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Comment Re:what? (Score 5, Insightful) 239

Something being open source has never, ever meant that it is more secure. That is a myth propagated by open source zealots. Open source only means that, the source can be viewed, and most likely changed, by anyone. Open source zealots assume that means it is rigorously vetted by security experts to find any flaws and fix them, which is a huge assumption that mostly likely is not true for most projects.

Comment Re:Correlation != Causation (Score 1) 600

Another Midwestern American here, we have a lot of dirt roads, which by necessity have no lines painted on them, and people tend to drive down the middle of the road and/or all over both sides of the road to "avoid the bumps". This leads to a lot of nerve wracking moment when you crest a hill and have to watch for some moron in a pickup in the middle, or your side, of the road! I do not see this ending well!

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