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Comment Re:Thankyou you Cocksucking Envirowackos (Score 5, Insightful) 358

My LED bulbs all put out nice, pleasant light. The old ones cost $1 to buy and $20 to operate for the year they operated. The new ones (not Hue) cost $5 to buy but last 5 times as long and use only $1 of electricity per year. The new ones screwed into standard sockets, the new ones do too. I use the same dimmer switches and regular switches, no new rules to learn. None of mine need software but you are welcome to buy some that do. Now head back outside and tell the kids to stay off your lawn.

Comment Re:Rich People (Score 1) 136

Let's make a list of some of the things that people steal: Cash Phones Televisions Art Appliances Furniture You suggest the solution is to not own any of those things. No thanks, I actually like owning those things. But thanks for playing the blame the victim game. Can't wait for your solutions to the problems of rape and murder.

Comment Re:Sputnik? (Score 2) 242

The US doesn't beg for rides, it pays for a ride. Just like I pay for an Uber ride instead of building my own car and using it. Makes sense for me, makes sense for NASA. Buying rides to the ISS allowed the US to stop financially supporting the space shuttle and divert that funding towards a next generation vehicle.

Comment Re:George Orwell lacked vision (Score 0) 187

They are indeed rather a bit slow at "eradicating the entire school population of the country". So far they are only managing to kill about 0.0001% of the students each year. If we assumed no new students were created and all current students remained students then it would take them 1 million years to kill them all. Quite slowly indeed. I'm much more concerned about an errant driver running my kids down as they walk to school than I am about gun numbers eradicating them.

Comment Re:CCD on a stick (Score 2) 221

Video cameras don't have high enough resolution to produce good quality scans of printed material. A standard 300dpi scan of an 8.5 x 11" sheet of paper results in 8.5m pixels. This particular device claims it has 16m pixels which would be about right to be able to cover a scanning surface area that appears to be bigger than an 8.5 x 11" sheet. Another approach might be to detect when a page has been turned using a low resolution video sensor and using that to trigger the higher resolution camera.

Comment Re:Welcome to 2006 (Score 1) 221

I have a SnapScan, its sheet feeder won't hold an entire book and the process of scanning hundreds of pages each from many books will generate substantial wear on a SnapScan. There also tend to be misfeeds that you need to manually fix. SnapScan is great at what it does but I wouldn't want to destroy books and manually feed them through it if a cheaper, faster, non-destructive method existed.

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