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Comment: Just another Jack Thompson (Score 0) 1238

Though she has managed to manipulate the inevitable* death threats far better than he ever did.

* It's the internet. You'll get death threats from "Christians" if you argue on the internet about evolution v creation. You'll get death threats from American Football fans if you argue that soccer is a better sport. You'll get death threats if you argue that New York pizza is better than Chicago pizza. Who would have thunk you'd get them if you pick a topic close to the heart of teenage boys.

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by nedlohs (#47773173) Attached to: Euro Bank Santander Commissions Study On Bitcoin's Impact On Banking


Launder money for drug cartels, sanctioned states, and terrorists for years, ignore multiple "stop doing that" orders for regulators and when caught red handed you get a fined a few weeks profits and told you are too rich and powerful for the government to bother with the slam dunk criminal case.

Very severe!

Comment: Re:The death of leniency (Score 1) 622

by nedlohs (#47767749) Attached to: U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras

Which is fine, since I can control those minor violations and they are by definition minor. Whereas a police officer having a bad day and deciding to falsely charge me with something not minor, like say resist arrest and assault police, is completely outside of my control.

And of course using warnings is part of police procedure anyway and not something to be afraid of being audited about. Though if it makes the police officer think twice about giving all the white guys warnings while charging all the black guys for the same thing, that sounds like a plus.

Comment: Re: The world we live in. (Score 1) 586

by nedlohs (#47754239) Attached to: New Nail Polish Alerts Wearers To Date Rape Drugs

They wouldn't. You might notice that the two cases you reference made national (and international) headlines because they were unexpected, unusual, and considered abhorrent to everyone else. Again, there are crazy people but they don't define what society as whole is.

Oh and yes I'm sure people made jokes at the time. "What color were Christa McAuliffe eyes? Blue - one blue this way and one blue that way" also didn't mean there was a culture of wanting space shuttles to blow up in the 80s

Comment: Re: The world we live in. (Score 1) 586

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There were 132,802,859 homes in the US in 2013 - - which counts individual rooms rented out as a "home".

There were1,393,152 burglaries of home in 2009 -

Assuming those numbers haven't varied too much then, yes if homes have average existence of 20 years (the one I'm in right now is older than that) 1 in 5 will be burglarized in their "entire existance".

And of course you are using unreported sexual assaults in your numbers. There are also unreported burglaries that aren't in the burglary numbers - if you don't have insurance there's no reason to report after all. If it was your stash of drugs that were stolen you aren't going to call the police. When your child broke in and pawned off some of your stuff you are probably not going to report the crime. And so on.

Rap songs have also glorified murdering people, murder culture?

Comment: Re: The world we live in. (Score 1) 586

by nedlohs (#47751761) Attached to: New Nail Polish Alerts Wearers To Date Rape Drugs

Right. there are more rapes than burglaries! Inside prisons I'll buy that, in the rest of America not a chance.

No one* is teaching boys it's ok to harass and rape. Just like no one says "you didn't lock your doors enough" when a house is burgled.

* Well OK I'm sure there is someone. Just like there is someone teaching boys that jews are evil incarnate and somone teaching boys that violence is a good first resort. I'm assuming we are talking about "normal" people.

Comment: Re: The world we live in. (Score 3, Insightful) 586

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It already is.

But non-idiots mitigate risks as best they can - trading off against convenience and so on of course, sometimes with convenience winning by miles.

The message is "never burglarize" and no one thinks advising people to lock their doors somehow changes that message.

The message is "don't abduct children" and no one thinks that "stranger danger" type idiocy in schools changes that message.

Why does any mention of mitigating rape risks always get portrayed as undermining "don't rape".

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