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Comment Re:Step One: get out of the way (Score 0) 224


This is an excellent example of the kind of intensely rational discourse you'll find in open source projects. Nothing but substance here. Why, if you don't feel welcome in a community that focuses exclusively on technical merit and produces posts with such infallible logic, well, surely you're the one with the problem.

Comment Re:It's pretty simple, really. (Score 1) 224

I might have expected that one... Let's cut through this quick:

We can all accept that she made mistakes using those examples. They do not support the points or arguments she makes.

Moving on, can you speak to any of the actual points she's made? So far, all I get are "her example isn't right so we should dismiss everything she says on the basis of those few mistakes." You'll find that you can dismiss anything on that basis. It's completely irrational.

If you are not seeing the videos and posts that address the points she was making,

Well, you haven't managed to come up with anything. If it exists, please, point it out.

Comment Re:Propaganda has value to some (Score 1) 224

Naive or just trolling? Seriously, that statement is absolute idiocy.

Neither one. I do, however, have the ability to count and determine if one value is larger or smaller than another value. I presume you lack this ability otherwise you'd see that what I'm saying is simply a matter of fact. There are far more posts ranting against "sjw's" and similar absurdities than other sorts of posts.

Another bold faced lie! I don't watch ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, or any other main stream "News" channel as a boycott and guess what? They still show stories exactly like this one, and drop tidbits of propaganda all the time.

If you don't watch those programs, how would you know? More seriously, this has nothing to do with my post. Slashdot puts these stories up because it makes people like you go crazy -- filling up the comments section and generating page views. If you (and people like you) faced reality, or at least got over your inexplicable outrage, and stopped posting these topics wouldn't be so lucrative and would fade away. That's pretty simple, isn't it?

What is the difference between Slashdot and those places? Simple! I can express a countering opinion and dissatisfaction with the story.

Well, that's exactly what DICE want. They want you to click, read, and post. This is the sort of story that makes you want to post, and reply, and watch for follow-ups. In short, it generates page views. They couldn't care less if you hate stories like these -- the purpose of stories is to generate page views. Rather than discourage them, you're actively encouraging them to post more stories like these. Oh, the irony...

Comment Re:Get over yourselves (Score 1) 224

This has been addressed to death.

The assumed default gender is male in those contexts -- just like it's assumed that posters with gender-neutral usernames here are male. Men, consequently, need do nothing to hide their gender. Women must, as you point out, as they'll be subject to unwelcome male advances when all they really wanted to do was contribute to the project. There are other problems for women should their gender be known that I'll save for another time.

You already acknowledge a social dimension to participation in such a project. Women, by your criteria for participation, are significantly hampered. Should they let any clue as to their gender escape, they'll face a host of issues. Issues, presumably, you understand given that you acknowledge that they need to hide their gender.

As there are strictures imposed on their participation, there are necessarily barriers to their participation. Barriers, I should point out, that men do not face.

Comment Re:Or. you know... we could just fucking stop... (Score 1) 224

Except that doesn't happen.

Just as men interested in nursing face obstacles that women in nursing don't face, so women interested in computers face obstacles that men don't face. In both cases, it's a result of societal pressure.

If you want your ideal to be realized, you need to make people aware of the issues. It's the first step toward effecting social change. Ignoring or denying the problem does nothing but perpetuate the status quo.

The more interesting question is why no one seems to have a problem encouraging more men to go in to nursing, but so many people seems to think encouraging more women to enter tech is going to destroy the world...

Comment Re:It's pretty simple, really. (Score 1) 224

If by "calling her out on her bullshit" you mean misrepresenting her ideas to mean whatever you want them to mean and then "debunking" that?

Because that's really all I've seen. I've yet to see a criticism from that camp that actually addressed the points she was making. I have seen a lot of irrational nonsense from second-rate media skeptics out for a few page views, however. Hell, most of them can be addressed by the preface she places at the beginning of ever one of her videos!

The think about reason and critical thinking is that you need to apply those skills everywhere -- not just to those things to which you viscerally disagree. A bad argument is a bad argument even if you agree with the conclusion. Try applying those same skills to one of your favorite critiques. How do those arguments hold up to the light of reason? I'll apologize in advance as you're going to lose at least one of your heroes.

So, yes, most of the criticism she receives is undeserved as it has little to nothing to do with the actual content of her videos. Real criticism is possible (she's not exactly top-tier) though it would be difficult to find any (if any exists) among the endless torrent of irrational and otherwise irrelevant responses.

Comment Re:Step One: get out of the way (Score 1) 224

Did you miss the earlier discussion? Toxic communities drive people away, regardless of their ability or the quality of their contributions. Ridiculous posturing, grunting, and dick-waving get old really quick. The worst of it? It takes away from actually working on the project. The adolescent behavior you're defending does nothing to help the project.

Further, it should be obvious to everyone by now that development doesn't happen in some purely objective and impossibly rational context. The code does not stand on its own -- not in any community. There are politics, power struggles, bullies, and victims. Contributions are rarely, if ever, judged solely on their own merits. The person submitting a change, their reputation, and relationships to other members plays a far greater roll. It always has.

You've mistaken your ideals for reality. The world is not what you believe it ought to be.

Comment Re:Propaganda has value to some (Score 1) 224

If you haven't noticed, the vast majority of posts here are from people who "think" like you do. Slashdot is no bastion of feminism; it's quite the opposite, in fact. You'll find very few contrary voices in your nearly pristine echo chamber.

So what audience are articles like these intended to attract? It should be obvious: People like you. You are the market for these stories. People like you make the overwhelming majority of posts and page views.

If you don't want to see stories like this, the simple solution is to not participate in these pretend discussions. Slashdot profits on your misdirected outrage, after all. If you ignore these stories, they will go away.

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 842

Oh, the plight of the white male! How horrible we have it! If only we had absurd majority representation in government and industry!

Oh, that unnamed group ... somewhere? ... that blames us for all their ills! Their unrelenting oppression threatens our very existence!

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