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Comment: Re:Doesn't solve anything, pure politics (Score 1) 649

by narf0708 (#47267645) Attached to: Teaching Creationism As Science Now Banned In Britain's Schools

Politicians interjecting themselves into what subjects teachers are allowed to introduce in the classroom and how such subjects must be discussed does _nothing_ to produce an educated population. It is nothing more than blowing at windmills to gain votes on whatever educational topic is popular for the day. The farther education decisions get removed from the parent, the more students become trained to become regurgitators of approved politically correct information rather than becoming adults with adapative minds capable of of grasping subtle connections and knowing truth from falsehood.

The entire purpose of the public school system is to systematically pump out batches of "good citizens" who don't question anything, particularly not the government. Did you actually think that the government running these schools was acting out of benevolence and desire for rational people instead of only looking out for its own power and self-interest?

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