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Comment: Re:Cost; exclusive applications (Score 1) 186

by CastrTroy (#48925469) Attached to: The iPad Is 5 Years Old This Week, But You Still Don't Need One
That's why I said they will only be around for a few more years until they can bring the price of the Surface and other similar devices down to the price of the iPad. The iPad is much cheaper if you buy the base unit with 16 GB of storage, of which, only 12 GB are free out of the box. Once you get the 64 GB version, the price starts to move a lot closer to the price of a Surface Pro. And if you have a Surface Pro, that means you have something you can use as a laptop and as a tablet. So if you're OK with just the iPad, and no laptop, then sure the iPad is cheaper. But if you're the kind of person who wants both, which is a large number of people, then buying just the Surface Pro is very cost effective.

Comment: Re:not the point (Score 2) 150

by CastrTroy (#48924921) Attached to: Why Screen Lockers On X11 Cannot Be Secure
The problem is that if you walk away and think that the screen locker will kick in, and somebody comes by while it is still unlocked, they can run a program that will look the the screen locker when you come back, but in reality will actually just be recording your user name as password so the intruder can use this. They'll get the password, and come back at a time when they have more time to do their dirty work. Ideally, you should lock your computer as soon as you get up, but that's what happens in an ideal world, and security has to work under non-ideal circumstances.

Comment: Re:I prefer a tablet for some things to a smart ph (Score 1) 186

by CastrTroy (#48924793) Attached to: The iPad Is 5 Years Old This Week, But You Still Don't Need One
This is my biggest problem with Android and iOS tablets. The operating systems are built assuming a tiny 4-5 inch screen. Once you have a 10 in screen, there's a whole lot more you could be doing with the device. They both pretty much limit you to a single app at a time. They are both missing key features like mounting network drives, or connecting to printer or other USB device (Android has support for a very limited number of devices). That is why I think the tablet is kind of a stop-gap device that will only be around for a few more years until ultra-mobile devices like the Surface Pro and Lenovo Yoga get a little cheaper so that most people can afford them. Why pay $500 for an iPad that can only do a small number of things if you could get a Surfrace Pro that can do so much more, while not actually increasing the weight or size of the device.

Comment: Re:Tax (Score 2) 384

by CastrTroy (#48922411) Attached to: Apple Posts $18B Quarterly Profit, the Highest By Any Company, Ever
Apple does sell plenty of high priced devices that the government collects sales tax on. In my country, they also collect taxes on all the apps, music, and movies sold in the Apple marketplace. So in a way, the government makes a lot of tax money from Apple. If Apple had to pay taxes directly, they would thy would just pass that cost onto the customer anyway; it would really just result in higher prices.

Comment: Re:A call for Write Protect (Score 1) 93

by drinkypoo (#48913871) Attached to: Researchers Tie Regin Malware To NSA, Five Eyes Intel Agencies

For those old enough to remember them, changing a BIOS required an EPROM burner and UV eraser. Changing CMOS settings required setting the write protect jumper.

Well, I had an IBM PC-1, and yes and no respectively.

Clearing CMOS settings is still done with a jumper. I do wish that all flash BIOS devices had a write protect jumper, though, and it would cost little to add them.

Comment: Re:Saddest line ever (Score 3, Funny) 140

by drinkypoo (#48913827) Attached to: Young Cubans Set Up Mini-Internet

You are *so* cool! I bet you have a neckbeard too!

I sure do, but any time I go visit a new contract or even just go on vacation, I shave it. It's not an attachment or an affectation, I just don't measure my value by the cleanliness of my neck. It's not my fault I was born hairier than the average bear.

But hey, thanks for recognizing how great I am. I could use the publicity.

Comment: Re:There should be a law (Score 1) 178

The emblems would be sooooo small because there are so many you wouldn't be able to read them :-)

Only the top ten or so even get space.

Here's another way to handle it. Whenever they appear on television, block out x% of their face and words based on their campaign contributions. Whoever gets least comes through at 100%, whoever gets most is just a wall of ads, and everyone else falls somewhere in-between

Comment: Re:everybody getting lost in technical details (Score 1) 443

And not seeing the obvious. This is a move to close down the 2nd hand market.

No, no it isn't. Just having non-transferable activation codes was that. This is a stupid and ham-handed attempt both to fight actual crimes and to dissuade people from seeking bargains.

It is so obvious, a 5 year old could get it.

Next time, consult a five year old.

Comment: Re:First Sale (Score 1) 443

You buy a license to use a game. They revoke the license, which is their right, but by doing so, you are no longer bound by the license terms either, which includes the payment you made.

Well, no. The license is something you enter into after you make the payment, hence the assertion that shrinkwrap licenses should not have any weight: you're not getting anything for them, you already got it. This online activation bullshit is a way around that: You're getting online activation.

Comment: Re:grandmother reference (Score 1) 443

Ubisoft aren't as dumb as you think. They know that when they ban these keys most of the people who bought them will blame the vendor for selling them a dodgy copy.

I'm not sure they will do that. I think the majority of the gaming press will flame them for doing this (and rightly so, you don't punish people who are trying to be your customers, even if they are seeking bargains) and I think the majority of customers will feel however they are told to feel. And I think most of the rest of them will be pissed off because they won't have been able to play the game they paid for.

There's often legitimate discounts on games, so there's no valid reason to penalize customers for seeking discount prices. Likely some of those users made their purchases in ill faith, but I'd bet they were in the minority.

Comment: Re:grandmother reference (Score 1) 443

Jesus fuck. So I can't buy games while on holiday in another country? A big FUCK YOU goes to ubisoft.

First World Problem.

There's nothing more ironic than someone who has the luxury of having time to complain about someone complaining spending that time complaining about them.

Yes, I realize what this post entails. But I was just sitting here and noticed that instead of curing cancer or solving world hunger, you chose to spend your time trying to make someone feel bad about complaining by complaining about them, and thought maybe you could use a bit o' perspective.

Comment: Re:If by "some fucked up stuff" (Score 4, Insightful) 140

by drinkypoo (#48913307) Attached to: Young Cubans Set Up Mini-Internet

This just goes to show how pathetic a lot of leftists are. But but Cuba has some great, free healthcare. Yeah? Cuba's also politically and economically FUBAR to the nth degree

Leftists including myself bring up Cuba's health care system to show that even a country which is totally busted politically and economically can manage a national health care system which provides outcomes as good as what we have now (which ain't that great, but bear with this argument) for pennies on the dollar. It's not that we should go commie, it's that even the commies can manage health care. Here in the allegedly greatest nation in the world, the only magnificent part of our health care system is the size of the bill.

Comment: Re:Saddest line ever (Score 5, Interesting) 140

by drinkypoo (#48913287) Attached to: Young Cubans Set Up Mini-Internet

Let's see you try to overthrow your government and post about it on the internet. Let's see how long you keep your free internet access (and your freedom in general).

Right now, any dickwad in America is free to put up a website advocating abolishment of the American government. And indeed, many of them have. Further, there is in fact a completely legal process for elimination of the constitution; you could pass an Amendment replacing it with another document. Nothing prevents anyone from starting a political party on this basis. I bet if I were less lazy I could find some really batshit crazy examples right now, but I equally bet that some people out there in Slashdot-land already know of some. I hope they will help out and link them here.

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