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Comment: Re:FCC does not make laws (Score 1) 165

When a state law and a federal conflict one of them has to win. If the federal law is within the powers delegated to the federal government then it will (yeah, yeah, as if there are any in practice limits to federal law these days...).

In this case there's a federal law stating:

The Commission and each State commission with regulatory jurisdiction over telecommunications services shall encourage the deployment on a reasonable and timely basis of advanced telecommunications capability to all Americans (including, in particular, elementary and secondary schools and classrooms) by utilizing, in a manner consistent with the public interest, convenience, and necessity, price cap regulation, regulatory forbearance, measures that promote competition in the local telecommunications market, or other regulating methods that remove barriers to infrastructure investment.

If that and a state law preventing the deployment of "advanced telecommunications capacity" conflict then to the courts it will go to determine which one trumps the other and if that one even applies to the case in question. And in an ideal world if the federal government has the authority to create such a law.

Comment: Re:Customer service? (Score 1) 756

So you should want the people with children being seated first.

There are basically three choices:

1. Seat people with children first. This means everyone else has to wait a little longer to be seated.
2. Seat the people with children last. This means everyone else gets to sit in their seats a little earlier, but the plane will take longer to board over all (and hence you'll have a higher chance of missing a connection).
3. Board everyone at the same time. This some the everyone else crown gets to sit earlier and some later, the plane will take longer to board than option 2.

People with children are slowed down more than average by not having room to maneuver and having to wander further to fit their luggage when the only available space is a dozen or two rows away. They also tend to retrieve things from their stowed luggage more often which won't slow boarding but will make for more hassle for everyone around them when they have to trek to the other end of the plane to get things - and then trek to the other other end when they can't find it in that bag and need to check the other one.

I guess there's also a 4th option: Don't let people travel with children. That does sound like a great idea, I'm not quite selfish enough to actually want that (I get close though....).

Comment: Re:Wrong priority! (Score 1) 503

by nedlohs (#47482065) Attached to: Russia Prepares For Internet War Over Malaysian Jet

Yes, he's the President of the United States. His primary concern should be determining if any US citizens have been killed.

Civilian planes getting shot down by the military isn't exactly unheard of. The US has done it. Russia has done it. China has done it. Ukraine, Bulgaria, Israel... It's rare but has certainly happened multiple times already.

There are really only three options. Ukraine shot it down. Russia shot it down. The Russian backed rebels in Ukraine shot it down. Not much the for the US to do in any of those cases. You expect and want the US to stick it's nose into every corner of the world? Don't we have a UN? Can't Europe look after itself?

Though of course I'm sure someone somewhere is brewing a conspiracy theory that it was a US or Israel false flag operation of some sort...

Comment: Re:Curious OS design shortcoming (Score 1) 151

by nedlohs (#47471263) Attached to: LibreSSL PRNG Vulnerability Patched

It's a program tthat exits the grand parent process and then forks in a loop until it happens to get the same process id as the grand parent. Which is of course something that will never happen in a real program. Expanding the size of the pid will just make it take longer.

You can always "echo 4194303 > /proc/sys/kernel/pid_max" on linux if you want to wait longer for said program - though you will break old binaries though...

Comment: Re:I'm not an anti sharing nazi... (Score 2) 214

by nedlohs (#47448233) Attached to: Economist: File Sharing's Impact On Movies Is Modest At Most

No. Since it's understood that the reproduction is poor and that doesn't reflect the quality of the original (yeah yeah insert joke about quality of hollywood movies...).

If the reproductions were passed of as the original then sure they might put people off the original, but they aren't in this case.

Comment: Re:Outside of Valve I don't think many developers. (Score 1) 86

by nedlohs (#47436329) Attached to: What Happens When Gaming Auteurs Try To Go It Alone?

How can there possibly be so many pre-orders. Sure I'll grant that gamers probably pre-order once but surely that first time is the only time since it's almost certain the game will be nothing like what was hyped at pre-order time.

Are gamers really stupid enough to pre-order something again? Or is the market growing fast enough for there to be enough new suckers each time?

I'm was dumb enough to pre-order one game long ago... I'm not completely moronic and hence never have again.

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