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Comment: Re:545,000 jobs (Score 1) 348

by naris (#49225185) Attached to: Obama Administration Claims There Are 545,000 IT Job Openings

You neglected to account for tax. You also ignore transportation costs as you assertion that "A person in that situation would not have a car or transit pass" would also mean that a person in that situation would have no job in many areas, especially rural ones.

Additionally, in some areas, such as where I live in the Metro Detroit area, not having a car pretty much guarantees not having a job, even though there is a guy here that walks 21 miles to work, each way, every day, not many are able to do that year after year.

Comment: Only in Holyrood (Score 1) 108

by naris (#49094193) Attached to: Scotland's Police Lose Data Because of Programmer's Error

The admission came as senior officers appeared before a Holyrood committee.

Among them was Chief Constable Sir Stephen House, who said he had apologised for giving incorrect information to the police watchdog over stop and search statistics.

This is something that can only happen in Holyrood.
Sounds like they need to get their House in order

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