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Comment Jolla - MWC 2015's Best tablet (Score 4, Interesting) 283

If you want something that stands out of the crowd, then you might want to take a look at the Jolla Tablet It won the Best tablet award at this years Mobile World Congress. I've been using a Jolla smartphone and really like it. It doesn't spy on me, I can get root from the settings, it has a command line shell + SSH built in and it runs Linux.

Jolla's Sailfish OS is based on the Maemo/Meego line. They've built a really nice user interface on top of it and it's partly open source. The UI is based on swiping gestures, so it takes a few minutes to learn to use it, but after that it's really swift and nice. They also have an Android VM, so you can run Andoroid apps on it if you want. No Google Play store though, but I believe you can enable it yourself if you want. If you want apps outside the official store, you can add additional repositories to the phone.

Jolla also listens to its users. You can log in at to leave bug reports, feature ideas and ask advice from the community and Jolla sailors. The OS gets regular updates which add features and squish bugs, so my phone is actually a lot better now than when I bought it. The specs are more modest than the current Android flagship models, but the OS is much lighter so doesn't need that much processing power to run well. The price tag is pretty nice too.

Have a look, try it out. They're just about to start shipping.

Comment Trust on system updates broken (Score 3, Insightful) 240

The thing that worries me it that there are now dozens of articles about which updates to remove to disable telemetry or the Windows 10 update nagbox. We've been saying that installing security updates is fundamental to keeping your computer secure. This goes against that. Do we really want to teach people to uninstall random updates based on shady blog articles?

Earlier I had all automatic update checkboxes checked, because I trusted that security updates are just that - security updates. From now on I'll be checking all the updates manually before installing, and I really hate to have to do that.

And before anybody recommends switch to Linux, I already use Linux as my main OS.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 392

As an added bonus they can only break into the homes of people living in the same country. If NSA wanted to break into European people's houses, they'd need to organize it with the local law enforcement, which requires a pretty strong case to begin with.

So the only people who suffer from this are the ones living in the same country as the runaway agency. Luckily they are also the same people who can do something about it.

Comment Re:"Issue on board" (Score 1) 752

So are you suggesting slaying the dragon - starting a war? Fairytales aside, I think it's a pretty bad idea to treat the whole Russia as a single entity. I find it hard to believe that the regular people in Russia are evil and out to get us westeners. They are just like you and me, with the difference that there's very little free journalism left and Internet use is more limited, so the message they hear from Ukraine is very different. If you were a leader and wanted to wage a war, which would you prefer - an unhappy population that hears just what you want to hear, or a happy population with access to all the sides of the story.

Now I must add, that we need to be as cautious about our sources outside Russia. Understanding is a three-edged sword: your side, my side and the truth somewhere in the middle.

Comment Paraglider, not parasail (Score 1) 26

It's a paraglider and not a parasail. Parasail is something you drag behind a boat or car to lift a passanger to air, but the passanger can't steer and the parasail can't function without the rope. Paraglider on the other hand is used to fly for long distances similar to hang gliders and sailplanes.

Comment Sounds like a game (Score 1) 443

It sounds like it's just a game for them. You pit prosecution and defense against each other and both try to win the match. It's just that in this game the goal should be that justice is served, and not that your side wins. It also seems that the other side figured out a tactic that guarantees easy wins. I think that this outcome is kind of natural - we all want to be as good as possible in what we do. At the same time it's also horribly wrong.

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