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Journal ncc74656's Journal: Yet another example of how the Left "supports the troops" 1

For the circle contingent that hasn't yet made the jump to Multiply (or that won't), I present this lunacy from this past weekend:

Yet another example of how the Left "supports the troops"

Discovered by a reader at Indymedia, this was the scene yesterday in Portland, Oregon, as "anti-war" demonstrators burned not only a US flag, but a US soldier in effigy.

You might not want to go there if you've eaten recently. :-P

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Yet another example of how the Left "supports the troops"

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  • Cowards in their bandannas and hoods. Every time I've participated in a demonstration (usually as the flag-waving pro-troops guy - being a former Army soldier myself), I showed my face.

    I can't wait to move out of Oregon someday. I want to get as far away from these lunatics as possible.

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