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Comment Re:The ruling is pretty scary (IANAL) (Score 1) 401

The court then goes on to express hope that this does not introduce a new reign of censorship, but that is exactly what is may do.

IANAL either but I know from frequent conversations with law students I know that intent plays a major role in a court's decision. A good example for this is theft. If I take your property it isnt automatically theft, unless the court is convinced that I didnt intent to return it. Under no circumstances do I see another court (and appeals courts) not paying attention to the intent of the ECHR. Especially because an actual censorship case could to make it back to the ECHR. They would most likely ask the lower court if they are off their rocker, because they explained their intent in the original ruling.
If anyone claims free speech impairment by the ECHR, that extra ordinary claim better have extra ordinary evidence. This doesnt.
I have been paying attention to the ECHR (and the German high courts) for over 10 years and NOT EVEN ONCE have I noticed a sliver of unreasonableness. More the complete opposite. Think of a law that could be part of a conservative wet dream and you will probably find high court decision against something similar.

Comment Your boss please (Score 1) 479

I dont have issues with my ISP very often and if I do it usually isnt their fault. Trying to get them to understand that I realize that it isnt their fault was always the real issue. I usually start the conversation assuming that they know what they are doing. That inevitably fails and I talk to them as if I am the tech support.
I usually give them 2-3 minutes to see if they are knowledgeable enough to deal with my problem. After that I resort to my catch all phrase: "If you dont know what I am talking about then either connect me to someone that does or LET ME TALK TO YOUR BOSS." Either action has a good success rate. I also over emphasize the severity of my problem because otherwise they often think they know enough to deal with my problem.

Submission + - Candy Crush Saga will included in Windows 10

nachtkap writes: And there I was just considering switching to Linux fulltime.

If you’ve been paying attention to gaming (or pop culture in general) chances are pretty high that you've heard of King's smash mobile hit Candy Crush Saga. With its compelling blend of tricky puzzles coated in gorgeous eye candy, Candy Crush Saga is a global phenomenon for good reason. Windows Phone users have been enjoying Candy Crush Saga since its launch on the platform in December, and later this year, all Windows 10 owners will be able to experience the hit game that's swept the mobile world like wildfire. As an added bonus, Candy Crush Saga will automatically be installed for customers that upgrade to or download Windows 10 for periods of time following the game launch. It will even include cross-play options for your iOS and Android devices.

Submission + - Hamburg court: Marriage agency can't charge people; doesnt apply to dating sites

nachtkap writes: The German Civil Code 656 from 1900 says that an company can't ask for money if its service brings people together for marriage. The ruling only covers marriage (and similar relationship) agencies. Dating sites in general are unaffected.
The public relations officer of the Hamburg consumer rights center said: "The ruling applies to dating sites using prior matchings that haven't been paid for. The consumer doesn't have to pay in those cases. What this decision means for the future depends on whether more consumers decide not to pay."

Comment Re:Europe, here I come! (Score 1) 77

The solution seems to be to live on/near the line then. as far as I can make out the areas to live in would include Paris, Frankfurt, a sizable chuck of the Rhine, Stuttgard, Lake Constance, Vienna.
Just view the state religions as Europe's 2nd Amendment. A somewhat annoying relic from a bygone age where the (hardcore) adherents ruin the general climate for everyone. Assuming religion while be around for good while longer, having state religions in secular state isn't as bad as one might think. In my opinion it keeps the religions from going of the rails because they would lose their befits if they don't play nice.

Submission + - European Court of Justice strikes down data retention law

nachtkap writes: The BBC reports:

The EU's top court has declared "invalid" an EU law requiring telecoms firms to store citizens' communications data for up to two years. The EU Data Retention Directive was adopted in 2006. The European Court of Justice says it violates two basic rights — respect for private life and protection of personal data.

Germany's supreme court did call on the ECJ to look into this issue as well.

Comment hyperion (cantos) and thawn (Score 1) 796

Dan Simmons - Hyperion (Cantos)
At least the 1st novel is like a kick in the stomach at times. It also moved me to tears on a level I would thought impossible. Includes: Spiked killing machine, Poetry, evil AI's and a Scifi world/society that feels way more believable then Star Trek/Wars ever was.

Timothy Zahn - (1st) Thawn Trilogy
It is hard not to like these books if you like Star Wars IMO.

