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Comment: Re:USB DACs (Score 4, Interesting) 243

A USB audio interface also lies outside the electrically noisy interior of a PC chassis.

Strong caution with USB audio. There is a metric buttload of cheap USB adapters, While they technically work, they typically lack analog filtering that gets rid of higher harmonics. If you look at the output on an oscilloscope, instead of a smooth wave, you see the actual steps. Better audio hardware should have filters to smooth this stuff out.

Another MAJOR thing is inducing noise into the output. This is not just for USB cards, but all audio solutions. You need some pretty good filtering between the digital and analog power domains -- yet another area where cheap sound can skimp. Hey, let's shave $0.05 off by dropping this capacitor and inductor!

The original article really touches on two separate areas:
1) Audio processing
2) Higher quality audio circuitry

SoundBlaster (and other gaming-oriented cards) typically do both. However, do you really NEED both? The audio processing stuff is supposed to provide an API that games can use to make thing sound more realistic, or offload audio processing from software to hardware, or both. It can typically decode various dolby flavors, and do some other fancy DSP-ish type stuff. Do you really NEED all of that? If so, then maybe a gaming card is for you.

However, what if you want the best sound possible, the lowest noise possible, and don't really game or use the various audio enhancements? You just want a plain-vanilla sound card, but with the highest quality audio. Where to do? Skip the computer store, but go to your local MUSIC store (not the ones that sell CD's, the ones that sell GUITARS). Those cards skip all of the DSP bells and whistles, but have the best-quality DACs and filtering that you can find. You can find some really good USB solutions that will blow on-board audio out of the water for about $100 or so. Of course, you can go crazy and spend $500 or more if you want. If it is good enough for a music producer to use in a studio (who makes his or her living off of the sound), it is probably good enough for YOUR music and movies.

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Good point. I suppose in Pennsylvania this could be perceived as a problem, but in New York or Illinois draft eligiblity would just be the dead's civic duty, right alongside voting and jury participation.

Don't disenfranchise our patriotic dead!


India's National Informatics Centre Forged Google SSL Certificates 102

Posted by timothy
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NotInHere (3654617) writes As Google writes on its Online Security Blog, the National Informatics Centre of India (NIC) used its intermediate CA certificate, issued by Indian CCA, to issue several unauthorized certificates for Google domains, allowing it to do Man in the middle attacks. Possible impact however is limited, as, according to Google, the root certificates for the CA were only installed on Windows, which Firefox doesn't use — and for the Chrom{e,ium} browser, the CA for important Google domains is pinned to the Google CA. According to its website, the NIC CA has suspended certificate issuance, and according to Google, its root certificates were revoked by Indian CCA.

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by idontgno (#47420391) Attached to: The Pentagon's $399 Billion Plane To Nowhere

Most drones, like most tactical manned aircraft, don't have intercontinental range. Any kind of overseas presence has to include ground basing.

Even aircraft with intercontinental range have trouble with responsiveness (kind of hard to react immediately to a strike call when it'll take you 20 hours to get to the operation area).

Sorry, nice idea, but as long as America takes an interest in the rest of the world, we'll have to take posession of small parts of it to enforce our interests. Kthxbuhbye.

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by idontgno (#47420339) Attached to: Dubai's Climate-Controlled Dome City Is a Dystopia Waiting To Happen

What if looking at more clothes and stuff is interesting?

Your complaint boils down to "What's wrong with these people? They're completely unlike ME!"

Yeah, I'm not nuts about rampant consumerism, and shopping is not entertainment to me, but I acknowledge that I'm not typical.

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by idontgno (#47407627) Attached to: Rob Pardo Says Farewell To Blizzard
Oooh building blocks? Where can I buy them?

World of Warcraft Mega Bloks. Hypothetically, any retailer that has a large enough toy section that Legos hasn't completely pushed out any "Lego-compatible" building brick sets. On-line too, I guess, but the few I have I actually picked up out of clearance bins at places like Target.

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You just take them outside immediately they begin to disturb others.

Nice trick at 40,000 feet.

They do not like this and they learn.

You've obviously made an unannounced subject transition from "baby" to "school-age child". The earliest the "take them outside because they don't like this" trick can possibly work is about 3 years old. Much younger than that, and the kid is crying for purely internal reasons, and the only thing "taking them outside" does is remove the child from the presence of other people whom their crying is disturbing. An acceptable approach, if feasible, but not a learning one. Besides, at some point choosing between "being someplace for important reasons" and "not annoying people around you" has to come down to "being someplace for important reasons", and "other people" will just have to suck it up.

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Actually, if you're a REALLY dedicated terrorist, replace all the cells with explosives triggered by the power switch. Kill everyone in a 10-meter radius in the security checkpoint at the specific command of the TSA agent, and make sure the post-event propaganda plays that up.

Suggest you just sit there and wait till life gets easier.