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Comment: look at the positives (Score 4, Funny) 785

by natergj (#25394553) Attached to: Every Email In UK To Be Monitored
1. when that intern you hired accidentally deletes all your users' emails, you can reassure everyone, "Don't worry, the government now backs that up for us"

2. I'm sure it will take just a few petabytes of Viagra ads for the UK government to develop a foolproof SPAM filter for us all.

3. Just think of the decline in crap emails from management. No more wading through piles of pointless CC'd emails once they become paranoid.

4. Did someone just approve my budget for video phones for everyone? Try archiving that traffic, UK!

I think we all need to look at the glass being half full on this one

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." -- Albert Einstein