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Comment Re:Something Fun, not Math (Score 1) 140

This is probably the best response I've seen. It summarizes the valuable point that there's no way high school introductory programming curriculum should have introductory-college-level-computer-science-like elements in it. (You're trying to excite the students about the possibilities of something they might not have considered before, not bore them to death and scare them off forever! If they decide to not only go into "programming", but also into "software engineering" via a degree in Computer Science, then they'll get plenty of that later on.) And, it asserts that programming that produces visual results is the most likely kind to spark interest and keep attention while tricking the students into learning by doing. (You can tell a new software engineer that this or that is the best practice and they may pay lip service and go through the motions, but until they see the need in their own code or in the course of their own work, they won't really believe you.)

I will add that it has been demonstrated time and again that framing learning in the context of a game can dramatically improve uptake. If there's any way to start with something like what rockmuelle suggested and transition into creating games, I feel like that would be the best! Providing good introductory curriculum at this level almost always will require more of the instructor in terms of planning and environment set up than it will require of the students during execution of that curriculum. Though, you wouldn't be asking if you didn't want to spend that time, I suppose.

--(a different) Chris

Comment Re:Apologies for very off-topic, but... (Score 1) 59

The reasons they give for not supporting actual Markdown are fairly weak, IMO. I have a custom GitLab/Slack connector service that I wrote and I actually do a manual translation from Markdown to Slackformat syntax to at least try to carry over the original message's formatting.

Definitely off-topic, though.

Comment Re:It's a Good Idea.... somewhat (Score 1) 628

wrestling - I'm not usually connected to wifi outside of my home, so the "Only install updates over WiFi" setting would prevent that for me.
work computer - I've never had windows updates being downloaded or installed slow my computer down that much. Ever. Even on the slowest computers on which I've ever had the pleasure to work.
emergency updates - Your domain administrators can set a timeout of up to 30 minutes to attempt to allow more time for users to delay the reboot. Apparently that's a maximum (I just went through this line of inquiry at my current job.).

Comment Print the Legend (Documentary) (Score 2) 177

While unrelated to this actual event, the documentary Print the Legend focuses on several companies, MakerBot included, beginning near their inceptions and through their growing pains. It is an interesting commentary on 3D printing, business and the legal hullaballoo surrounding the 3D printing of gun parts. It's available on Netflix.

By the end of the documentary, the direction MakerBot was headed seemed somewhat unhealthy; the remaining founder, Bre Pettis, had made several 180s at that point.

Comment CSR (Score 1) 117

To be fair, the only thing I can see "wrong" with what the support guy did was that he wasn't apologetic. Outside of that, he seemed attentive, persistent and adaptable. If I were trying to remote troubleshoot some hardware and the internet kept cutting off and the people I was trying to work with kept leaving early or showing up late, I would probably have been hard pressed to act as calmly as Frank did.

Comment Apple Registered Devices (Score 5, Informative) 415

Going to https://supportprofile.apple.c... and making sure my old phone was removed was what eventually fixed this for me. Just putting the SIM back in and turning off iMessage did not fix it.

It was a while ago, so it's possible this might not be the exact right location; but, I do know that it was "removing registered devices" that I did. This seems right.

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