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Submission + - Finland's Pirate Party Enters Party Register (

Thomas Nybergh writes: "Pirate Party of Finland, founded in May 2008, is now the 8th Pirate Party on the planet to be registered in order to nominate candidates for official elections. Piraattipuolue with its approximately 2400 members is the fifteenth present day political party in a country of 5.3 million citizens and currently states getting representatives in the Finnish parliament in the 2011 elections as its primary objective.

More broadly the party aims to "strengthen the protection of privacy and freedom of speech, to reform the current copyright legislation by legalizing non-commercial file-sharing and drastically cutting the duration of copyright, and to abolish pharmaceutical and software patents.""


Submission + - Finnish Pirate Party officially registered ( 2

Thomas Nybergh writes: "The Finnish Pirate Party is now officially registered (also reported by Finland's largest daily newspaper). After the Party was founded in May 2008, activists had to manually collect 5,000 supporter signatures on paper cards in order to get the movement recognized as a political party with the ability to nominate candidates for elections. Finland's party is the eight Pirate Party to be registered on the planet and intends to participate in local elections in October."

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