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Comment: Short Term Thinking (Score 1) 425

by nehumanuscrede (#48083041) Attached to: Former Department of Defense Chief Expects "30 Year War"
We invade and / or bomb half the planet typically as a knee jerk reaction to something that's happened ( or invented as an excuse ).

Hell, for that matter, that's pretty much how America as a whole works. All of our laws, our entire way of life is based on reactionary thinking vs any premeditated thought process.

The short version is: American policy makers don't think of what their actions will bring beyond the short term ( read that: election period ). No one sits back and considers what the consequences might be a bit further down the road. Some can see it, but they're usually not in any position to make the decisions.

Comment: Delusions of grandeur (Score 1) 549

I applaud the man for his forward thinking but he's living in a dream world if he thinks this is even remotely plausible any time soon.

As far as manned space travel goes, we've barely made it to the moon. Our GLOBAL space program barely qualifies to even call it such. It's rare we can get a vehicle off the ground on the first try ( or three ) without some glitch mucking things up. And we're just trying to get it off the damn ground lol


We still use fossil fuels
We kill each other over make believe entities in the sky
We kill each other for resources
Hell, we kill each other for fun and for practice

We haven't conquered war, poverty, hunger or disease and he thinks we have what it takes to colonize another planet ? For what exactly ? So we can spread our problems to Mars as well ? Hah

Maybe, just maybe, it's the destiny of a species as fucked up as ours to go extinct lest we infest the rest of the galaxy with our " way of life ".

We can't even fix the problems we have here on Earth and this guy is talking about going to Mars :)

Hint: Odds favor an extinction level asteroid / comet strike long before the dominant species on this planet puts their differences aside to allow us to achieve the level of technology needed to colonize another planet.

Comment: Trust is already long gone . . . . (Score 1) 575

by nehumanuscrede (#48041735) Attached to: Obama Administration Argues For Backdoors In Personal Electronics
I know that Google and Apple have made very public announcements over how they plan on implementing encryption in their devices in order to keep your data private.

I just can't buy it. Trust, once violated, takes a VERY long time to rebuild. A simple press release of " We're not evil anymore ! Really ! " just doesn't do it for me.

If you think for one moment that the government and / or Law Enforcement is going to give up this kind of power without a fight, then you're delusional. Regardless of their claims, or the "concerns" by the administration and LE's in general, I consider it all a smoke-screen anyway.

For any company who makes this " promise " of sorts to us concerning our privacy consider this:

You've blown it once. You -MIGHT- get a second chance at this. Maybe.

If you do, and we find out you're in collusion with these folks yet again down the road, your entire company will simply cease to be. May as well sell it and turn off the lights because you will be forever blacklisted across the entire planet. THAT is what you're risking. Your entire existence now relies on your ability to regain the public trust.

Screw us again and you're done.

Comment: One SSBN != end of teh Earth (Score 1) 342

by nehumanuscrede (#47973765) Attached to: US Revamping Its Nuclear Arsenal
Want to know WHY we have so damn many warheads ?

The weapon folks try to figure out what the target defenses are capable of before the warheads reach their target, the really smart people start crunching numbers and come up with a solution designed to over-saturate their ( known ) defenses. We don't throw one warhead at a target, we throw several to ensure one gets through.

This snowballs as delivery systems get smarter or bigger ( supersonic+ cruise missiles, smart re-entry steering and evasion, multi-mirv's, remember the MX-Peacekeeper platform ? lol ) and as countermeasures do the same. ( Hypersonic projectiles, high energy zero time of flight systems, etc )

Same thing for conventional weapons ( especially cruise missiles ) for both land and sea targets.

Ship of X class has defenses Y. In order to ensure a kill on target, we need Z birds from multiple directions all with similar time on top capability to overwhelm said defenses and destroy target. If you compensate for additional platforms in the vicinity that may be protecting each other, ( Eg: A battle group ) you may have to throw a ridiculous amount of ordinance at your target ( say . . . the carrier ) in the hope it gets through at all.

Ditto for land targets. We never use one cruise missile on a building folks. . . . . we use a half a dozen or more lol

TBH though, our land based delivery systems are pretty much honeypot targets anymore. Bomber, sub and cruise missile delivery are much harder to target due to their mobility and not knowing if a sub is sitting just off your coast in the event you do something stupid is quite a deterrent in its own right.

However, put one of these weapons in the hands of a fanatic who has no issues about beheading folks, or volunteering to become a suicide bomber to kill infidels in the name of some pretend deity in the sky and all the deterrent in the world isn't going to stop them. Deterrent doesn't work with these types. You have to render them inoperable for lack of a better way to phrase it.

They know it and we know it. If they ever DO get one, it had better be the most closely guarded secret of all time or we'll end up leveling entire regions to ensure it never gets deployed.

Comment: Why do you want to live forever ? (Score 1) 478

I certainly don't want to sit in this cubicle ( or any cubicle for that matter ) for the rest of my life.

