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by nedlohs (#48094441) Attached to: US Says It Can Hack Foreign Servers Without Warrants

The constitution is not granting those rights. They are inalienable preexisting self evident natural rights. The constitution merely says that the people have not surrendered those rights (which given they are inalienable shouldn't be necessary to state in the first place) and thus the Government can not infringe upon them.

And no that is not just a "technicality". This belief that the constitution grants rights is one of the factors that ha seen those very rights infringed upon.

The people have granted things to the government, not the other way round.

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by nedlohs (#48093141) Attached to: NASA Study: Ocean Abyss Has Not Warmed

Heat rises, does not sink.

Huh? Given the mass energy equivalence a hot object is heavier than a cold object, so no heat does not rise. Of course that effect is so tiny as to be irrelevant...

Sure hot air rises, because the density of air decreases with increasing temperature. Water is trickier since there's a density maxima at 4C and so if water is below 4C then heating it will make it dense and thus sink... That's part of the reason that lakes have warmer water at the bottom in winter.

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by nedlohs (#48061431) Attached to: UK Government Tax Disc Renewal Website Buckles Under Pressure

Sure, but the post you replied to explicitly stated that car registration was state based in Australia. Making it obvious hat they meant by "the US not getting it right" - that the way it seems to be handled in the various jurisdictions in the US isn't as good as the way it is handled in the various jurisidictions in Australia. Whether that is true or not is another matter, but it has nothing to do with federalism and state rights.

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