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At this point Russia can demand whatever it wants from Mr. Snowden and he really isn't in any position to say no. If he does, Russia simply puts him on a plane back to the US and that's the end of the story.

He has nothing to fall back upon unless another country offers him asylum as well. Though the same rules will apply there I'm afraid.

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Perhaps, but if you try to shift the blame and throw company X under the bus while doing so, watch how much cooperation you get from that company in the future. ( assuming the whole thing isn't a comete sham )

While company X isn't allowed to discuss anything related to the gag orders, I would simply leak the entire thing out to ( insert some torrent site here ) and blame it on bad security, some zero day exploit at the hands of some evil hacker.

Technically, they DIDN'T discuss it, the data was stolen from their servers :)

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by nehumanuscrede (#46528367) Attached to: Jesse Jackson To Take On Silicon Valley's Lack of Diversity
"Black culture doesn't reward or encourage intelligence.

To be honest, AMERICAN culture doesn't either. Is why celebrities, athletes, and entertainers are paid dump truck loads of cash while the really intelligent folks ( scientists, reaearchers, you know folks who actually create the world as we know it today ) are compensated at a much lower level.

Given that, if you're growing up in America are you going to strive to be a math whiz or a pro-athlete ? Which gives you the ideal " American " lifestyle ?

Here in the good ol US of A, we glorify a lot of things: War, wealth, and power to name but a few. Intelligence is way, Way, WAY down the list.

In fact, if you're TOO good at say, Math, in school, you become a target and an outcast because you don't fit in with the cool crowd folks now. Your life will become a living hell.

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by nehumanuscrede (#46504557) Attached to: Measuring the Xbox One Against PCs With <em>Titanfall</em>
Sorry you had to endure that, I'm not sure what EA is thinking these days but it sounds like they can't dig the hole they're in fast enough.

  Short sighted/term thinking maybe. They don't realize that a few bad experiences leads to less folks willing to play their product at all. There will always be those who don't know any better and must have it at any cost but there exists no better teacher than experience and in this day and age, word travels very quickly indeed.

Burn your bridges to those who finance your business and the outcome becomes obvious.

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Grant you that. Up unil recently, Steam was a trainwreck too. It's finally to the point where it's actually pretty nice to use now and offline mode finally works the way it should have from the beginning. See a game you want ? Buy it, download and play. Done.

Though I still wait for them to have a sale for any games I want to play. Done paying $60 a pop for what will basically be Beta II. By the time I pick it up, it's ~$20 and fully patched and tested by millions of others.

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by nehumanuscrede (#46498585) Attached to: Measuring the Xbox One Against PCs With <em>Titanfall</em>
Chuckle. Anyone who has been playing PC games ( and console games for that matter ) knows that within a month of launch, you can expect one or more patches to fix the product they rushed out the door to meet some deadline. Guaranteed.

I'm pretty much done with jumping through all the hoops for this. If you want to make it a pain in the ass just to play it, then I just won't play it. Pretty simple really.

Not that they care as they have legions of folks who are willing to put up with the BS to play at any cost, but in time they too will become jaded with the system and become ex-gamers as well.

Steam seems to have finally got it right in my opinion. I have zero issues with that platform now and the majority of my games come from there.

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by nehumanuscrede (#46497971) Attached to: Measuring the Xbox One Against PCs With <em>Titanfall</em>
I have a strong gaming rig and I won't bother with Titanfall for one simple fact: The PC version requires Origin to play it.

I tried it with Battlefield the last Battlefield game and it was such a trainwreck I uninstalled it and tossed the game in the trash before ever getting to play it. It went something like this:

Buy the physical media ( dvd ) install game. Try to play, find out you have to install Origin, cuss, install Origin, register and do all the BS required. Try to play, find out there is a multi GB PATCH to install before I can play, cuss some more, start download ( which takes HOURS coming from their servers ) finally get it all downloaded, try to play, discover my browser opens up instead of the game, Origin now wants to install some plugin to the damn browser. At which point I gave up from sheer anger and uninstalled the entire thing, Origin and all.

