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Comment: Re:Browser Apps are NOT desktop apps (Score 1) 181

by narcc (#48181465) Attached to: JavaScript and the Netflix User Interface

The problem is that "threads" are supposed to be a solution to dividing work.

Yes, but it's one of many solutions, and certainly not the best in every case. Threads come with their own set of problems, after all. They're no panacea. It's your job to understand the benefits and drawbacks of threads, and alternative solutions, and pick the best approach for your project. As threads are not an option in JS, it's a great opportunity for you to explore various alternative approaches. Tossing up your hands and saying "I must lock the UI!" is silly, particularly when it's clear that other applications don't seem to share that problem.

Lets face it: If your code locks the UI, you have a serious problem with your code! Go do some reading about asynchronous programming and event-driven programming. You'll find it quite helpful. Your users will thank you as well.

Comment: Re:Just upgraded, lost cookies (Score 4, Interesting) 113

by narcc (#48142881) Attached to: Firefox 33 Arrives With OpenH264 Support


My certainly did. It restarted and reloaded my tabs, including this one, without a hitch.

that grim sense of foreboding that I now get with Firefox upgrades ("what's going to stop working this time? how is the UI I've been using for many years changed now?")

Just curious, what has been breaking for you? What UI features have changed in some significant way since Australis? I only ask because I switched back to Firefox from Chrome when Australis hit and have seen nothing but positive improvements with each release.

Comment: Re:Hoax (Score 1) 972

I should have said that it was obvious it wasn't universal.

And provided an example. You won't find any. (Not that a single example would make Randi's claims that the media were totally taken-in by his non-hoax any more fraudulent.)

do you have a reference that it was universal

Yes! I do! Mendham, Tim (1988) The Carlos Hoax, The Skeptic, 8(1)

It should also be stated that to a certain extent the whole hoax backfired [...] the media were extremely cynical (if not sceptical) of Alvarez' claims, and he received no sympathetic coverage at all.

Randy did not do any of those. Someone else who was close to him did.

Sure, a young foreign art student managed to do that all by himself, without any assistance from his infinitely more capable lover. Randi was blissfully ignorant. Let's just ignore the fact that Randi was well-aware of his true identity, knowingly employed an illegal immigrant under a false identity, and even lied to protect that identity (he even claimed to be worried about Pena's thick Bronx accent spoiling the "hoax") and, of course, to the US government on his I-9 form. Oh, and the fact that he admitted as much in court, stating that they didn't believe they were hurting anyone.

But sure, Randi was totally uninvolved, because he's a personal hero of yours.

Let's put reason and evidence first, shall we?

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