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by nedlohs (#47712831) Attached to: 51% of Computer Users Share Passwords

Don't they all do that already - at least the 911 part. Every cell phone I've ever owned of the dumb and smart variety have all allowed calling 911 while locked. I'm pretty sure it's a legal requirement that they call 911 when they are locked and when they have no sim card.

On my samsung you can add numbers to the emergency contact group and they'll be callable from the emergency call button that shows up on the lock screen as well as 911. Given it's a samsung there is a 0% chance that they didn't copy that from elsewhere and hence iphone's must do the same thing (and probably all the other smart phones too).

In fact people keep complaining about it - apparently it's easier to butt dial 911 when the phone is locked then when it isn't :)

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by nedlohs (#47695577) Attached to: Ebola Quarantine Center In Liberia Looted

Your specific example is not irrational. It's the same situation as my eating berries example. At least until people keep dieing even after not going to said facilities. Assuming causation is what rational people do. It's the people who grab the hot pot, yell "ouch" and drop it and then proceed to grab it and yell "ouch" and drop it over and over again because they refuse to assume causation are the ones being irrational.

That we "know" it's an incorrect hypothesis doesn't change that it's a rational first attempt for people without all the information that you have.

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"post hoc ergo propter hoc" is rational.

"Everyone who has eaten those berries has died frothing at the mouth a few hours afterwards, thus we should probably not eat those berries" is rational. It might not actually be true, but it's a good first step. When people keep dieing in the same way after everyone has stopped eating said berries then you can move to a different hypothesis - but when that's all the information you have it would be irrational to keep eating the berries.

In this case they already have other information - well I'm assuming the health care workers and government and so on are telling them something other than "oh yes, these are death camps where we torture and kill everyone who comes in the door".

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Who cares what a news media article says? There's a link to an article by the FBI on the FBI web site. Surprise, surprise it doesn't use the wrong terms for the details that matter.

Clearly he applied for a real passport under a name other than his own (and got one) with a photo of himself - that's how you get a fraudulent passport that will actually work in the long term as opposed to hopefully getting you past one immigration agent one time.

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Because it's not fake as in "printed at home to look like a passport" (or something slightly more likely to work). It's fake as in "not actually for the person it claims to be". "Fake" is the wrong word of course, which is probably why the article doesn't use that word but uses "fraud".

So not being a complete moron the guy didn't get a passport in his own name. But instead got one in someone else's name - using his own photo since it helps to look like the photo when actually using the passport.

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by nedlohs (#47669921) Attached to: Samsung Announces Galaxy Alpha Featuring Metal Frame and Rounded Corners

Sure if you want to view it that way. It isn't why it is called a cue though.

In fact, it's the exact opposite. The name comes from the word "queue" - French for tail. Since it derived from people using the tail end of a mallet to hit the ball instead of the head (think croquet).

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by nedlohs (#47656237) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Are Online Job Applications So Badly Designed?

You've demonstrated you have no problems making stuff up about things you clearly know little about - possibly these forms are designed to weed out such people?

The job positions do get filled at some point I assume, so there are people who can manage to work out how to fill out a form and jump through the hoops, Losing the few good potential employees who don't bother from the pool is probably worth eliminating the huge numbers of terrible employees who can't work it out.

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Well done. Pick the two most unionized professions on the planet as your examples of not needing unions!

Their AMA and the bars have got themselves so deeply in the system you effectively can't practice those professions at all without being a union member.

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Borrowing it would be perfect. Now you've cost them 1001x the cost to counter the technology while spening 0x yourself and ending up with it.

Assuming you don't pay the loan back of course, and if the plan it to be using F-35s against them why would you be making loan payments?

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