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Comment Do you have to activate it in the first year? (Score 1) 290 290

If I download it in a two months, do I register it then when I download it to get the free upgrade, or do I actually have to activate it on my PC? I doubt I'll want to install it as I've only been using Win 7 for just over a year, but I might want to download it this year and install it at no cost in about 5 years.

Comment I think it's really ugly (Score 1) 414 414

I just had a quick look at it and it looks like C to me. Really ugly.

Why do this:

public class HelloWorld
        public static void main(String[] args) {
                System.out.println("Hello World!");

When you can do this:

Print "Hello World"

What's with all the horrible curly brackets everywhere? What's wrong with endif, next, etc? Bring back BASIC, it what I say!
If I want to write something for myself to use I use Blitz Basic.

At work I've use COBOL quite a bit, and that's nice to read. Full stops are okay. Not as hideous as curly brackets.

Comment Re:What about Bob? (Score 2) 142 142

The search dog is the only search I know works in Windows. The later version didn't work, and the one in Windows 7 doesn't work. A few weeks ago I was searching for a file I could see on the screen, and it didn't find it. I have no faith at all in any search in any version of windows apart from the Dog in Windows XP.

Comment Re:metric you insensitive clod! (Score 1) 403 403

No, we should be using miles per litre. We drive in miles and fill up our cars in litres, so I would rather know how many miles I get for each litre I put in. Knowing how many miles I get per gallon is totally meaningless, as I have no concept of what a gallon is or how many of them my petrol tank holds.

Comment One of the most original artists of recent times (Score 1) 92 92

I took my online name from his Necronom IV painting. His Alien, Derelict, and many other designs are some of my favourites in film history. His work was truly original. No-one else's work I've seen is as quite as disturbing, original, and amazing as his. I've been a fan since I first saw the films. A sad loss.

Comment Re:Microsoft misses the point. (Score 1) 227 227

I'd also say the fact that PS4 games are usually in 1080p and XBone games are lower res is a factor, plus all the restrictions they were planning on that everyone hated. The whole thing was a PR nightmare.

So now they are the same price, but the PS4 is still more powerful.

If two things are the same price and one is more powerful, then I would expect people to buy the better, more powerful one.

Comment Re:Amiga forever (Score 1) 742 742

I could have wrote that. I'll never have anything but hatred for M$. I was a big fan of CBM (PET, Vic-20, C64, A500, A1200) and was using my Amiga until 2001. I still miss the RAM disk (I haven't found a similar one on a PC to this day, that re-sizes) a lot, and the ASSIGN command (in general use as a standard way of doing things), and the URL going into the comments field when I download things, the instantaneous feedback from the OS, screen handling, and many, many other things. It was a joy to use, and M$ took over. I hate them. That is all.

Comment QNX, fantastic! (Score 1) 314 314

About 15 years ago when I was still using my Amiga every day, there was talk of QNX being part of the Amiga's future. I got a demo on a 1.44Mb floppy and tried it out. It booted from the floppy into a GUI OS with a web browser, text editing program, demos, etc. I was amazed at what they'd squeezed onto one disk. Then of course nothing happened with that and the Amiga, but it's always been there in the back of my mind about how great this tiny OS was.

Fast forward to last week, and I get a new car. A 13 reg. Ford Fiesta. I flick through the Sync manual and was horrified to see the Microsoft logo. Seriously, Microsoft software is in my car!!!!? Arghhh! This is a nightmare I joked about decades ago.

Now my least favourite OS gets replaced by one of my favourites. I REALLY hope I can upgrade it, as I heard a few days ago that they are going to allow people to download the software themselves and install from the USB port.

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