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Comment Re:I'll post what I posted on another site (Score 1) 461

But Google did some usage testing and found the menu button was rarely used, so they got rid of it.

Actually, Google did not remove the menu itself, they moved it from a button to an on-screen element that all applications are supposed to provide unless there is nothing to put in the menu

I'd like to know who they did their usage testing with as I used the menu button all the time and was one of Andriod's biggest advantages over iOS. They most likely used iPhone users :/

Comment Re:I'll post what I posted on another site (Score 1) 461

Sure it would be great if every single feature was immediately visually discoverable. But how do you do that when you have so little screen space? Do you sacrifice content for UI? Let's see their great alternative.

The alternative is Andriod, especially the first versions before Google started chasing Apple's mystical iOS interfaces

Nevermind many, show me a single person with normal vision that CANNOT read Apple fonts

I personally know of many people that have problems reading Applr fonts, there is also the example the *was* provided that you quoted:

"A woman told one of us that she had to use Apple’s assistive tool to make Apple’s undersize fonts large and contrasty enough to be readable."

Why would anyone take this article seriously when it leads with provably false claims?

As pointed out above, there are no provable false claims in TFA, though there are many in your post!

other gestures in the iPhone...Deleting a row in a table, swipe left...Accessing the notification centre by swiping down from the top...

And how is one to know about these mystical gestures that are not documented anywhere, especially if you do no have an apple fanboi such as yourself to ask (and who may or may not know themselves how much functionality are in various applications). How much functionality do you not use because you have no idea it's there?

Gestures are a good idea, but there should be some way to find out what they are and what they do. Even better if every app had a consistent way of bringing up a menu or help or some way of finding out how to use it. I have used all kinds of computers, everything from Mainframes to PCs running DOS to Windows, Unix, Linux and even Macs and have never before had any problems figuring out how to do anything. That changes when iPhones came out with their incomprehensible UI. iOS is the only OS where you can't figure out how to do stuff without googling and even then you most likely will not be able to find out how apps actually work!

I don't know of any iOS core features that use more than one finger aside from pinch to zoom... Nothing comes to mind for double tap either. five finger swipe... Multi-finger gestures..

How do you know if there are features that use more than 1 finger or not. Sure there are the one you know about, but what about the ones you don't know about?

This is debatable. Back is not consistent in Android. You press back to get out of a menu and then press it again by accident? Whoops there goes your app.

Actually, back *is* consistent in Android as it always go back, including between apps.

Maybe the authors have some concepts for how to implement universal undo in a better way?

Have a menu, preferably on a button like the older version of Android, with undo in it.

Comment CFront is not a compiler (Score 1) 153

It's a pre-processor that translates C++ to C, that then has to then be compiled by a C Compiler. Back in the day, I used the Glockenspiel implement of CFront that then used the Microsoft C Compiler (this was before Microsoft had a C++ compiler) to compile the resulting C code to .obj files to be linked by Microsoft's LINKer.

Comment Re:H-1B is bullshit (Score 2) 178

The condition for H1B is that there isn't anyone local you can find in 30 days of advertising.

This "condition" is routinely bypassed, mostly by advertising ludicrous requirements that are impossible to meet.


It is a myth that H-1Bs are about obtaining skilled workers. Most of the H-1B personnel I have worked with don't have any actual skill. Some do have real skills, but they are the exception, not the rule.

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