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Comment Re:Fundamentals (Score 5, Insightful) 350

I believe the leadership of this country are the ones failing to understand " the fundamental lessons of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 ".

That lesson being: Quit trying to force your will on the rest of the world. Regime changes to install US friendly governments tend to piss a lot of people off. Maybe the leadership should take a good look at our foreign policy and realize " The more we intervene in the Middle East, the greater the likelihood of retaliatory action. " ( Retaliatory action. See entry: Planes flying into buildings )

The short version: Don't want to worry about terrorism ? Quit bombing shit.

I also don't think our leadership understands that they are the only ones truly afraid of a terrorist attack against this country. Most of us realize the odds are right up there with winning the lotto, so we don't tend to put a lot of concern into the matter. To be honest, I am far, FAR more concerned with our own Governments behavior and Law Enforcement than I am any potential terrorists.

As for any actual terrorists, you guys are targeting the wrong folks. Blowing up people who have zero say so in the decision making process is a complete waste of everyone's time. It may make the news for a day or two, vanish just as quickly and absolutely nothing will have changed. Put some thought into what you're doing and weigh the likely outcome vs what you hope to achieve.

Comment Open Channel (Score 1) 336

Only law enforcement and / or the government can afford the good toys. When have you EVER seen an off the shelf radio system with decent encryption and on the fly rekeying abilities ? Yeah, me either.

Just be mindful the channel is open and be selective in what you say. In fact, knowing you're transmitting in the clear AND knowing they're listening to it can be very useful if you say the right things.

As for AR prices, an Acog optic will set you back $1500. Very easy to get to $3k when you start swapping in high-quality ( read that accurate ) parts. Add on a decent lighting system, a tax stamp or two and maybe a suppressor and you'll be shocked at how much you just spent.

It's interesting how many posts belittle the folks in question. Yet, you should realize that sometimes the other side just refuses to take no for an answer and diplomacy just doesn't work.

I belive this country was born of the same " weekend warriors " who finally had enough of the Crowns bullshit those many years ago.

You either stand up for your beliefs, ( right or wrong ) or stand aside as those with power crush them for you.

Comment Outstanding (Score 1) 84

One of the reasons schools aren't year round here is because AC is quite expensive to run during the Summer months when it's 105f outside :|

So to save money, they shut off the AC during those months. They save all sorts of $ on electricity, but the heat coupled with the humidity makes a perfect breeding ground for mold.

Is why the school smells so lovely when it starts back up. The cleaning staff has barely had time to bleach everything and wipe it down before everyone comes back.

Want to see some serious shit ? Call OSHA out to inspect a school about a month before it reopens. It's unlikely it will open at all once they've done their thing.

Comment Don't worry (Score 2) 442

This is only an issue until they make a mistake and arrest the wrong person for a debt that may or may not even exist. ( The courts never make a mistake right ? Like the parking ticket I received in Lubbock, yet have never set foot anywhere near it :| )

Then the police, the city and the company will understand how costly that mistake will be.

Comment Oh that's okay (Score 1) 522

There are many millions of folks who believe that both Senate and House salaries are far too high for what they do. Especially for some of the utterly
ridiculous ideas and statements they tend to come up with from time to time.

I mean, they don't really NEED $175k per year ( not even going to go into their retirement and other perks ) to pass laws they don't even bother reading
do they ?

We really need a better method of determining who will make decisions for this country. The one with the most money to throw at a campaign or the
winner of the popularity contest really isn't turning out so well these days. The state of our economy is good evidence of this.

Chuckle. Perhaps we should mandate a very specific PH.D degree plan that would be required for all those who wish to lead this country. Prove they actually
have the snap to handle the job and the intellect to understand it in the first place. At least we would be able to select a qualified candidate if we forced the
education requirements upon them.

Comment No problem (Score 1) 171

Everyone also knows that those who built the phones intentionally made it so we cannot disable that little "feature" without rendering the device inoperable.

