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Comment As an introvert (Score 1) 829

I would buy / lease an island. Move to it. Say my final goodbyes to humanity. Buy a rather large telescope.
Maybe open an endangered animal preserve on the island with me.
( Dino's optional )

Food / supplies can be air dropped periodically. Get a pilots license for when you have to venture back to civilization.

Retire. Enjoy life as it's meant to be instead of being a wage slave who spends their life doing nothing but sitting in a cubicle, working to pay off some debt.
Travel, see how the rest of the world really is vs what the media tries to portray. Keep a low profile, be humble.

Maybe start another Nobel prize sort of thing for stuff you consider important. Try to make a difference in the lives of those who aren't as fortunate. Disease research, fresh water projects, clean energy research, etc. There is an awful lot wrong with the world that funding can help with. I wish the folks who keep buying yachts, mega-mansions, and their seventh gold plated Ferrari would understand that concept. :|

I mean, seriously, how much money do you need to live an amazing life for the rest of your days ?

Figure that out, then become a name that folks will remember for making positive things in the world a reality instead of the usual ultra-rich and greedy we usually get.

Comment Re:wan port (Score 2) 123

"Why do you need to route more than two networks for a home router? This is consumer grade equipment, it should only route two ports no more no less. Some routers include built in switches so they switch more than two ports, but as you just said you're not expecting to be a switch."

Because it's risky ( and foolish ) to mix all of your networked devices under a single network.

For every device that is both wifi and cellular capable ( Eg: Your smartphones and even alarm systems ) you have introduced a potential backdoor into your home network. The cellular capable device can be used as a jump point for either a real time intrusion or automated via malware / virus / trojan.

Isolate your devices into multiple vlans / networks to minimize exposure and risk. Don't let devices in the same vlan talk to each other unless you really need that functionality. Absolutely do not let devices in one vlan talk to devices in another for the same reasons. If you require it, write explicit rules to allow for it. ( X can talk to the printer, Y to the NAS drive, etc )

Because I don't trust Microsoft, the Xbox sits on its own vlan.
Because the alarm system has a cellular connection as a backup, it also sits by itself in its own vlan.
The media center ( TV, BlueRay, etc ) all sit in their own vlan.
Wireless has it's own vlan.
Wired systems reside within their own vlan.

Access to the routers / switches are restricted to specific devices on the wired vlan only.
( Yes, you can try and spoof it. Yes, I verify it. )

Because I absolutely do not trust Google, I most certainly would never utilize one of their pieces of hardware as the front-end for my home network.
Google is in the information gathering business. Period. That is their entire reason for existing. There is no WAY, I would even consider using their
hardware. Ever. Even if it was given to me for free.

Comment Hardware requirements (Score 1) 253

While Gigabit speeds are nice I guess a few questions came to mind:

1) Will we be forced to utilize their hardware to support these speeds or can I use my own ? ( You KNOW they will charge monthly for hardware rental )
2) Is the service symmetrical or is it something ludicrous like 1000 down / 10 up ?
3) I have absolutely zero need for Gigabit Ethernet outside the home. Can I get 100 / 100 for a decent price ? I would be thrilled with that.
4) Can I get it by itself without having to bundle some silly cable package ( that I don't want or need ) with it ?
5) Is there a minimum contract involved ? Eg: Two years

If they're actually trying to get ahead of Google on this instead of just coming up with creative ways to charge more, then maybe I'll start looking at the hardware required to route / switch it.

Comment Re:Ouch? (Score 1) 301


Still can't be trusted. Case in point:

I had my brand new enhanced security chip embedded credit card from my bank for all of thirty days before it was compromised and utilized to purchase some porn subscription out of Europe. ( Likely wait staff at the restaurants I frequent, since that's the only thing I had used it for before it was hit. I pay cash only now when I eat out. )

Since I have account alerts active on all my accounts, I get shot a text message the instant anything happens to any of my accounts so I was able to shut down the card within minutes of its use.

The takeaway here is my name will still show up in their database as being a " customer " for whatever they were selling even though I personally never utilized their services.

