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Comment Re:Next up: Stone candy. (Score 1) 149

Your body never correlates the enough calories signal with the satiation signal while eating anyway. Satiation is mediated by Ghrelin and Ghrelin levels fall rapidly after eating leading to a feeling of satiation irrespective of caloric intake.

Caloric intake is sensed through a complex interplay involving the liver. Your overshoot theory doesnt seem to hold.

Comment Re:Meh, nothing is going to come of it. (Score 1) 311

There are 8 physical cores on the chip by the definition of a CPU core :
"A central processing unit (CPU) is the electronic circuitry within a computer that carries out the instructions of a computer program by performing the basic arithmetic, logical, control and input/output (I/O) operations specified by the instructions."

The problem is that each core in a pair cannot do it without compromising the partner core's performance. This is something AMD never claimed anyway.

Comment Meh, nothing is going to come of it. (Score 1) 311

A judge is likely to ask : Were there 8 cores ? If the answer is yes, which it seems to be , then AMD is in the clear.

No multi-core CPU box ever came with a statement that all 8 cores would be capable of processing instructions in parallel at the same time. It does however mean, that AMDs 8-core is significantly worse than Intel's 8-core.

Comment One of many ways (Score 1) 204

The Twitter thing is just a new way to bypass journal restrictions. It has been going on like this for years -

1. It is perfectly accepted by journals that scientists share their own paper, under 'fair-use' regulations. Simply dropping a line to original authors will usually get you their paper without any cloak and dagger tactics.

2. Sites like Libgen have an expanding archive of papers. Running the site is illegal, but downloading material from Libgen isn't (at least in Europe).

3. Posting on the r/scholar sub-reddit will also usually get you the paper within a few hours.

4. A friend/colleague/collaborator at an institution with access to the journal will usually gladly forward you the paper.

5. Many smaller institutions maintain collaboratory VPN access to larger institutions. This allows you to piggyback on their subscription.

If these scientists using regular unencrypted email, it is hardly private. However, the reason the journals will never come after individual scientist is that scientists are their content generators. Any journal suing a scientist will immediately be boycotted and will go out of business. Instead, journals try to make it harder to download papers, while letting scientists read them if they have a subscription (eg: Readcube). Of course, this is a fool's errand.

Comment Re:How will it work? Seriously (Score 4, Interesting) 301

You're not getting this. Most likely, adding DRM will make JPEG files unreadable without a license/key. Tools that don't read contents and decrypt will not be able to view it. So irrespective of whether you can upload it or serve it, no one without proper rights will be able to view it. Think of this like locked PDFs.

This will be the end of JPEG. Nothing to worry about, PNG is better anyway.

Comment Not another one (Score 5, Insightful) 696

You know how more women can be involved into open-source ? When there are more women coding open source. That's it. This is not a f**cking social issue.

If diversity improves the quality of code, then let every open source project or company decide that it is suffering from al lthose nasty bugs and lack of vision because there isn't enough estrogen in the mailing list. It isn't my problem. It isn't society's problem. It's not like women are banned from computer science and coding. And frankly, nobody how cares many women are coding, good for those who are, and good for those who aren't. It's coding...not suffrage or human rights or anything of fundamental importance to society. It's like cribbing about how all the cobblers in my town are men , no women. Well, boo fucking hoo.

Comment Re:That was easy (Score 1) 867

As a recent migrant from Linux BACK to Windows, I have found that Windows 10 is actually a lot more productive.

My experience with Debian based distributions is that there are very few things that Linux does better than Windows when it comes to the graphical user interface. I did realise that when it came to dropping to the command line , Linux does everything better than Windows.

Combine that with the fact if you include games, and the tons of peripherals that come with proprietary drivers (including graphics cards, laptop bioses and motherboards), Windows does on the aggregate MORE than Linux does, it just made sense to go back to Windows. Most OSS that Linux has is also available for Windows. I cannot see any incentive to move away from Windows.

Comment Used computeres (Score 1) 508

Why not buy used laptops? If a Chromebook is sufficient for your work , any laptop from the last 5 years will also be sufficient.

There's a few hundred under 20$ right there on eBay. Put in some work , install Xubuntu/Ubuntu-MATE and Libreoffice and you're good to go. Go to any large local corporation and ask if they will donate depreciated laptops. When corporations depreciate , they will give away their machines for free. Since you only need about 10 or so machines, this should not be a problem.

Comment Ah but PDFs (Score 1) 394

Do you know the one thing that caused me to abandon Linux and get back on the Windows band-wagon when I got a new Thinkpad? There is absolutely zero PDF editing/viewing software for Linux that will compare with Acrobat Pro, Foxit Phantom or Nitro Pro.

That , and the fact that there is nothing on Linux that absolutely needs Linux. Nearly all open-source software in the Linux world also runs on Windows. OTOH, there is plenty of commercial scientific and engineering software that is either available only on Windows, or has been optimized in such a way that it works better on Windows. This is often due to the graphics card drivers. I just recovered from a 2-week fiasco with AMD drivers because some linux developer pushed a broken kernel (pci_ignore_hotplug removed!).

I think it is time that people admit that as of 2015, there are several use cases where Windows is just better to have installed rather than Linux. In fact, I'd go so far as to say if you have to install just one operating system on a computer, most definitely install Windows. As a computer literate user , you are less likely to have to fiddle and run into roadblocks with Windows.

Intel CPUs are not defective, they just act that way. -- Henry Spencer