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Comment: Re:Greedy Corporation (Score 1) 214

by nashv (#49705971) Attached to: Microsoft Confirms It Won't Offer Free Windows 10 Upgrades To Pirates

Ha. They will still tolerate illegal copying. He even clearly mentions that they will continue to allow customers to run Windows 10 in a non-genuine state. The only difference is that it won't be a one click upgrade. But then, it probably won't be a one-click upgrade for genuine users.

Look, pragmatically speaking, Windows is not leaving the desktop until every AAA-gaming title ships on Linux. That's it, plain and simple. You and I know both know that there is nothing else motivates people to install Windows. If games work on Linux, vendors will ship it. And then the desktop environments will improve to run better too. Say what you will , but the Windows DE is much more fluid and crisp in performance compared to Gnome.

Comment: Re:Um.. Why? (Score 3, Insightful) 141

by nashv (#49660725) Attached to: Prison Messaging System JPay Withdraws Copyright Claims

More concerning is why the US Prison system is worried about a private corporation's intellectual rights and safeguarding them? Prisons are supposed to listen only to the courts. Did JPay have a judge-signed court order to send this person to solitary?

You Americans should be very disturbed.

Comment: Re:Total integrated light (Score 1) 179

by nashv (#48659793) Attached to: Study: Light-Emitting Screens Before Bedtime Disrupt Sleep

It's not wattage , it's the lumens that matter. I have worked with an IR-laser of a measly 3W that will burn through your tissue because of the way it is focused.

Ambient light is typically diffused. If you replaced that tablet with the actual light bulb that you kept staring at, I assure you, you will not fall asleep.

Comment: Open Source Projects need patches (Score 1) 488

by nashv (#48506513) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Non-Coders, Why Aren't You Contributing To Open Source?

My experience trying to contribute in open-source projects is 'patch or you don't exist'. I suggest a simple UI change to cover a particular scenario where-in the UI is really unusable. The response I get :

Me: The tabs become invisible without bordering if the UI theme is black
Core Developer (CD) : I like it this way, we chose this after deliberation.
Me: But this OS is the dominant OS and it's not uncommon to have a dark theme on Windows...
CD: Choose a light theme. Wontfix.
Me: I guess that's the end of it for me then. I'll move to another program.
CD: You could always change the options and compile it. Submit a patch and it may get approved.
Me: If I knew how to do that, would I be talking to you? Would I have not simple compiled the damn thing myself and used it...never to talk about it again?

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