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Comment What is a gravity wave? (Score 2) 439

It's not something that moves along is it? It's a perceived distortion of time space? I'm thinking of the metaphor of the flat surface with the heavy object in it that shows in 3d how mass would be attracted to mass. So what is a wave? A flexing of space time? or is it time to update the usual way of thinking of it?

Comment It's so quiet in here.. (Score 1) 421

How about an app that translates abnormal sounds to someone who is deaf.. Such as.. I hear water running.. (I've left the not water on for hours) The toilet flushed (not good when you are home alone) A knock on the door. Frantic banging on the door Baby crying Tornado sirens smoke detector beeping (Couldn't figure out why my dog was shaking) Unidentified noise (db level)

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