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Comment: amiga Video Back Up System... ? (Score 2) 193

by nanahuatzin (#43656897) Attached to: Using YouTube For File Storage
ahhh! this made me remember my old ( ancient?) amiga 500 computer... circa 1988. It was the day of 30 mb hard drives, so the idea to use video to store info was attractive, so it came the "Video BAck Up System". You connected the video output of you amiga to a VHS tape recorder (beta also could be used). The software let you selected which parts of your hard drive wish to back up, so when you were ready, the computer would record bands of black and white video to tape. The vhs tape could hold... errr 85MB per hour, and that was a lot!!! The interesting part was restoring the backup, it was connected to the serial port... so probably this was the main limitation of the system. It was a very interesting hack :) I still have some VHS tape with data...

Comment: Re:Stupid (Score 1) 114

by nanahuatzin (#39781891) Attached to: Volcano Near Mexico City Becomes More Active
Not only near a volcano, but in the middle of a Lake., and in an earthquake prone place... and without a proper supply of drinking water. arghhh!

According the tradition, after the Meshica (aztec) leave Aztlan, they wandered for two hundred years, seeking a signal sent by their god Huitzilopochtli: An eagle on the top of a Cactus. And finally they found it..

In the middle of a lake, in a small Island.!!

So, they built a great artificial Island around it.

Now... the Texcoco lake is a system of Endorheic lakes.. which means, no only that the city suffered form periodic inundations, but that the water was a bit salty , so there was the problem of getting fresh water for the city. They built a system of dams to separate the water of the lake in salty and fresh water. and control the level of water.

charming isn't it?

After the conquest, the Spaniards dried the lake, son now... Mexico City suffers form lack of water

Many Mexican Urbanists have confessed they have dream the travel to the past, with some stones at hand.. to sent that damn eagle to a better place.!!

Comment: Re:Is anyone here Mexican? (Score 1) 370

by nanahuatzin (#31818560) Attached to: Mexico Will Shut Down 25.9 Million Cell Phones
Years ago.. there was a national system to register cars, but it became so corrupted that it became pointless and was shutdown, so each state had to create it own local registry... which was completelly independient of all... The RENAVE was supose to create a brand new registry system for all México, and people had to pay to register... not only that, but the goverment decided to offer it to a private company... There was a lot of money involved... so it was never clear how was decided which company won the contract... It was an scandal when it was found that the brand new dirctor of the RENAVE was an argentinian criminal... with a fake company... The main proponent of the RENAVE commit suicide after that...

Comment: Re:Nice protest. (Score 1) 370

by nanahuatzin (#31818318) Attached to: Mexico Will Shut Down 25.9 Million Cell Phones
ACtually is very easy to get someone CURP, you only need his name, place of birth, and birthday...then check at: which is one of several places where you can check it. So today CAlderon and several famous people, have hundreds of cell phones registered to their names.. and also, there is no oficial way to knwo if someone has register a cell phone to your name. The point is how easily you can fake an identity...

Comment: Re:Torn (Score 1) 370

by nanahuatzin (#31818034) Attached to: Mexico Will Shut Down 25.9 Million Cell Phones
When President Calderon started the "war against drugs", it was not becuase he wanted to stop drug cartels, but because he tought that it would be an easy way to legalize his goverment... today there still there is a lot of people that think his party stole the elections.. So he started without any particular plan ... Now, drug cartels know they are better armed that the mexican army (the probably have four or five more fire power in small and medium size arms), and know the power of money and terror. The truth is that the only way to stop them, is somthing the goverment would not dare to do... supervise the financial system, where the money is cleaned... That money... goes very high in the goverment... and the poilitical parties.. so nobody want it to stop...

Comment: Re:Torn (Score 1) 370

by nanahuatzin (#31817900) Attached to: Mexico Will Shut Down 25.9 Million Cell Phones
You are forgeting something... the important drug market, is not Mexico, but the US.. The local market is just a tiny fraction of the money that come from the US. If you make drugs legal.... the export to the US would still be ilegal... And drug dealers would preffer to stay criminal, before expose their biggest earning to the goverment eyes...

Comment: Re:I wonder how effective it will be? (Score 1) 370

by nanahuatzin (#31817692) Attached to: Mexico Will Shut Down 25.9 Million Cell Phones
Exactly... it wont work... people already have used fake names.... my daughter could not register with her full name... because the system did not technically, she is using a fake identity... som emxican have really long names, that the systems seems unable to manage...

Comment: Re:Paving the Way to a Brave New Future (Score 1) 370

by nanahuatzin (#31815702) Attached to: Mexico Will Shut Down 25.9 Million Cell Phones
Most people in México buy time, in prepaid cards ( form 10 to 50 dollas) or trough a net of resellers, that buy time at good rate, and resell it at small quantities.. about 1 or 2 dollars. So it is very complex to follow who is selling to who. Even more, I just heard that SIMS with false ID can be bought in the streets... I just do not see how this measure can help to identify the owner of a cell phone...

Comment: Re:Sounds more or less succesful to me... (Score 1) 370

by nanahuatzin (#31815596) Attached to: Mexico Will Shut Down 25.9 Million Cell Phones
Today the COFETEL (the goberment officd in charge of comunication) anounced that 25.2 millions of phones should have to be shut down. In my case, maybe my phone is in this case, since i tried several times but never got the confirmation message... The cell Phones companies are not happy to loose so many clients..

+ - Mexico will shutdown 25.9 millions of cell phones->

Submitted by nanahuatzin
nanahuatzin writes: Several months ago, as a way to prevent the use of cellular in criminal activities, the goverment of México started a program to force everyone to register their cell phones to their name. The registes consists in asociate the cell phone to their CURP. The CURP or Clave Unica de Registro de Registro de Problación, or Unique key of population register, is supose to be an unique ID for every mexicna citizen. ( ) But yesterday the timeline to register the cell phones has expire and so far there are 39 millions of Cell phones withouth register. While the procedure is simple, sending a text message with the CURP to a special number, most people do not want to register, some has been wary of the use the goverment will do with the data, others did not undertand or did not know the procedure. So far only 69% have register, most of then in the las few days, while the system to register has been over saturated. So in and unprecedent move for any country, the mexican goverment is anonuncing the shutdown 25.9 millions of cell phone lines. Meanwhile, as a measure of protest, hundreds of people have register their cell phones, to the name of the president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, to show how pointless is the register...
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Comment: Re:Did the Aztec have a concept of copyright? (Score 1) 325

by nanahuatzin (#30707996) Attached to: Mexico Wants Payment For Aztec Images
Well, if we compare the actual number of deaths, the amount of people killed was actually lower than the victims of the inquisition and the witch hunt...

In the three hundred years of aztec ruling, the amount of deaths by sacrifice was lower than the death toll in just one day on hiroshima.

who is the mass murder?

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