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Comment: Re:Comment your code (Score 2, Insightful) 590

by negativewashout (#33490486) Attached to: Programming Things I Wish I Knew Earlier

This is the best, IMHO. I, too, have looked code and gone, "WTF was this idiot thinking???? ...Oh wait... that's my code."

And agreed - dead comments have to be updated. I didn't always do it perfectly, but I pretty much got in the habit a few years ago of commenting as I go, right by the code in question. One of those times when it's good to be a bit verbose.

Comment: My fastload cartridge isn't working... (Score 2, Funny) 327

....can I get it replaced under warranty? The 800 number doesn't work for Epyx - but it could be this rotary dial phone....


It sucks that BFG is going under, but in a mostly-free-market world, it's reality sometimes, huh.

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