Comment Re:Guess what? (Score 1) 301

I suppose the point of view is determined by several variables. Some of which would be:

1) Are you content with your relationship ? Is your partner ? ( Your answer may be one thing today, and something far different twenty years from now )
2) Your beliefs ( religion and non-religion )
3) Your societies beliefs ( some are strictly monogamy, others polyamory )

Marriage has devolved into something to fear these days. If you get married and something doesn't go right ( and last I checked quite a few marriages end prematurely ), a divorce not only tears families apart ( ask the kids how they feel about the whole thing ) but someone is going to be absolutely destroyed financially. Imagine working towards retirement only to have half of everything you own taken away from you a few years out. You would never recover from it. You'll be working until you die.

It's such a potential risk that prenuptial agreements are a thing. However, using them puts one of the biggest factors in the reasons marriages fail into play right from the beginning: Mistrust. So you get to choose: You're either telling your partner you don't fully trust them or you're running the risk of financial ruin later in life if a divorce is granted and it doesn't play out in your favor. :|

Just stay single. Co-habitate if you want ( take steps to ensure common-law cannot be declared ) and things are much easier to deal with if either of you ever decide you need to make a change.

Comment Vision of the Future (Score 1) 755

Well, I suppose if you try to envision far enough ahead where advances in AI,Robotics and automation offload much of the existing labor force, we'll probably need something along these lines to ensure folks have the ability to purchase goods at all.

I don't have to explain what happens to Big Business when no one can buy their products.

May as well run the experiment now to see what issues come of it.

Comment Re: What a clusterfuck (Score 1) 676

It is a prison offense for us lowly peasants. The elite, otoh, won't even get a hand slap for it. :|

True Story: Officer in charge of the radio dept on one of my ships was put in prison for a while after a TS / SCI document was found in the trash instead of the burn bag.

He didn't even do it, but since that dept was his responsibility, it became his problem.

Comment Air Gap or use some Router-Fu (Score 2) 515

If you must use Windows 10, ( believe it or not there is some software that is still Windows only, or would cost a fortune to purchase new licences for another OS, if it's even an option ) just air gap the damn thing.

Load it, patch it to current, get all your software running on it, then deny it internet access completely. You can air gap it, but then you'll need to manually transfer your data over to another non Win 10 system. Use it as a workstation, not an all in one solution.

Or ( what I would do ) is simply put a route map or ACL on the router that explicitly denies access for that machine off the local network or Vlan. Hell, put it in its own VLAN and block the whole damn thing if you have to. Personally, I would disallow any talking between it and any other device on the local network outside of a network connected NAS drive so you can still transfer files. If you gotta get your game on I suppose you could allow very specific connections to very specific addresses, but block everything else.

Use a Windows box for specialized applications, use anything but to connect to the internet.

Submission + - You can't audit voting machines in Kansas

Geoffrey.landis writes: A statistician discovered evidence of suspicious counting on voting machines in Kansas. The voting machines keep a paper trail for verification... but her request to examine the record of votes is being blocked with the explanation that no one, not even the election officials, is allowed to see it.

According to the Washington Post "The voting machines that Sedgwick County uses have a paper record of the votes, known as Real Time Voting Machine Paper Tapes... . Since the software is proprietary, even elections officials can’t examine it and postelection audits can’t be done, according to Pamela Smith, president of Verified Voting Foundation".

Even the Kansas papers editorialize that this is going too far. More evidence that the software used in voting machines should never be proprietary.

Submission + - 4th Circuit holds that obtaining extended cell-site records requires a warrant->

schwit1 writes: In the new opinion, the Fourth Circuit (Judge Davis joined by Judge Thacker, with Judge Motz dissenting) holds that ordering a cell provider to hand over 'extended' records is a Fourth Amendment search because 'society recognizes an individual's privacy interest in her movements over an extended time period.' The Fourth Circuit relies primarily on the 'mosaic theory' arguments of the D.C. Circuit's opinion in United States v. Maynard and the concurring opinions when that case reached the Supreme Court under the name of United States v. Jones."

This also applies to license plate readers.

Link to Original Source

Comment Re: Oh boy, here we go... (Score 1) 413

Does that 6.8 cents include the transmission line costs or no ? If it does where in Texas you living ? I would guess the Austin area where rates stay low to ensure the legislators don't have to pay too much for their electricity.

The lowest I have found near the coast is 9 cents / KwH.

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