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User Journal

Journal: life in korea

Journal by naph

well, i just found my last slashdot journal and it was posted from when i was living in australia a few years ago... crazy...

i'm now living in south korea, working as an english teacher, which is possibly even crazier i guess...

just to record this moment in time i'm sitting in my flat in suwon, listening to leonard cohen, upgrading to kubuntu edgy after hosing my dapper install about an hour ago. cool.

yoga tomorrow, yay!

User Journal

Journal: living in sydney

Journal by naph

been in sydney now for over 2 months, been away from home for over 4. it's been good here, life is slow... sometimes there's not a lot to do but it's nice.

been living in a "luxury" apartment. which was great. there's a pool, gym, spa and sauna. :D

looking into van/car hire now as i'm gonna be heading off round australia before moving onto new zealand in a few months.

stay up to date at jaab.mrgandrich.co.uk! and stay cool kids.

User Journal

Journal: still on my adventure!

Journal by naph

i spent 2 months in thailand (a week of that in laos) and absolutely loved it. amazing country, just brilliant. i *so* wanna go back there already.

i met so many great people and did so many wicked things... like diving!!! "touch ye tank". plus i had dengue fever!! yay!!

now i'm in australia... and it's ok i guess. looking for a house and a job, not much luck yet but we'll hafta wait and see. :/

well this has been yet another shitty entry, maybe i'll go back to poems about my balls in future.

User Journal

Journal: going on an adventure

Journal by naph

since i've only got one journal entry, i thought it was about time for another. and possibly my last. :/

i am going on an adventure to many wierd and hopefully wonderful countries, taking me right the way round the whole fucking world.

how cool is that! or how cool could that possibly be if it all goes well i should say i guess...

wish me luck. :D

User Journal

Journal: itching nads

Journal by naph

  take mind off.
  don't think.
  don't itch.
  apply cream.
  try some talc.
  concume hard liquer.
  pass out.

  i hope u like my poem.

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