Since we have no means of disabling it, other protections must be in place to safeguard the data. Thus, just flashing a badge or a NSL isn't sufficient. ( nor lucrative government contract deals )

Target a specific device with a warrant and few will have any issues with it. ( other than the government )

Keep up the mass surveillance and this house of cards you've built is going to come crashing down on you once American products are blacklisted due to being untrustworthy.

Comment Risk Assessment (Score 1) 500

Considering a previous report that the TSA has a tendency to miss 95% of weapons that subjects brought with them to " test " the TSA's effectiveness


Considering the odds of your firearm going missing when you jump through all the hoops to transport one properly thanks to the airlines basically being the equivalent of a modern day thieves guild.

( The folks at the airport managed to cut off one of my locks on the Pelican Case I was using to transport mine. They only stopped presumably because the remaining lock was sporting one of the TSA Hologram stickers that effectively says "We've inspected it, it's definitely a firearm. Don't open it. " )

The odds for keeping your firearm from going missing are better if you just pack it in your carry on apparently :D

Comment Re:Commercial interruption before each act (Score 3, Insightful) 302

Providers can accommodate the letter of your request by redefining "the programming" as a single act of the play (or screenplay or teleplay), or what would become a single chapter of the DVD, or the like, and then deeming a whole movie to become a playlist of several such "programmings". Would that satisfy you?

It would not. The same practice under a different name would just put the final nail in their own coffin.

Can you imagine how much the movie industry would suffer if they stopped the film every fifteen minutes so they can feed you ads about what medications you should be asking your doctor about ? Or why driving a $manly-vehicle in $state is manly ? No one would go. The movie industry would implode overnight.

If television wanted to emulate the movie approach where they set aside the advertising block ahead of the main show, I would be cool with that. Or, they could do it at the end of the show. Would be cool with that too.

Sprinkled within the show every ten minutes or so ? Not so much.

Comment Re: Meanwhile... (Score 2) 302

Cable and satellite doesn't insert the commercials, the network does. They just broadcast what the network gives them.

Do you guys even fucking understand basic shit?

Who inserts it is irrelevant. The point remains the same without going into micro-detail about how the damn thing works.

You want to remain a player in this game ? Then you had best rethink your strategy. I don't CARE who inserts the commercials because unless you do something about it, more and more people will move to the providers who do not.

It really is that simple.

Comment Re: Meanwhile... (Score 5, Interesting) 302

Easy choice.

He who doth not innundate me with commercials will be the one I choose to pay.

The only way I will tolerate commercials is if they are placed at the beginning or the end of the programming. I'm sure many others feel the same.

Cable / Satellite providers: You had best take that last sentence to heart if you wish to remain a choice at all.

Comment Privacy on company owned assets (Score 1) 127

Dunno about your company, but mine is pretty adamant about letting you know that "The use of this computer system and / or network is subject to monitoring at all times" and that, by utilizing it, you consent to such monitoring. It's pretty much the gist of the login banner every morning. It's also present in every single device I log into throughout the day.

If you want to talk to your $person via IM, do it with your own device. Don't use company assets to do it with. Even if you get clever and encrypt the messages, they won't find it amusing and will probably just fire you. Corporate security doesn't like to come across emails and / or messages they can't read.

Comment Distrust (Score 1) 353

To be honest, no matter how much they claim the inability to break or bypass smartphone encryption, I can't bring myself to believe it.

All this posturing and publicity designed to push the idea that they're currently incapable of obtaining the contents of any targeted phone is very likely just bullshit.

I treat my phone as if it is fully compromised. No apps loaded, never log into any website that requires a login, don't check email with it. If I ever snap, you can be sure my Evil Plan won't reside on my phone. . . lol

No matter how much Apple / Google or even the Government claim otherwise, I will never put enough trust into their products to use them as they are intended.

My next phone will very likely be a simple flip phone. Dumb as a rock and does one thing: makes calls.

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