Barring winning the lottery, you need to have a fixed number somewhere down the line ( where you think you'll die ) so you can determine WHEN you can finally give up the daily grind and try to enjoy ( what's left of ) your life. You know . . . actually LIVE instead of just existing as a taxpayer. I can't understand the desire to live forever unless your current life is so abso-fucking-lutely amazing that words cannot be used to describe it.

I don't want to live to see all my friends and family die off over the years. ( already started and I'm only in my early 40's ) I don't want to go bankrupt trying to fight cancer ( go price cancer treatment and watch how quickly that kills your retirement nest egg ) or paying never-ending hospital bills for some unforseen bullshit that happens to you down the road. ( see recent story about guy who got hit with a $100k hospital bill from an assistant surgeon he didn't even know was working on him ) I don't want to get stuck in a gd nursing home sucked dry of any savings that took me nearly sixty YEARS to accumulate.

You want a good dose of reality ? Go visit a nursing home sometime. Get a good understanding of the morale and quality of life of those who live there and try to picture yourself as a resident who will never leave.

So, for those of you enjoying the most amazing gold-plated life that could ever be bestowed upon a human being, go for it. Live forever if you can. Have fun.

For others whose life doesn't exist at the top 1% ( and no expectations to see it improve as we age ), well, perhaps we look at death a bit differently than you do. We see it more as a merciful escape than an unpredictable and scary eventuality.

Comment: Re:Has too many problems (Score 1) 364

by nehumanuscrede (#47870697) Attached to: Text While Driving In Long Island and Have Your Phone Disabled
Since when did having a revoked drivers license stop anyone from driving ?

It works about the same as all the public service ads we get bombarded with that tell us not to text / talk and drive in the first place. Yet, by my observations, about 25% of the motorists on the road are screwing with their phone while hurtling down the freeway at 70mph. . . . .

The average idiot cannot be trusted to do the right thing, hence the " punishment " part of this problem. The hardware needs to be disabled before it will be effective, take the choice away from the folks who aren't bright enough to make the right choice to begin with.

The easy part will be disabling the phone of all but emergency calling while in motion at any speed faster than the typical human animal can walk / run. The hard part is differentiating between the drivers and passengers of the vehicle.

Comment: Leveling the playing field (Score 1) 455

by nehumanuscrede (#47788893) Attached to: Should police have cameras recording their work at all times?
As it stands today, an officers word ( truthful or otherwise ) is GOLD in a courtroom. Without video evidence to support your version of the story, you are screwed. End of discussion.

Body cameras will help shift this imbalance back a bit to the whole " innocent until PROVEN guilty " instead of " guilty because officer so and so says so ".

Not only that but everyone behaves differently when they know they are on camera. Police and non-police alike. Police loathe being filmed because it deprives them of the power to do whatever they want then justify it later with whatever bullshit story they come up with later.

Is why they throw a tantrum if they see you filming them. They know they can't throw together a bullshit story since video now exists that can directly refute it. Thus do they have to answer for their actions.

Police love the power they wield over non-law enforcement, but they loathe the idea of their actions or behavior being under an ever present all seeing eye they have no control over.

Comment: This is what our leaders don't understand (Score 2) 134

The damage caused to the intelligence community is only a fraction of the damage US corporations will have to endure.

The issue here is trust. Once you betray it, you never fully get it back. Ever.

This is why US companies need to fight this tooth and nail. Because when the truth finally does come out ( and it always does eventually ) it's pretty much THEIR ass that is left hanging in the wind. Regardless if the company is innocent or not, if the trust is gone, so are you. The government picks up the tab for the intelligence community so a trust issue there isn't going to cause them to go bankrupt. Take this into consideration the next time the government knocks on your door and asks for " help " in tracking the bad guys.

It's similar to how I see Law Enforcement anymore. They're not all bad people, but the few idiots they cover for or allow to wear the badge destroys the trust I have in them as a whole. To the point where I no longer trust any of them sadly.

Comment: What it would fix (Score 1) 753

by nehumanuscrede (#47449131) Attached to: Predicting a Future Free of Dollar Bills
The first things that come to mind about what going cashless could potentially fix would be tax dodging and illegal immigration.

Lots of folks love to get paid in cash so they don't have to report it to the IRS as income. In fact, many illegal immigrants are paid this way so a company can continue using them. The incentive for the illegal worker is no tax reporting to draw attention to the fact they're not supposed to be here anyway.

I rarely use cash anymore because unless you write down every purchase, it's difficult to track what you're spending it on. I just put it on a CC, pay it off in full every month and let them send me a report of where most of it is going.

Once you start tracking your own expenses, it definitely becomes an eye opener for you.

Comment: It's all about the $$$ (Score 1) 401

by nehumanuscrede (#47396473) Attached to: No Shortage In Tech Workers, Advocacy Groups Say
After reading the " How often should I change jobs " thread yesterday and noted most do so to keep asking for ever increasing pay, it isn't shocking to realize the big companies have turned to outside skills at a fraction of the cost of an American worker.

