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Comment: Re:Wow. Lip service! (Score 1) 349 349

True, and I'd love to know the reasoning behind firing Taylor and hiring Pao in the first place. Why Pao when there are literally millions of more qualified people who would love the job and do it better? Why ditch Taylor, a class act and the brains behind AMA? Something tells me there's another bigger idiot not too far up the chain of command and we should be trying to get rid of that fucker too.

Comment: Re:Fear of guns making my head spin (Score 1) 535 535

I'm no lawyer but it's probably not a crime to carry plastic space weapons in the USA.

How about teaching "educators" such as that simple principal to recognize basic Constitutional rights, eg. freedom to bear arms? Or did they repeal that in Massachewiesetts? And if you can't carry guns'n'shit WHY would anybody want to live there?

Comment: Re:My two cents (Score 1) 131 131

Non-technical people don't need to run custom roms either. Buyers of LG's G2 got what they paid for and probably inspected it first in most cases. I'm quite certain there was no Lollipop at that time so there was no reason to expect Lollipop years later.
That leaves the technically informed who run custom roms. They knew better. It's a problem that solves itself: ignorants keep buying LG, not knowing any better and no worse for it; technophiles learn a lesson and move on to better options next time.

Comment: Re:My two cents (Score 1) 131 131

Or just realize that idiots who buy carrier-polluted devices deserve the shit they end up with. We have bazillions of bootloader- and carrier-unlocked phones to choose from, from cheap Nexuses and Onepluses to Moto G's and more. There's no reason to get an iPhone or LG or Samsung these days.

Comment: Re:Google is as evil as Apple nowadays (Score 2) 83 83

You either consent to wifi passwords etc being backed up or they don't get sent to Google afaik. It's during initial setup of Google services. If you chose it, your fault for not reading some extremely well labelled checkboxes and plain text descriptions.

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