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Comment: Re:Morale of the Story (Score 1) 214

Sure they could offer profit sharing, but that's complicated with lots of edge cases and as I said hollywood style accounting makes it pretty pointless. Note, it's a completely different situation than app stores - that isn't "profit sharing" that's revenue sharing. And there's no accounting trickery since the entity trying to get their share is the one processing the payments and thus skimming them off the top before the other guy actually gets anything (there's no way to say sell your stuff to your Uncle Bob for $1 who then sells it to the public for the $50 it's actually "worth" when the app store it inserting themselves in the "to the public" step; whereas there is with if you promised X% of the profits to kickstarter backers).

And no companies won't just put all their risky crap on kickstarter - there's a rather large reputation when kickstarters go bad. And Microsoft in particular is in a bad state to try those games. It's not worth the bad publicity when things go south to them. For smaller places and actual "startups" there's no reputation to really care about, if it goes bust the whole company is likely bust anyway.

And I didn't claim kickstarter was a donation platform so I'm not sure why that's relevant to mention. (Though it can be - you can back a project that offers no "rewards" or back a project at a level that offers nothing in return).

Comment: Re:"Possibly"? (Score 1) 535

Innocent until proven guilty...

Sure it's really stupid to have to say "possibly" and "allegedly" in cases like this. But in theory that's how it is supposed to be.

These are rules written by people in the government to restrict what people in the government can do - the chance that there are ridiculous loopholes and grey areas is approximately 273%.

Comment: Re:Morale of the Story (Score 3, Insightful) 214

Paying with equity would be illegal, and thus not such a great idea. The Title III JOBS act provisions are not "live" yet, since the SEC hasn't managed to finalize the rules yet.

But a cut of the profit is not equity anyway.

Of course most successful kickstarters have more than 20 backers, so 5% of the profit is going to be rather tricky. If you mean 5% of the profit shared amongst all backers then I doubt that is going to have much impact on the "lose money" part. 100% of the funding for 5% of the profits? I'm sure there'd be no hollywood accounting there.

Comment: Re:Let me explain.... :-) (Score 1) 308

by nedlohs (#49127795) Attached to: Moxie Marlinspike: GPG Has Run Its Course

Then it's email not webmail.

The "web" part means accessed via a web browser as opposed to an email client. And usually that any browser will do (let's ignore browser HTML issues) so it will work equally well from your home desktop machine and from a random internet cafe machine and from a web only terminal in an airport.

And yes it is insecure and fundamentally broken from a security point of view - that's the point being made.

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