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Comment Re:Lies! (Score 1) 341

malloc/free and "reference counting schemes" would be just as fast, if not faster than" garbage collection if they never actually free memory and just continually use all memory available and then halt the program to free everything only when the memory is exhausted, which is what garbage collection does.

Comment Re:Lies! (Score 1) 341

Replace "flat earth" with "the earth is 6000 years old" and/or "evolution is a theory (which is wrong)" and/or "climate change doesn't exist". There are plenty of those around and I think some of them also believe in a flat earth!

Comment Timesharing (Score 2) 233

Back in the day (60s,70s,80s) "The Cloud" was called "Timesharing" on Mainframes. "The cloud" does not eliminate infrastructure, it just moves it to another company that you pay fees to. There will always be IT pros "pulling all-nighters, swapping in hard drives or upgrading systems", but they will be working for the cloud hosting companies (and probably be offshore). Also, chances are that companies with stable infrastructure needs that don't expand and contract all that much (which is most companies) would of saved money overall if they owned their own equipment instead of renting capacity from a cloud company. After all, the cloud company has to pay for all the same things *and* make a profit (often a very substantial profit), which will be reflected in their fees.

Comment Re:I Call B.S. (Score 1) 394

If you had glanced at TFA, you would of realized that by flipping the middle seat and making the seats flip up when unoccupied like theatre seats that they can, and have, squeezed the seats together to eliminate the space between rows. This allows more rows of seats to be added in the same space.

Comment and the next post will be... (Score 1) 175

Why is my website so slow now. It worked really great before, but now that I have more than 12 widgets and 5 customers it's getting really slow. I also have these really odd bugs and crashes that I don't know about until some piece of rarely executed code gets executed and some things don't work like I expect them to, especially when I pass a Customer object to a function that expects a Widget...

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