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Comment Re:Now only criminals will be able to post anonymo (Score 0) 276 276

The real danger is that this is just another form of automated justice

"Automated Justice" sounds like it could be a Steven Seagal movie.

They stole his ssh keys...

They removed his domain account from the Administrators group...

They disabled AutoPlay on all in the enterprise PCs...

But they forgot to disable his vengence (and his User Account Control).

AUTOMATED JUSTICE - In theaters April 18th

Comment Re:Jumping to conclusions (Score 0) 864 864

I guess I should rephrase my question.

How do we know it "developed" these features? What makes us think that this wasn't a species of animal that just always had these features?

I can definitely see the line of thinking if you begin with the assumption that there is no God, or Supreme Being, or external creative force, because that would fall into place very nicely.

But if you begin with the assumption that there is indeed a supreme being that created life, then I don't think this holds up as proof. If I believed in intelligent design, then I would assume that this being was created with these features, and just became extinct somewhere along the way.

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