I put the Battlefield disc in the microwave then ran it through the shredder resolving to never again touch any game that had an Origin requirement.

So, Titanfall may be the most amazing game ever made but due to the Origin requirement, it is a game I will never play.

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by nehumanuscrede (#46372235) Attached to: The Spy In Our Living Room
This possibility is why I don't OWN an X-Box One and why my existing gaming console ( which lacks a video camera and microphone ) is isolated to its own VLAN on my home network. For that matter, all the phones are on their own VLAN, the gaming console on another, the alarm system a third. I don't allow them to talk to anything other than the internet or ( in the case of the phones ) each other.

Don't really want the X-Box camera watching me when I walk through the house, the mic picking up my conversations, or any of the other devices being used as a jump off point of entry to the rest of my network.

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Then I'll be damned if I do it with a measly laser pointer.

I'll go buy 500 of the suckers from Wicked Lasers ( or the highest wattage output I can find ), build these suckers into some crazy array, add a focusing lens to this , paint it green, name it Lazilla, tie it into a passive motion tracking system, mount it on the rooftop and have a grand time pointing it at satellites, the neighbors dog, any aircraft within fifty miles and the FBI helicopters when they show up.

I mean, if you're going to go to jail for something, you may as well try and set the bar up as high as you can :D

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by nehumanuscrede (#45798125) Attached to: US Federal Judge Rules NSA Data Collection Legal
This will bounce back and forth until it reaches the Supreme Court. I'm sure they are already dreading it.

Were I in possession of the Snowden documents, I would simply wait and see how this plays out. If it simply goes back to "business as usual" for the NSA by being declared completely legal by our bought-and-paid-for judicial system, I would simply pull another juicy document or two out of the pile and add it to the growing pool of public knowledge. Wash, rinse and repeat until the government finally does the right thing ( or you run out of documents I suppose )

Either way, it's a win for privacy. ( We get a little bit of it back, or learn how much of it we've lost )

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by nehumanuscrede (#45797685) Attached to: Federal judge rules NSA data collection legal
Though I will be surprised if it survives a challenge all the way through to the Supreme Court.

Even if it does, I would expect some more fun documents to come out of the Snowden files. I certainly would hold on to the more interesting ones to use for this exact purpose. Don't want to clean up your act ? Fine. Let's show the world just how deep the rabbit hole goes shall we ?

We can't possibly hope the judicial system is going to do the right thing here, ( bought and paid for you know ) so you need to have an Ace up your sleeve to even the playing field for an opponent who doesn't play fair to begin with.

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the games we played pushed the envelope of PC hardware. More detail, better graphics, physics engines, etc. That, IMO, is what drove the PC hardware market.

However, we've reached a point where the games are pretty damned impressive now ( visually anyway ) and the hardware from a few years ago is sufficient to run them. Couple that with the COSTS to create a game anyone wants to play that will push the hardware to the current limit and you can understand the decline in PC hardware sales. They haven't given up on them, there is just less reason to upgrade as often now.

As bad as it sounds, I would rather play a game on console rather than deal with the DRM bullshit that comes with PC gaming anymore. ( Notable exceptions are Steam and those games that just don't play well on a console )

The market for current generation hardware is just smaller now but we've always known the manority of the market really didn't need their desktop anyway. ( eg, my parents. They can make do with an Ipad for what they need it for. It's great for me as I don't have to make a four hour drive to "fix" it every six months because they don't understand the concept of not clicking the "You Win!" banners and opening up emails that remotely resemble something legitimate.

Last, but not least, I could have typed this whole thing in record time were I not posting this via a tiny ass smartphone keyboard :/

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by nehumanuscrede (#45529219) Attached to: Why Scott Adams Wished Death On His Dad
What he's hoping for here is that the folks who act to keep such laws on the books also get to experience the same
end-of-life torture his father has to endure because of their actions. Trust me when I tell you it's one of the most painful
things you'll ever experience and pulling someone you love off of life support is one of the toughest decisions you'll ever make.

