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+ - DVD Equivalent of FreeDB/CDDB 1

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MightyE writes "I have an extensive collection of DVD's of television show seasons. It is ultimately dangerous to the disks to always be swapping them around, in and out of DVD drives, and general abuse arising from not always taking as good of care of them as I ought. I've bought a series of large capacity hard drives, set up a MD device (RAID) and have been using DVD::Rip to back up my DVD's to this space. (And boy is this so much more convenient when I want to watch a certain episode than it is to read many DVD cases looking for which disk an episode is on). I'm finding it's slow going though, and one thing that could speed this up dramatically is if there was an online DVD database similar to what FreeDB and CDDB are for audio disks. Is there such a thing? If not, may I recommend someone start one? Since I'm ripping my DVD's, I'd be happy to contribute my own data to it!"

+ - Slashdot Bug Report: Top 10 Comments

Submitted by Anonymous
Anonymous (88157) writes "I apologize for submitting a bug report via the submissions bin, but I wasn't sure what a better way would be of alerting you to a recent bug on Slashdot that wasn't just contacting Rob or CowboyNeil directly.

Ever since your magic the other day with the too-small database key, the Top 10 comments Slashbox has not been updating. All the comments in there are from Nov 9 and before."

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