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Submitted by ndwelsh007
ndwelsh007 (3461959) writes "Shape and size of Earth is growing, while mass is *lost* due to various ongoing manufacturing activities that involves significant use of natural resources (given amount of people on planet: human-made (e.g. burnt gasoline, concrete powder from demolished mountains, spent nuclear fuel, rusted iron), as well, native to planet (ocean water becoming aerial [what causes evaporation], lost atmosphere due to low gravity at high altitudes, low pressure, laws of thermodynamics). Ocean surface remains relatively stable (see Google Maps), which may be explained by assuming that OCEAN WATER gets sunk underneath ground constantly: it [water] transforms into solid state through process of evaporation, expands volume of affected physical matter (soil, ocean bottom, solid formations – no example, more research necessary), leaks into empty areas and remains there as vapor or other physical state, appearance (see state of matter).
Some insight on how Earth is (losing, redistributing) (mass, intrinsic massive formations)

N.D. Welsh, Greek-American (scientist, researcher) provided undisputed proof that Earth has changed its shape, size, and features, ''based upon simple conclusions and knowledge of physics, math, chemistry''.

Spending conserved energy (electricity, wood, gasoline, propane) for everyday needs of human kind is very common approach to life:

It is important to mention that any physical motion or movement (mechanical, electrical, rotary, bi-directional so to speak) which is able to be categorized by Newton's mechanics ,,, steadily rests on ''Main Universal Law of Change'' [stateful – (going through cycles, recurring) — energy transformation] (also, law of energy conservation); one may also consider Law of light-space propagation.

Let’s postulate that in any following process // use of AC/electric appliance; utilizing mechanical drive or motor; driving automobile // amount of energy required for making device function, will always run out.
This statement should be taken as bold natural proof for well-known phenomenon of mass transforming into gravity – state of rest is natural to majority of physical objects, it outlines result for any moving object to become stationary after infinitely long enough period of motion; explanation for decay of elemental non-organic physical matter (such as water, sand, ore, minerals, rock formations); transforming conserved solar energy (here: organic matter like oil or wood through burn, — artificial chemicals through explosion, — selected periodic elements through nuclear reaction) into changing stability, changing level of inertia. (see Newton's second law), increasing kinetic energy, accelerating motion (see Newton's first law).
Most advanced contemporary technology of producing electric current gets stuck in humongous quantity of consumers and ineffective method of delivering power (iron wiring).

Bulky organizational structure, plutocracy, lack of positive stimulus keeps electrical infrastructure of delivering necessitated power, — to my sincerest expression, — f**d up really bad; it seems as inherited black sheep from ancient Augean stables, never examined, left alone, rotten forever.

This situation results in [[[excessive usage of power plants, unacceptable rate of spending expensive nuclear fuel]]].

And all of that is only needed for supporting same level of frequency/voltage ratio in AC chain, which would’ve been considerably (lower, more effective) if wiring was properly allocated, quality of electric wire was fresh.

Taken all above as truth, it seems obvious that:

Change of Moon's orbit (and periods of crescent — full – ecliptic — atmospheric appearance of it [Moon]), strange variations of climate, discussions of global warming, melt of snow, ice, iceberg in such regions as Arctic, Antarctica, Canada, Siberia, all of these may also point out to proper approach toward making conclusions about life, role of electricity and transportation in it, political activity, participating in governing activity, expressing creativity and becoming true citizen of our own country."

The universe is all a spin-off of the Big Bang.