It's a difficult decision to make, ending someones life. Even though the outcome is eventually inevitable, I would rather go quickly
than waste away slowly knowing what my fate is to be. I want my estate to pass to those I want to have it, not to the billing department
of some Hospital or facility who is trying to wring every dime they can from me before I go.

When you death vs the suffering they will endure by keeping them alive, you'll ultimately come to the same conclusion I think. Those
who support keeping them alive at all costs have obviously never experienced this for themselves. So I say to them, " Walk a mile in those
shoes, and tell me how you feel afterwards. "

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by nehumanuscrede (#45318085) Attached to: What Went Wrong?
While I agree the health care system certainly needs to be revamped, I don't believe the method they came up with is the best way to go about doing so.

Why make it so damn complicated ? Four levels of plans, different levels of coverage / premiums, availability determined by regional areas, IRS involvement, etc.
Really ?

There are more than a few countries who already have national health care systems in place ( France and Canada right off the top of my head ) so why would we try to reinvent the wheel here when systems already exist ( and have for many, many years ) that work ? I would rather pay a slightly higher Federal Tax and be totally covered than deal with the debacle that we now have. I know they were trying their best to get folks to believe that this wasn't a new " tax ", but only the naive still believe that. Hell, even the Supreme Court allowed it to stand because:

"The Affordable Care Act's requirement that certain individuals pay a financial penalty for not obtaining health insurance may reasonably be characterized as a tax," Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in the ruling. "Because the Constitution permits such a tax, it is not our role to forbid it, or to pass upon its wisdom or fairness."

So, now that the cat is out of the bag and it's officially a tax, just raise the overall Tax on everyone to pay for it already. Would be far easier than the debacle we now have.

I don't see where the current implementation is going to do much good. When, in the entire HISTORY of the United States Government, has ANYTHING ever came in at or under budget projections ? Ever ? Anyone ? So when this monstrosity does what I think it will, what do you think the premium prices are going to do ? ( Hint, they're not going to go down and guess whose pocket it will be coming out of )

Another thought I've had is the coverage itself is woefully inadequate without one other "fix" in place.

Here's why:

Years ago I had a family member who had a heart bypass performed. He was in the hospital for about a month. When it was all said and done, the bill came in and checked in at just shy of HALF A MILLION DOLLARS.

Assume the health plan picks up a generous 75% of that bill. That leaves us with roughly $125k. Annual limit out of pocket expenses are $6k. So the remaining $119k the hospital is going to harass you for -eternity- to get because when you get admitted to the hospital, you sign a form that agrees YOU will pick up any costs the insurance doesn't cover. If you don't sign it, you don't get admitted. Failure to pay it will result in debt collectors, phone calls, letters, threats of litigation, etc. etc.

Does anyone really think that folks who are utilizing last resort government health care plans can EVER pay off a debt like that ? Hell, can you ?

And should you ? This is the real fix that needs to happen. Health care industry pricing is the ENTIRE reason we even have to HAVE insurance to begin with. No one can possibly afford the prices they charge without insurance. ( You 1% types don't count ) It's just insanity. Anyone who has ever looked at their hospital bill will agree. ( Really ? $5 for a Q-Tip ? )

So the easier fix for this is two-fold:

1) One plan that covers everything for everyone paid for by an increase in the Federal Tax and
2) The regulation of the health care industries out of control price gouging.

Hell, maybe we can help pay for this with some of the NSA's budget :D Punishment for their questionable behavior as of late. If we quit playing World Policeman, we could also cut our defense budget in HALF and use that to help pay for this thing. ( Hint, it's how the other countries pay for theirs. They don't have the largest defense budget on the planet :D )

"If value corrupts then absolute value corrupts absolutely."