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Comment: Re:Pretty long EOL too (Score 1) 646

by narcberry (#39660853) Attached to: End of Windows XP Support Era Signals Beginning of Security Nightmare

I can appreciate that you have no sympathy for people that don't think exactly like you do (and you say you work at a university? no...). However there are many thousands of SCADA systems locked into a combination of Windows XP and proprietary software. Why can't we pay for extended support? We're not just looking for freebies, we're customers and willing to keep paying.

So I can:
1. Upgrade? No, I can't. My proprietary software distributor has upgraded their software to use the newer OS, but it has no backward compatibility with the hardware in use. Sure, I could spend a couple grand upgrading software. How do I tell my boss we need to spend $500K upgrading hardware?
2. Isolate? No. We have many physically isolated sites that need to communicate. We can isolate with some radio telemetry, but ultimately we need to use the inet to keep the sites synchronized. We have several workers that maintain the hardware and migrate site to site which also breaks isolation. Also, the air gap doesn't work, ask Iran.
3. Protect? Yeah, we're trying. Sounds like you've got it all figured out, we'll just apply a perfect security solution. I'm sure we can have that spec'd out in a week.

Sounds like the unni guy has it all figured out. You probably have real customers that need real solutions or else you don't get paid real money...

Comment: Re:It's not that I don't buy into the con-theories (Score 1) 410

by narcberry (#39620543) Attached to: Innocent Or Not, the NSA Is Watching You

This office doesn't act. It gathers information and that's it.

The point to having this information is when another office chooses to act, they have the information needed to justify their actions. What this does is enable the government to justify any action against the people.

Can we shoot you for terrorism, arrest you, force you into government work, or take your property? I'm sure we've got something here to justify it...

Comment: Re:One more reason against Obama-care (Score 0) 181

by narcberry (#39620277) Attached to: Medicaid Hacked: Over 181,000 Records and 25,000 SSNs Stolen

Yeah, blaming Obamacare is a stretch. But I don't understand how bashing Utah/Mormons/Republicans explains anything. It seems like just a general partisan answer.

Most religious.. Are you saying that's an "epic f--kup"? If so, why are you asserting every Mormon will burn in hell? (Or put another way, why is your religious answer "burn in Hell" tolerable when arguing against religion?)
Most republican.. That's an "epic f--kup"? Is that because they disagree with you?
I agree, the SLC Olympic committee embarrassed the USA. But then Romney, a religious republican, cleaned up the mess. Does that fit your narrative?
And what does any of that have to do with IT security, or Obamacare? Wait, now you're talking about polygamy? I don't get it.

Comment: Re:Meh. (Score 1) 237

by narcberry (#39573157) Attached to: The State of the <em>Diablo 3</em> Beta (Two Videos)

I played D1 as a child, and would probably enjoy D3 at that age. But I played D2 as a competitive older teen, and still come back to it.

Playing with the top 10% of gear is important to me in a game where the only success is defined in your gear. You killed Diablo? Neat, I guess. Bale? Ok, whatever. You have a perfect crown of ages? CAN I SEE IT?!

How much time have you spent oogling or being oogled on D2? Maybe I'm not in the majority, but I think I am.

The value in this system is the lack of constant new items. A Tyrael's Might from 10 years ago is still, today, awesome due to it's tremendous rarity. Now introduce TF2 buy your hats here system and the second you buy Tyrael's Might to be competitive they introduce Tyraels Superbigshoulderedheydoyouplaywowcuzyoushouldarmor.

Comment: Re:The real state of Diablo III (Score 1) 237

by narcberry (#39572949) Attached to: The State of the <em>Diablo 3</em> Beta (Two Videos)

Have you tried playing Diablo 2 lately? The only thing you can do on it today is spam the 'n' key to clear the neverending spam. If you play in a game of 8 people, you'll be lucky to have just 1 of them be an actual person, the rest are bots hosting the run, leeching the xp, or spamming the chat log with websites.

If Blizzard were truly committed to their games, they would still be addressing live multiplayer issues. Keeping resources available for a game from not last decade, but the one prior, is not a major commitment to anything.

"You're a creature of the night, Michael. Wait'll Mom hears about this." -- from the movie "The Lost Boys"