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Comment: It's because NADA is a Union and Tesla refuses UAW (Score 0, Offtopic) 455

by nefus (#47271655) Attached to: NADA Is Terrified of Tesla
The UAW wants Tesla to join their union. And NADA wants Tesla to join their union. Tesla doesn't want to play ball. So the unions are flexing it's muscle to make Teslas join their unions. Really guys, it's that simple. It has nothing to do with the fact their car is electric. Seriously, just google for `tesla car union` and you'll find stories about the UAW.

+ - Google Updates Site Move Guidelines on Webmaster Tools Help Center->

Submitted by creativeshory
creativeshory (3469251) writes "On Friday, June 06, Google has updated an in-depth guide on how to handle site moves in a Googlebot-friendly way. Google Webmaster Trends Analysts, Zineb Ait Bahajji and Pierre Far, posted on the Google Webmaster blog that they have updated their official guidelines for moving your site.
As they classifies the site move into one of two types of content migrations
(1) Site moves without URL changes
(2) Move a site with URL changes"

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Submitted by nefus
nefus (952656) writes "Biofuels made from the leftovers of harvested corn plants are worse than gasoline for global warming in the short term, a study shows, challenging the Obama administration's conclusions that they are a much cleaner oil alternative and will help combat climate change. A $500,000 study paid for by the federal government and released Sunday in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Climate Change concludes that biofuels made with corn residue release 7 percent more greenhouse gases in the early years compared with conventional gasoline."
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+ - Researchers Use Google Glass to Help Parkinson's Sufferers->

Submitted by Zothecula
Zothecula (1870348) writes "Researchers at Newcastle University in the UK have conducted a study into how Google Glass can be used to assist sufferers of Parkinson’s disease. The team is working directly with patients to develop straightforward and useful technology that will help sufferers cope with the disease, while aiding them in becoming more independent."
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Comment: Geologic Ice Age (Score -1, Flamebait) 987

by nefus (#46624333) Attached to: UN Report: Climate Changes Overwhelming
How can we be living in a geologic ice age and be worried about global warming? And I watched a show on science channel the other night that said trees were becoming less dominant (giving way to grasses like bamboo) because the co2 level were so low. It makes little sense to me, it's either one or the other.

Comment: Pay 3 times for the same bandwidth? (Score 1) 150

Customers like end-users content providers pay for bandwidth access. And Netflix for example and it's users are customers are due what they have paid for. Anything else is extortion. Seriously, why dangle higher speeds in front of customers if you aren't allowing them to use it? Don't sell what you have no intention of supporting. Paying a third time for extra guaranteed bandwidth is nothing but extortion when you are threatening the content providers income.

+ - What is the Real Cause of Increasing Autism Rates

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Many people blame increasing autism rates on vaccines. Some experts say that it is easier on parents for them to have a child with a fatal disease than to have autism. According to PubMed, vitamin D is a neurosteroid hormone. Enough vitamin D helps the body to get rid of toxins. Toxins have been linked to autism.

Michael Holick Ph.D., M.D. says that there is a pandemic (widespread epidemic) of vitamin D deficiency. Three causes of it is people living far from the equator (unlike our ancestors), not spending enough time out in sunlight and using sunscreen. Psychology Today has an article saying that rising depression rates are due to the use of sunscreen.

As people live further from the equator, the rates of autism go up. PubMed and Psychology Today say that most of the autism (some of it is genetic) is caused by pregnant mothers and babies not getting enough vitamin D. http://chuck-bluestein.hubpage... So people can take vitamin D supplements and hope that they are getting enough or get more sunlight from the sun of God or God's sun."

+ - The era of Facebook is an anomaly->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Speaking to The Verge, author and Microsoft Researcher Danah Boyd put words to a feeling I've had about Facebook and other social networking sites for a while, now: 'The era of Facebook is an anomaly.' She continues, 'The idea of everybody going to one site is just weird. Give me one other part of history where everybody shows up to the same social space. Fragmentation is a more natural state of being. Is your social dynamic interest-driven or is it friendship-driven? Are you going there because there’s this place where other folks are really into anime, or is this the place you’re going because it’s where your pals from school are hanging out? That first [question] is a driving function.' Personally, I hope this idea continues to propagate — it's always seemed odd that our social network identities are locked into certain websites. Imagine being a Comcast customer and being unable to email somebody using Time Warner, or a T-Mobile subscriber who can't call somebody who's on Verizon. Why do we allow this with our social networks?"
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+ - Steam Controller Drops Touchscreen->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Last year Valve announced a new game controller that was trying to innovate on the designs that have been with us for over a decade now. The biggest changes were replacing analog sticks with circular touchpads and plopping a small touchscreen into the middle of the controller. Valve has now revamped their prototype hardware, and the touchscreen is nowhere to be seen. In its place are stop/play buttons (which appear similar to start/select buttons) and a bigger Steam logo button. They've also moved around the directional and ABXY buttons, reverting to a more traditional layout (picture). They'll be demonstrating the latest prototype next week at GDC."
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+ - Bill Gates: Snowden is No Hero!

Submitted by hcs_$reboot
hcs_$reboot (1536101) writes "In a lengthy interview from Rolling Stone, Bill Gates, among many other subjects, is asked: "Do you consider [Snowden] a hero or a traitor?". The Microsoft founder answers: "I certainly wouldn't characterize him as a hero (...) You won't find much admiration from me".
What about Government Surveillance? "The government has such ability to do these things. (...) But the specific techniques they use become unavailable if they're discussed in detail"
Rolling Stone retorts that Privacy can be an issue, "We want safety, but we also want privacy" says the journalist. Bill Gates's tells his main priority focuses on stopping the bad guys: "let's say you knew nothing was going on. How would you feel? I mean, seriously. I would be very worried. Technology arms the bad guys with orders of magnitude more [power]. Not just bad guys. Crazy guys.""

+ - NASA-funded study: industrial civilisation headed for 'irreversible collapse?

Submitted by Snirt
Snirt (1908938) writes " A new study sponsored by Nasa's Goddard Space Flight Center has highlighted the prospect that global industrial civilization could collapse in coming decades due to unsustainable resource exploitation and increasingly unequal wealth distribution.

Noting that warnings of 'collapse' are often seen to be fringe or controversial, the study attempts to make sense of compelling historical data showing that "the process of rise-and-collapse is actually a recurrent cycle found throughout history." Cases of severe civilisational disruption due to "precipitous collapse — often lasting centuries — have been quite common.""

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