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Comment ...and? (Score 0) 158

Of course it was caused by a mutation, do we really need an article for this? A virus that is allowed to remain in its host populace long enough will in fact mutate, and even to harmful levels. Although I wouldn't consider this a "successful" virus in the sense that it can kill its host.

Comment How To Get a Game-Obsessed Teenager Into Coding? (Score 1) 704

You don't, programming is a boring and tedious task, too many people glorify it as some sort of end all nerdskill, but its just as useful as knowing anything else really. Why not teach your kid how to use Maya or Blender, sometimes people that aren't into technical things are into creative things. The only real compelling notion of programming is video game programming, and because it is so complicated and difficult to do successfully, many people never even venture to that level.

Submission + - Bungie and Activision Announce Partnership (bungie.net)

nataflux writes: Kirkland, WA and Santa Monica, CA – April 29, 2010 — Bungie, the developer of blockbuster game franchises including Halo, Myth and Marathon, and Activision, a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, the #1 online games publisher (Nasdaq: ATVI), announced today that they have entered into an exclusive 10-year partnership to bring Bungie’s next big action game universe to market. Under the terms of the agreement, Activision will have exclusive, worldwide rights to publish and distribute all future Bungie games based on the new intellectual property on multiple platforms and devices. Bungie remains an independent company and will continue to own their intellectual property. Additional terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

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