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Comment Re:The reason is more simple (Score 5, Informative) 688

EV's don't deep cycle their batteries, they are very good at managing useage to meet the 10 yr/100k mile warranty requirement for the battery pack. No need to give you an 8yr/100k battery warranty because there is no good reason to purchase an EV when you can lease them at more advantageous terms right now. If you are worried about being at 60% battery capacity after 3 years, don't be. The Nissan Leaf is guaranteeing "9 bars" (presumably 90%) for 5 years and 60,000 miles.

Comment Re:EVs are a PITA (Score 1) 688

I've owned an EV for over a year, I've never been stuck at a charging station for hours. Most is 9 minutes but that was just to try out a DC fast charger. I used to drive an ICE. Had to refuel once a week. 15 minutes from pulling off the road, into the pump, swiping card, filling up, ... That's 13 hours a year I spent filling up. Now I park my EV in the garage, get out, plug in and go do something else. No more stopping for 30 minutes 4x a year for an oil change either.

Comment Re:Idiotic Question! Answer: Price, Range, and .. (Score 2) 688

Price, cheaper to lease than ICE equivalent (Chevy Spark EV) Range, meets 95% of my needs, I rent a vehicle 3-4 times a year for the other trips Recharge time, every morning it has a full "tank" and a stop at a fast DC charger takes 10 minutes to recharge Oh, there also happen to be recharge stations all over town but 90% of the time I just plug it in when I'm home and don't bother recharging elsewhere

Comment Re:The reason is more simple (Score 1) 688

The EPA gives you a very clear idea of what fuel will cost on EVERY new vehicle sold, including EVs, just look at the sticker. They also have an MPGe (MPG equivalent) which is based on a specific power cost and gas cost. Of course it varies, I pay 15 cents net/kWh and gas is $3.25/gal. My vehicle goes 4.5 miles on 1 kWh of power (on average) and assuming my charging circuit is 90% efficient that means I am paying roughly 4 cents in electricity to travel 1 mile. Over 1000 miles/mo that is $40 in power. If your gas vehicle averages 30mpg and you pay $3.25/gal then you would be pay $108/mo to travel the same distance.

Comment Re:The reason is more simple (Score 1) 688

Imagine going on a road trip where it only takes 10 minutes to recharge your EV. Most EV's on the road today can be purchased with fast charge capability using DC charging stations. Not that I'm interested in taking my EV on an extended road trip when rental car companies are happy to let me rent one of their vehicles to rack up lots of miles in a few days.

Comment Re:Range and Price (Score 2) 688

There are no "hidden costs", you lease them just like any other vehicle. You can put nothing down, you can get a lease for 10k miles/yr or 12k or 15k or 20k. WIth the subsidies in California you can be paying NET less than $100/mo for your lease, no money down, and getting the equivalent of > 100mpg (more or less depending on your cost of electricity, free for some, more expensive for others). At 1000 miles/mo and using 100mpge at $3.25/gal the cost per mile is about 13 cents. While you amortized the purchase price of your car over 200k miles you neglected repair and maintenance costs. For a new EV those are approx $0 over the 3 year 36k mile lease. The scheduled maintenance on my EV consists of rotating the tires over the first 36k miles. Over your 200k miles you will be paying for a lot of tires, oil changes, brakes, transmissions, belts, batteries, ... Add about another 10 cents/mile for those costs.

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