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Comment Big jump (Score 1) 112

It seems to me a big leap to go from 'hosting company is sending all login credentials unencrypted' to a silo on a private island guarded by mercenaries, which seems to be what you are now looking for. Find a less idiotic host and stop worrying about govt agencies - if they want your data they'll get it, and the best you can hope for is that is all they want from you.

Comment Re:lesson learned (Score 1) 137

Recent versions of OS X are getting progressively faster by making better use of hardware, particularly the GPU and additional CPU cores, but also by using available memory better. The memory management on Yosemite was notably better than on previous versions. The compilers and performance analysis tools are also improving, which also yields improvements. El Capitan's graphics performance is noticeably better than Yosemite's. I know this because I have two identical machines beside me, with almost adjacent serial numbers, one running Yosemite and one running El Capitan, but otherwise identical (i.e. installed with the same DeployStudio workflow) software installations. And yes, Safari is definitely 'snappier'.

Comment Keep kids out of it (Score 2) 146

A number of the BBC stories amount to publicity-seeking parents violating the privacy of their non-censenting children by allowing them to be named as subjects in, particularly health-related, stories.

Note for parents: Children are not your property. Even if you think that publishing self-serving stories about them in the media or on the web is your prerogative they will eventually grow up and decide that you had no f***ing business so to do.

Comment European Data Protection Law (Score 3, Informative) 130

As this is a European company it is subject to European data protection and privacy legislation. Many countries have given their enforcement agencies quite significant enforcement powers to punish abuse and there is pressure for the penalties to be increased to the point that non-compliance is not going to be viable business model:


Comment Ten pieces of feedback 100 000 times (Score 4, Insightful) 236

Mass release of technical preview software is is showing contempt for users and developers by wasting both sides' time by duplicating effort. In my experience the best way do it is to initially release to a small sample of users an fix the issues they raise. Then release to a somewhat larger sample and fix the issues they raise, etc. If you are getting more than a handful of duplicated reports then you are ramping up too fast. If you are getting reports in at a rate that exceeds your developers capacity to evaluate them and, if necessary, follow up with the user then you are ramping up too fast.

Comment Re:Pull the disk (Score 1) 466

I don't even see why there are so many other posts about Kermit, laplink, file transfers, PCMCIA, etc etc. Worst case is that the hard drive has a proprietary connector and you have to solder an adapter on.

Because rule #1 when trying to get data off twenty-year-old hardware is "If it's working, mess with it as little as possible."

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