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by narcc (#48039535) Attached to: Are the World's Religions Ready For ET?

Atheism does not claim a particular god (or group of gods) does not exist, atheism claims that the Universe requires no supernatural deity in order to exist and can be explained by science alone.

Sorry, I assumed you were using the definition everyone else uses. In the future, it would help if you gave your own definition for terms if you've redefined them to suit your personal tastes.

Judgement of a soul (which meets criteria as supernatural entity on it's own) would be done by what exactly, if not a supernatural being?

Some people believe that they judge themselves during a life review.

Moving said soul into another living creature would be done by what exactly, if not a supernatural being?

I don't need a mechanic to get in my car, or a tailor to get dressed in the morning. Why should a supernatural being be necessary for a disembodied soul to possess a vessel?

Belief in what is convenient is satanism "do what thou wilt" and not atheism. And yes segments of atheism have been taken over by satanic beliefs, and it's been easy to do since people believe in appeals to authority.


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by narcc (#48034163) Attached to: Are the World's Religions Ready For ET?

No, Hinduism and Atheism are NOT compatible. The easiest way to demonstrate that you are wrong: Hindu people believe that failures in morality/karma/dharma result in a corrupt soul and may result in reincarnation as a lesser creature as punishment.

Atheists don't believe any gods exist. You can be an atheist and believe in reincarnation, an afterlife, souls, and a host of other things.

+ - bentgate, a new issue Phone 6 users?

Submitted by mrspoonsi
mrspoonsi (2955715) writes "First, there was 'Antennagate', as iPhone 4 users found a noticeable drop in signal strength when touching the lower-left corner of their handset, leading Apple to tell its customers that they were holding the device the wrong way. Then came 'Scuffgate', as iPhone 5 users complained that it was all too easy to scratch that device's aluminium bodywork. Now, with the launch of Apple's latest handsets, comes 'Bentgate'. A handful of users — so far, at least — have complained that their iPhone 6 Plus handsets are 'bending', without significant force being exerted upon them. Several of these reports have come from users on the MacRumors forums. One user, 'hanzoh', said that his handset had been in his front trouser pocket for much of the day, which involved sitting while on a long drive and at a wedding, where he also danced. By the end of the day, when he placed his 6 Plus on his coffee table, he noticed that the device had bent slightly towards the top."

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by narcc (#47970929) Attached to: Nvidia Sinks Moon Landing Hoax Using Virtual Light

Randi's trick for disproving psychic phenomena is blind and double-blind testing.

Randi's trick is convincing you that that's what he does.

How he gets away with his nonsense when all his followers are (admittedly, self-described) skeptics is beyond me.

Speaking of ... why isn't he in jail? Why hasn't Pena been deported?

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by narcc (#47969631) Attached to: "Big Bang Signal" Could All Be Dust

Yahweh, of course.

"Lol, watch this! I'm gonna put this bitchin' fruit out there, and then tell those jerks who don't even know right from wrong to not eat it. When they do, I'll totally fuck over their entire race from now until the end of time and blame them for it!"
-- Genesis 3:2, Standard Slashdot Translation

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