Imaginary Friend - The Bible
Most of it can be skipped but select parts like Genesis and the Sodom and Gomorrah bit should be read. Cant imagine that there isn't a list for that.

My "short" list consists of the best known books of these people: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Nobel_laureates_in_Literature. Names like Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Ernest Hemingway, Hermann Hesse and Bertrand Russell speak for themselfs.
I have only read very limited passages from those authors. That glimpse convinced me however that their works must provide the best access to differing points of view possible.

Submission + - German State's attorney investigates law firm that sent porn streaming letters

nachtkap writes: The State's attorney for Cologne is investigating the law firm that sent the threating letters to German Redtube users. The investigation will look into the method that was used to determine the IP adresses of the redtube users. The method described in the affidavit doesn't match the traffic investigation performed by a heise.de reader. heise.de in turn verified the plausibility of his results.
[graphic in German and google.translate links]

Comment Re:A company can actually ban someone from a sport (Score 1) 114

Or something free like beach volleyball, where a Brazilian pro player was (at least partially) baned for being outspoken about something. Sadly I can't find a source.
But I agree that 'Sport' isn't the right label here. It should be labeled as a 'competition' just like every other 'sport'. After all we watch a competition between professionals (people that devoted way more time to a activity, then we could be bothered to, and there got really good at it) based on set rules. IMO we only call professional sports 'sport' because we most likely play/played that sport.

Comment Re:South Korean Visa Waiver (Score 1) 114

He is playing for a US based team (Evil Geniuses). The do have a team house at/near SF where he has stayed for a limited amount of time. E-sports tournaments are also often part of another venue (Trade shows and Comic Con) and his team might want him there because of their sponsors. Of which there are many.

Comment Re:H1B Visas and now this? (Score 1) 114

I don't think the US works like you think it does. Its success has been based on varying degrees of home grown talent and imported talent.

While the top earners in e-sports, apart from Fatal1ty, aren't from the US, 7 out of the top 20 are employed by a US organization (EG/[A]). The picture gets more favorable for the US the further down one goes in the top 100. As far as SC2:HotS goes the US has the famdom scene locked. I would guesstimate that ~80% of successful players are either Korean or play for a US based team (EG or TL). In DotA2 things are a bit more spread out (between China, CIS and the US), but the US is still in a favorable spot.
[EG: Evil Geniuses; [A]: Alliance; TL: Team Liquid; CIS: former USSR]
Source: http://www.esportsearnings.com/players

Comment Size matters (Score 2) 370

I was in the same position with my mum a while ago. She never had any contact with the web until she tried my tablet. From her experience (I just asked) and mine I have to say that the what doesn't matter that much. What is important is the size of.... well everything. Nine inches at least or the touch screen keyboard and text will be to small.
The Font Size:Huge thing is one the most important aspects. We all missed links on a touch screen but older people can be somewhat confused when they miss a link. Find an Analogy to explain that this sometimes happens (to you too).
He should be set if you throw in some accessories like a tablet pillow.

Comment MyAutomatedConversationCoach (Score 1) 84

The MIT site: http://web.media.mit.edu/~mehoque/MACH.htm for the project has a bit more content in the form of before and after vids. The site links to http://web.media.mit.edu/~mehoque/SignUpForMACH.htm if you are interested in try MACH out.

Is MACH available for me to use?
We would love to make the system available to the general mass for free. Here are the caveats.
MACH was developed as part of a PhD thesis consisting of more than half a million lines of code. The current prototype works on a personal laptop. However, it is an extremely complicated system that we were able to put together with 2 years of effort.
In order to make a public release with seamless interaction experience, we would need to do more testing.
It is possible to make MACH work in a computer browser and make it widely accessible. However, that will require hiring 2-3 full time software engineers with 6-12 months of development and test period. Currently, we are looking for resources to make that happen. If you are in a position to support our work, or know of any funding agencies who might be interested to fund us, please do get in touch (mehoque at media dot mit dot edu) with us. In the mean time, please feel free to write/tweet to AutismSpeaks, NLMFF, Autism Science Foundation
I am remote and I would like to participate in your studies.
Recruiting participants is the most challenging part of our research and we appreciate your interest. However, with our current experimental set up, it makes it very difficult for us to recruit participants unless they are local. We hope to address this issue by developing an online version of our system.
I would like to be notified when the system becomes available to public.
Please sign up here. http://goo.gl/LDwb8

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