load Sharing SCTP looked interesting, but it doesn't look like it has been widely adopted. Multi-Link PPP appears to be more widely supported for clients, but I can't find any good guides for setting up both sides of the connection for a site-to-site link. The hardware solutions I've found are expensive for a small business. Does anyone have experience using hardware solutions from Mushroom Networks (Virtual Leased Line, p2 of this document), Ecessa (site-to-Site Channel Bonding), or others?"

+ - Ridiculous bundle deal->

Submitted by
neilticktin writes: "MacUpdate has put together a bundle of applications: including Parallels 4, TechTool Pro 5, Circus Ponies Notebook 3, Intego NetBarrier X5, DVDRemaster Pro 5, Multiplex, RipIt, MoneyWell, Paperless, Posterino, and BetterZip. Given what's included, the pricing is ridiculous. $50 for everything."
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