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Comment Requirements (Score 1) 430

Programmers, some of them at least can write programs. Deploying a solution requires more. Architecture, human resource management, scheduling, testing, triage, review, marketing and documentation user support and product management, for example. There are reasons there are such specialisations. Business Cases and Functional Requirements should provide use cases or stories, which inform your testing and provides the skeleton of your user manual. You do start a project/phase/update/maintenance by understanding the requirements, right? You accept the output by validating it against the original impetus. And then you describe it in something of a narrative. Whether you sprint, spiral or fall over water, this works.

Comment Herd Immunity (Score 1) 84

I have worked in ICT ops & triage in the richest countries and the poorest. Without doubt the higher malware rate is a function of a lower standard of systems configuration and maintenance. It has nothing to do with the capital cost of the systems and everything to do with the availibility / cost of skilled administration. This scarcity means that functionally, the herd immunity threshold for malware in the localised information ecology is rarely crossed. As in epidemiology generally, different localised conditions favour different transmission profiles. So for example in less developed locations USB memory sticks are the most common infection vector, as telecoms are less accessible. The prevalance viruses and malware in LDCs is akin to the global Windows server ecology in the late 1990s, or home PCs of the late 1980s. In these two historical examples different vectors flourished as a function of the immaturity of configurations and configurers with respect to the threat.

Comment Re:LAMP (Score 1) 141

Just build yourself a LAMP setup, with workers feeding a database, and web GUI to access/update. Sync data from other sources into that, to provide a single converged view of whatever item (customer, router, location, network link...whatever). (Don't forget copious use of memcache btw)

Trust me....this works really well and scales to millions of customers :-)

Yes, like an MS Access database.

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