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+ - What is it that you want to learn about OpenBSD 5.5?->

Submitted by (447981) writes "In the upcoming OpenBSD 5.5 release there will be a number of improvements, including a whole new traffic shaping system, automatic installer improvements and the switch to 64-bit time_t.

But OpenBSD has been the source of lots of innovation and improvements in BSD and Unix in general over the years, and in preparation for his two BSDCan tutorials, Peter Hansteen asks, What do you want to learn about OpenBSD 5.5 (and possibly future directions)?"

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Comment: Do the right test (Score 2) 451

by namgge (#46716355) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Start With Linux In the Workplace?

Instead I want to set up one test machine for users to try it and ask THEM if they like it.

I guarantee that in this form, the result of the test will be that THEY won't like it. People fear the new and unknown and need positive incentives to change.

So, offer THEM the choice of one person, to be drawn at random from a hat, being fired to pay for e cost of new PCs vs switching to Linux and everyone keeping their jobs. Then you'll find they like Linux lots.

Also, keep in mind that 'supporting' users takes much more time than you might naively guess. Make sure that your efforts to 'support Linux' don't turn you into the unproductive member of the office.

Comment: Competitive Pressure (Score 1) 408

by namgge (#46025491) Attached to: Short Notice: LogMeIn To Discontinue Free Access

This behaviour by LogMeIn makes me suspect that they have got wind of a serious competitor for their service. If so, they will want to get subscriptions off as many potential customers as possible without giving them time to search for alternatives.

The other possibility is that LogMeIn have a cash flow issue and need a some more money to stay in business.

Either way, I'm out.

Comment: Dream on (Score 3, Insightful) 91

by namgge (#45698179) Attached to: Former Google Lawyer Michelle Lee To Run US Patent Office
I seriously doubt that Google being her previous employer/client will make any difference to how she runs the USPTO. My experience, admittedly in the UK, is that a lawyer will happily argue that the moon is made of green cheese without believing it in the slightest. And they'll keep on arguing it for just as long as the client has money to keep paying them.

Comment: New direction for his creativity (Score 5, Interesting) 208

by namgge (#45665393) Attached to: Sci-fi Author Charles Stross Cancels Trilogy: the NSA Is Already Doing It

Perhaps Mr Stross could use his skills to to describe an imaginary world where the government told the whole truth to the electorate, there was a right to privacy, and only politicians were systematically spied on and investigated...

It sure would be interesting to know what that would be like.

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