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Comment: Re:What if the leader/decision maker is incompeten (Score 1) 255

by nazsco (#49233239) Attached to: On Firing Open Source Community Members

> So you have 2 people who think differently and thinking the other is wrong. Which one is? Who knows! Its easy in hindsight of course.

don't appear to be easy in hindsight either because gnome 3 still stand by all the bad choices users complained back then....

also I'm sure there were some hundreds of people saying that 4 were wrong...

Comment: Re:Just curious who decides.. (Score 1) 91

by nazsco (#48942029) Attached to: US Wireless Spectrum Auction Raises $44.9 Billion

the people dumping the money into campaigns. In this case you can clearly see that the buyers for the spectrum are the ones deciding, since every item listed will result in the government buying services from them.

"here is 40billion to buy this pipe. but you have to promises to use it to pay to deliver water via that pipe to those places where i plan to install said pipe"

Comment: the fiber is a lie (Score 1) 201

by nazsco (#48889969) Attached to: Verizon About To End Construction of Its Fiber Network

i have fios. it is coax cable on the street. then on the post near my house it is split into fiber. the fiber goes to my place into a very big box, with two Verizon emblazoned power supplies! and become cable again to a cable modem...

the only explanation i have for this insanity is that if they advertised it as cable, i, who only pay for internet, would be allowed by law to have access to basic cable channels unencrypted. so they do this turnduckey of cables just to avoid it, and force me to pay $20/mo for basic cable.

and the only explanation i have for them dropping it is either that nobody pays that 20, like me. or that they finally got rid of the laws that force them to provide free unencrypted basic cable for cable internet customers.

Comment: Re:Makes sense. (Score 1) 629

by nazsco (#48797463) Attached to: Google Throws Microsoft Under Bus, Then Won't Patch Android Flaw

any and every android update is a new OS install.

android has paritions. a new update, is simpy a new image they unzip on those partition and apks they install.

a new update could even decouple the browser apk pretty easily. just remove it from the system partition and install the base one.

Comment: Re: Makes sense. (Score 1) 629

by nazsco (#48797069) Attached to: Google Throws Microsoft Under Bus, Then Won't Patch Android Flaw

fix requires disposal of old hardware, with all it's heavy metals. Then purchase of new $600 hardware which will have to be replaced again in 2yr for the same reason. You have the option of paying only $200, but then you will get a device that will only last 6months until it can't take new updates.

Android total cost of ownership: $300/yr.

Comment: oh the irony! (Score 0) 528

by nazsco (#48528371) Attached to: The Sony Pictures Hack Was Even Worse Than Everyone Thought

sony pictures tried to keep me out of the data i bought for them in the form of movie cassettes unless i bought their betamax player. Then they tried to take the data i bought from them unless i bought i laserdisc player. Then they realized they couldn't not bait me because dvds were smaller, so they tried with something smaller than dvs, but i was too smart to fall for minidisc. Then they tried with a mp3 player named after their old walkman that only played their format and was not a usb mass storage like all the others (what do they take me for? an apple customer? insulting). Later they tried with blueray. and this time they at least sold licenses for players from other brands and are managing to keep lots of other people away from their media.

now only if the hackers would hack my betamaxes and laserdiscs i bought from sony pictures and release it for me.

Comment: this is akin to Office Online (Score 1) 92

by nazsco (#48516699) Attached to: Valve Rolls Out Game Broadcasting Service For Steam

why would any streamer use this? this is clearly to try to force people to use donations to go directly to their steam wallet or whatever this is called.

gabeN is the antichrist. so he probably will pull that off.

but unless they have nice overlays, console support, any game support... well, i guess everyone can still play bejewled or something, select the option to share desktop and alt tab to league of legends...

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