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Comment Re:Umm... (Score 1) 362 362

Cory Doctorow had an essay that speaks to this point recently:

TL;DR: Even if you're clueful and security-conscious most of the time, all it takes is one momentary mistake, and nobody can be perfect. Phishers and scam artists know this, and attack constantly and without cease, so that even though they fail 99.9999% of the time, those few successes yield great returns.

Comment Re:Based on Mono (Score 3, Informative) 419 419

Except that it isn't. According the GnomeShell page on Gnome Live, "Much of the code of the shell is written in Javascript and Clutter and GNOME platform libraries via GObject Introspection and JavaScript bindings for GNOME."

GObject Introspection is actually quite cool IMO, it makes it much easier to create bindings from dynamic languages libraries that use GObject, like the GNOME platform, GStreamer, etc.

The Internet

Submission + - Teacher convicted for porn pop-ups

jlorenzatti writes: "A substitute teacher in Winham Connecticut was convicted of exposing her students to pornography through pop-ups occurring on her classroom computer .

This story raises an interesting discussion:

Where does the responsibility lay for spyware/adware/viruses/porn pop-ups not occuring on a network? Is it the user, the IT Department, or both?"

Submission + - I am the bad boss!! what now?!?

Anonymous writes: I'm an IT manager since almost 2 years now and out of no-where (maybe arrogance), I decided to do a 360 feedback (using one of those websites). Employees were able to answer anonymously and, now I'm sure, didn't hold on anything on their mind. Turned out I'm not very good; pretty much very bad. As suggested, I'm one of those managers who got promoted due to "technical prowess" in my previous position. And in all honesty, although I like the job (well, before I did...), I didn't sign up for this (people who hates you and goes bad mouthing about you — not that they're not right, just that I don't want to be known like that). What should I do now? You guys saw anyone in that same position (maybe you?) and actually turned it over and became a good boss?

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