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Comment Leaving work: CH example (Score 1) 123

which causes those insurances to go up in cost for everyone, even those not having kids.

In some countries - like Switzerland - the same social insurance is paying other reasons to leave work:
- military duty (it's one of the last country to have compulsory military service - young men are forced by law to leave work ~1 month each year during ~10 years. insurance covers the salary during this time)
- alternatives to military duty
- some other public service (e.g.: some trainings from the national sport organisation)

In that perspective, raising kids is seen by the current law as one of the different form of duties that a citizen can accomplish for the greater good of the nation and which deserves that the salary lost during that time gets partially re-imbursed.

Things to keep in mind:
- Switzerland, like most developed countries and specially like most European countries, has a fertility rate lower than the critical 2.1 (currently it's around 1.5 child per couple). It currently manage not to have its population collapse thanks to immigration. So helping parent raise children is actually *VERY MUCH NEEDED* in order to encourage the fertility rate and avoid the population drop. That's why nearly all of European countries (like my Swiss example, but also lots of other, e.g.: Germany) have paid parental leave.
- Switzerland is a direct democracy. Law get voted by the general population (and not by some lobby in some "pseudo-representative" congregation like the US). Thus the fact that this law was voted in means that *the greatest part of the population actually thinks it's a good idea*. When other posters say "there is consensus in most of the societies that kids are a good thing", in the particular case of Switzerland this consensus among the population has been clearly demonstrated during voting.
Your idea that it's a bad thing that social insurance help pay for kids IS NOT shared among the biggest part of a whole country which effectively voted democratically such law into power.

Comment Bluetooth (Score 1) 354

Bluetooth isn't perfect, but I'm a happy convert.

I'd rather have Apple put a micro SD card slot where the headphone jack is. I'll never buy an Apple smartphone, but Samsung and the other Android device makers have been issuing close copies of Apple products lately in terms of hardware specs.

Wires hanging off of wireless devices for ordinary use cases seems wrong. I'm 100% wireless charging now as well, even though I have an older device without the capability built in.

The only downside of Bluetooth is occasional audio interruptions. I'm not sure why this happens, but I have a feeling it has to do with misbehaving apps eating up too many CPU cycles.

Comment Re:I thought the secondary payload (Score 2) 53

Really? So we have a choice between trying to keep a human alive for months so they can spend a few weeks on Mars, with all the cost and supply that entails... or we can operate rovers pretty much indefinitely. Which one makes more sense? Which one gets more done? For the cost of ONE manned mission to Mars, we can have a hundred rovers checking the planet out for years.

Comment Depends if you want to support it (Score 4, Informative) 312

That really is the big issue with a self build: If something goes wrong, you have to track it down and handle all the support. If you get a pre-built from a good vendor, they'll handle it all. Say what you want about Dell, but all you have to do is run their diags (baked in to the UEFI) and call them with the code, they'll send a dude with the parts needed.

So that should be the major thing you think about. If you don't want to do support, then buy it from a vendor that will provide you with support to the level you require. I tend to recommend Dell because their hardware is reasonable and they have support available everywhere. They subcontract it, but it all works well. We use it at work all the time.

If you are willing to do support yourself, then building it gets you precisely what you want. I build my system at home because I have very exacting requirements for what I'm after and nobody has that kind of thing for sale. Like I don't want a "good large power supply", I want a Seasonic Platinum 1000, nothing else.

Also you'll find that generally at the higher end of things you save money building a system. For more consumer/office range stuff it usually is a wash: They build the mass market systems around as cheap as you could afford to. However when you start talking higher end gaming stuff, you can pay a large premium for things.

As an example I just built a system for a good friend of mine. He wanted some very, very high end hardware and pretty specific requirements. Origin PC would get him what he wanted... for about $9,000. I put it together for around $6,000. The gamer stuff often commands a hefty premium.

Comment Definition of online (Score 4, Informative) 53

I personally purchased things in the mid-1980's online using Quantum Link, but CompuServe dates back to 1969 so people were obviously making online purchases throughout the 1970's. BBSes were active and often linked together in massive networks from the 1970's through the 1990's. Whether that counts is up for debate.

If you're speaking strictly about the Internet, the Usenet forsale groups have been around for a long time. My first use of the Internet was in 1992 to sell some old computer junk, but Usenet dates back to the 1980's.

It's amazing how ignorant people are of the online world before 1995.

Comment Re:What a coincidence (Score 1) 100

This is on an HP Pavillion 11 inch laptop. Not the best hardware and almost certainly my last HP device. It seems to be associated with use of an external monitor connected with HDMI. I had one or two hangs over several months on 15.04 but on 15.10 its every day. I will most likely go back to 14.04 for the time being.