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Comment Re:Drop origin of life (Score 1) 591

Christians say we and all other life was created by God. Evolution states we started as amoebas and evolved over billions of years into what we are today. Personally though, I could care less. I am as I am now and will use it to my fullest abilities. Whether my species was created or evolved is irrelevant to me here and now and till I die.

Comment Re:Drop origin of life (Score 2, Interesting) 591

As I said, drop the origin of life topic. Avoid the religious and scientific controversy all together. When I took biology in HS, my biology teacher skipped the topic altogether. Didn't even mention the controversy. Just skipped the chapter altogether. One student asked why she skipped it. Her response, "I will teach what can be reproduced in a lab or examined first-hand."

Comment no purpose left (Score 4, Insightful) 229

Flash had its time. With HTML 4 & 4.1, there was little support for media and interactive content on websites. So Macromedia (now Adobe) stepped in and provided code which can be embedded within HTML code to allow more robust, interactive and media friendly websites. However, Flash is not an open standard. It is owned by Adobe. Thus the development software is expensive. Fortunately, HTML 5 standard is and open standard. With many of Flash's abilities now integrated into HTML 5, anyone can afford to make robust, interactive and media friendly websites without having to pay for Adobe's flash developer software. Another advantage of HTML 5 is that because of its open standard, it allows seamless transitions among different browsers and platforms as well as less resource overhead than Flash had.

Comment Re:so trade bills (Score 2) 413

RTFM, this isn't TPP or any of those treaties. This is some other small sacrificial lamb so everyone stops paying attention.

What this would have aloud is for Obama to submit the TPP to congress and all they can do is yeh or nay. No debate, no amendments. Since the TPA did not pass, when it is proposed to congress, it is open to debate, amendment and the public.

Comment Re:Try again... 4? (Score 1) 226

Exactly! The legal definition of stealing or theft involves tangible property. When you can take one copy of a thing and effortlessly make hundreds of copies, their is no tangible value. That is why it is called copyright infringement. No stealing or theft.

Comment Re:Try again... 4? (Score 2) 226

those radio and youtube download apps follow the same principle as cassette tapes recorders and VCR's. Sony Betamax case made such actions legal. These downloader apps do the same thing. It's just a different source.

Comment Facts behind the aspartame controversy (Score 1) 630

Aspartame does change to formaldehyde due to body heat. However, formaldehyde is required for proper metabolism and our body produces two enzymes which can break down the formaldehyde. The dangers of aspartame involve consuming aspartame faster than your body is able to break it down. To begin to suffer the effects of aspartame (formaldehyde poisoning) would require the consumption of approximately 50mg of aspartame per kilogram of body weight. So for me, I would have to consume about 60 cans of diet cola ) per day to feel the effects of formaldehyde poisoning. (1 12oz. can of diet coke: 125 mg) Results may vary based on metabolism speed and body weight.

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