Why would they hire you at $100k + / year when they can pick someone up on a work visa, with the same skills, for half of that ? Especially for short term projects ? If they have the skills, how do you compete against someone willing to do the work at a fraction of the pay ?

Companies are under pressure to keep cutting costs and they have cut so much the only thing they have left is the labor pool.

It won't be long before American skills are just too expensive to consider for those companies who have the option to utilize outside labor. If you think unemployment is bad now, wait till they quit hiring locally because you won't / can't work for what your replacement is more than happy to get.

Not sure how to fix it either. Cost of living here is a lot higher than it is in ( insert your favorite country here ) so, as long as they have the skills, they will get the jobs instead of the guy who has had six jobs in the past three years and is demanding insane compensation and will likely jump ship in six months anyway.

Comment: Music (Score 2) 196

by nehumanuscrede (#47343187) Attached to: How Apple Can Take Its Headphones To the Next Level
"Why would the writer think that adding body sensors are an answer, 'instead of improving the fucking sound?"<br><br>They have to go a bit further back than the hardware I think. I've you've looked at a waveform for what passes as music these days, you would agree<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:D Listening to THAT on even a decent set of headphones won't help it any.<br><br>The folks that put this stuff together need to understand that the entire waveform isn't supposed to look like a solid block just barely under the clipping threshold.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:|

Comment: Re:Be polite (Score 1) 286

This line of reasoning works great until they whip out the Taser because you weren't being " co-operative " with the officer.

Your point is valid, never consent to anything nor say anything to Law Enforcement, just understand you'll likely get the shit kicked out of you for standing up for your rights.

Comment: Interesting (Score 1) 454

to note the furor of the drinking crowd is much the same as it is with the gun crowd when folks start talking about means to limit their consumption of it.

The fact that alcohol causes quite a bit of death should come as no shock to anyone. The fact that it causes MORE death than the favorite target of activists ( firearms ) these days isn't much of a shock either. What puzzles me is why folks continue to go after one with such ferocity and not the other ? Why is one such a popular icon of EVIL, while the other does even more damage ? ( Don't even get me started about heart disease, medical mistakes and the real scary killers of us all these days )

When was the last time you heard ANYONE speak of banning alcohol, certain types / amounts of alcohol, or alcohol in scary looking bottles ? Any Congressional bills getting drafted on the matter ? Demonstrations by folks with signs ? Anything ?



Comment: Maybe it's my age . . . (Score 1) 208

by nehumanuscrede (#47310287) Attached to: The Simultaneous Rise and Decline of <em>Battlefield</em>
but it's more likely my experience.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:D<br><br>I don't buy ANY game at full price anymore. It's not that I'm cheap, I can easily afford them, it's that I'm fed up with games that are effectively Beta II at launch date. Been burned too many times I guess. Within a month of launch, most games will have a Gigabyte sized patch to fix all the crap that should have been fixed prior to release. The world certainly won't end if I don't get to play ( insert AAA title here ) on launch day. Considering the login server issues, DRM and just an overall shitty job ( is there such a thing as Quality Assurance these days ? ) I can wait.<br><br>Usually takes at least six months before I would consider the game stable.<br><br>By that time, all the bugs have been ironed out, the reviews are in either supporting or negating the pre-launch hype and the experience is more pleasant overall.<br><br>If everyone did this, companies would either release a finished and polished product as they are supposed to, or go bankrupt. Simple choice really. I choose to spend my money only on that which is worth it.

Comment: Collateral Damage ? (Score 1) 519

by nehumanuscrede (#47214991) Attached to: Teacher Tenure Laws Ruled Unconstitutional In California
Interesting ruling, but I wonder how long it will take some law school type to figure out they may be able to apply this case to other unions as well.

All unions, to my knowledge anyway, prize seniority over all other variables. You can be the most amazing employee ever, but when it comes to layoffs, if you have less seniority than someone else, you get the boot first regardless of your abilities.

The flip side of that is you can be the most incompetent employee ever and, due to seniority rules, you get to stay because you've sat in the chair longer.

What really burns me about unions is the two aforementioned employees are paid the same once they have been with the company X years. In my opinion, this creates serious motivational issues for both employees:

One realizes they can do the bare minimum and still get paid.

While your super employee realizes that busting their ass is rather pointless since the other one that is sitting in the corner, drooling on themself is being paid exactly the same as well. ( to add insult to injury, if droolio has more seniority, they have more vacation time to boot )

I fight with unionites all the time who try to tell me the pay is what it is because the Union fights for their members. I point out that since Union dues are a percentage of employee pay, the Union is actually fighting for its own pay raise, not the members. It also explains why the unions never back down over pay, but will instantly give in to health care premium increases since those come out of the employees pockets and not the Unions.

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