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Comment: Paraglider, not parasail (Score 1) 26

by naranek (#45316325) Attached to: SkyRunner Car Goes Off-Road and Off-Ground

It's a paraglider and not a parasail. Parasail is something you drag behind a boat or car to lift a passanger to air, but the passanger can't steer and the parasail can't function without the rope. Paraglider on the other hand is used to fly for long distances similar to hang gliders and sailplanes.

Comment: Sounds like a game (Score 1) 443

by naranek (#42723739) Attached to: Prosecution of Swartz Typical for the "Sick Culture" Pervading the DOJ

It sounds like it's just a game for them. You pit prosecution and defense against each other and both try to win the match. It's just that in this game the goal should be that justice is served, and not that your side wins. It also seems that the other side figured out a tactic that guarantees easy wins. I think that this outcome is kind of natural - we all want to be as good as possible in what we do. At the same time it's also horribly wrong.

Comment: How about sandboxing websites per domain? (Score 2) 184

by naranek (#42260487) Attached to: How Websites Know Your Email Address the First Time You Visit

Sorry this is a bit off topic, but I've been wondering what it would take for every site to think that it's the first website you've visited ever. Would it be enough if if the browser stored cookies and other permanent stuff based on what domain is in the address bar?

So if you first visit and get a cookie from and then visit, the banner doesn't see your earlier cookie, because the domain in the address bar is different. I think it should make tracking people a lot harder, but maybe I'm missing something?

Comment: Re:Meanwhile... (Score 1) 152

by naranek (#41605307) Attached to: Pandora Shares Artist Payment Figures

I have immense library available to me on my computer, including my laptop, why would I bother listening to internet radio?

Because internet radio still has songs you don't have, and you might even discover new music you'll like. Pandora is really good with that. Half of the artists I listen to now I've discovered through Pandora. I also like the fact that I don't need to hand pick the songs or albums I want to listen, but instead just tune to a radio that plays the kind of music I'm in the mood for.

Comment: Never again (Score 3, Funny) 323

by naranek (#40654657) Attached to: EA Outs <em>Battlefield 4</em>, Plans To Charge $70 For New Games

I bought Mass Effect 3 and you wouldn't believe all the hoops I had to jump through just to play the game. One of them was as silly as downloading the game files from the EA server even if I had them on the DVDs I had bought. The Origin client was a beta version, and when I contacted EA support to ask for a stable, they said they don't have one. I also asked if I could play the game if Origin network is shut down. The answer was that it's a new network and it's constantly expanding, so I shouldn't worry about it shutting down.

Never again.

Comment: Time for a new Amazon (Score 1) 647

by naranek (#40636919) Attached to: Why Amazon Wants To Pay Sales Tax

OK, so earlier Amazon was cheaper than local stores, because you didn't have to pay the local sales tax you'd need to pay if you bought from your local store. They seem to be switching to a scheme where they can deliver stuff to you quicker, but the prices are higher because of the tax. Sure they might kill some of the local competition, but it shouldn't affect the prices that much. All you need is some other company that ships from another state and thus can compete with the price - keeping it low.

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