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Comment: Re:german politics (Score 2) 166

by nairolF (#39877401) Attached to: German Science Minister Faces Plagiarism Scandal
I haven't posted on /. for years (though I've been reading it...), but I simply wanted to share this. I was recently at a conference (attending mostly by academics who have been funded/supported by Germany) where Schavan gave a speech. It was utterly horrible: pompous, pretentious and condescending, half the sentences were grammatically correct but devoid of information, the other half contained mostly bullshit, wild hyperbole designed to sound grand, and misinformation. I was literally writhing in my seat in agony. The speech was surely impossible to satirize. Even the late, great Loriot ( couldn't beat this speech. Anyway, now it looks like she, too, may have plagiarized her PhD. Call me vindictive, but I really hope this pans out...

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