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Comment Ah but PDFs (Score 1) 392

Do you know the one thing that caused me to abandon Linux and get back on the Windows band-wagon when I got a new Thinkpad? There is absolutely zero PDF editing/viewing software for Linux that will compare with Acrobat Pro, Foxit Phantom or Nitro Pro.

That , and the fact that there is nothing on Linux that absolutely needs Linux. Nearly all open-source software in the Linux world also runs on Windows. OTOH, there is plenty of commercial scientific and engineering software that is either available only on Windows, or has been optimized in such a way that it works better on Windows. This is often due to the graphics card drivers. I just recovered from a 2-week fiasco with AMD drivers because some linux developer pushed a broken kernel (pci_ignore_hotplug removed!).

I think it is time that people admit that as of 2015, there are several use cases where Windows is just better to have installed rather than Linux. In fact, I'd go so far as to say if you have to install just one operating system on a computer, most definitely install Windows. As a computer literate user , you are less likely to have to fiddle and run into roadblocks with Windows.

Comment Re:Linux Mint gets it right. (Score 1) 155

Dude, people who know enough about what software they are using and for what specialized purpose are not the ones making 'this OS is better than that' arguments. These arguments usually come from fanboys on both sides.

For me, each OS (even Windows) has its strengths and weaknesses. Windows for games and Linux for work (scientific data analysis). Come to think of it, its MacOS that doesn't really have a niche.

Comment Re:Greedy Corporation (Score 1) 214

Ha. They will still tolerate illegal copying. He even clearly mentions that they will continue to allow customers to run Windows 10 in a non-genuine state. The only difference is that it won't be a one click upgrade. But then, it probably won't be a one-click upgrade for genuine users.

Look, pragmatically speaking, Windows is not leaving the desktop until every AAA-gaming title ships on Linux. That's it, plain and simple. You and I know both know that there is nothing else motivates people to install Windows. If games work on Linux, vendors will ship it. And then the desktop environments will improve to run better too. Say what you will , but the Windows DE is much more fluid and crisp in performance compared to Gnome.

Comment Re:Um.. Why? (Score 3, Insightful) 141

More concerning is why the US Prison system is worried about a private corporation's intellectual rights and safeguarding them? Prisons are supposed to listen only to the courts. Did JPay have a judge-signed court order to send this person to solitary?

You Americans should be very disturbed.

Comment Re:Total integrated light (Score 1) 179

It's not wattage , it's the lumens that matter. I have worked with an IR-laser of a measly 3W that will burn through your tissue because of the way it is focused.

Ambient light is typically diffused. If you replaced that tablet with the actual light bulb that you kept staring at, I assure you, you will not fall asleep.

Comment Open Source Projects need patches (Score 1) 488

My experience trying to contribute in open-source projects is 'patch or you don't exist'. I suggest a simple UI change to cover a particular scenario where-in the UI is really unusable. The response I get :

Me: The tabs become invisible without bordering if the UI theme is black
Core Developer (CD) : I like it this way, we chose this after deliberation.
Me: But this OS is the dominant OS and it's not uncommon to have a dark theme on Windows...
CD: Choose a light theme. Wontfix.
Me: I guess that's the end of it for me then. I'll move to another program.
CD: You could always change the options and compile it. Submit a patch and it may get approved.
Me: If I knew how to do that, would I be talking to you? Would I have not simple compiled the damn thing myself and used it...never to talk about it again?

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