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Comment Re:Why not start now..and take if further? (Score 1) 373

Samoa Airlines already started this and no surprise. The economic realities of 2x the fuel per ham means they have to charge more. It baffles me why American airlines, which are nearly as vulnerable to obese passengers, don't follow suit. I'm fed up with subsidizing the obese travelers that slow down lineups, endanger other passengers with their bulk & take up far more than their share of seating.

Comment Re:Just starting now? (Score 1) 373

Last flight I took a 400lb greaseball was blocking 3/4 of the aisle, spreading his way like a giant fried egg into his wife's seat too. Safety hazard is putting it mildly, that guy couldn't have moved quickly if his life depended on it and he'd block anybody else with his bulk if a real emergency happened.

Hamplanets should pay per weight and if they use the space of 2 seats, make 'em pay for 2 seats. Fatties take more fuel to move and cause everybody else discomfort.

For an extra serving of justice they should always be seated next to the screaming baby owners.

Comment diversified the president's office (Score 1) 337

I present as evidence: racially diversifying the Presidency hasn't helped US gov't leadership much. It remains unclear why "Black Caucus" thinks the aggregate albedo of Apple's workforce in California has an effect on the company's efficiency, productivity or any other meaningful metric.

Not to mention that 99% of the people doing Apple's work are Chinese.

Comment Re:A self limiting problem (Score 1) 312

This whole "article" is an inflammatory red herring. Why mislead us that race is the only criteria upon which access is granted/denied? Could just as easily be blood type, maternal lineage, gender or anything at all. Big surprises in store for a lot of folks who think skin color is important :)

Comment Re:With stock tires on my local road? (Score 1) 171

A '72 Z28 Camaro is around 4 seconds

You're just a stoned kid posting from mommy's basement after imbibing too many of ol' dad's rubbish stories about muscle cars of yore.

Facts: 1972 was the beginning of the end for F-bodies. All engines were detuned even by Chevy standards, the biggest and most powerful could shove a Z28 to 100kph in around 7.5 seconds. That's an entire metric FUCK-TONNE of difference, kid.

Comment Re:This legislation brought to you by.. (Score 1) 446

Mandatory labeling is good for people like you too: ensure you're doing your part for Syngenta and Monsanto's bottom line, prop up the poor, ailing pesticide & biotech industries, and say FUCK YOU! to the anti-GMO folks by loading up on your fave GMOs all day long. Without labels you just won't know where to get the good stuff.

All things considered I just can't see a downside to labeling GMO for what it is. Seriously, what are you guys scared of?

Comment Re:I believe it... (Score 1) 327

Adblock on mobile should be an OEM feature. It saves at least 25% based on the few times I wiped/installed a new rom and forgot to Adblock.
An easy experiment if you're masochistic is to enable your ad blocking proxy on cell data but not on wifi. Watch the stats. If you're on Android it's easy to see the data savings pile up.

Comment Re:Surely this is simply a natural, normal process (Score 3, Interesting) 225

It's normal when people are trying to poison the bees with flupyradifurone/neonics and simultaneously taking their habitat away. Of course they're dying out.

Climate change is another issue but you can't debate the dangers of bee toxins being sprayed on agricultural crops, and habitat loss is easy to demonstrate.

Too bad this audience is all basement dwellers, you guys should really take up bee friendly gardening.

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