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Comment: Re:Shared web hosting (Score 1) 263 263

by n_are_q (#34571282) Attached to: Oracle Releases MySQL 5.5
As someone who has used both, I don't really understand where this sentiment is coming from. PGAdmin is a way better GUI tool than anything that comes with myqsql, and at no point did I ever run into something that wasn't clear and easily accomplished with the GUI for the basic stuff you'd use mysql for. Of course outside of the ease of use argument mysql is a joke compared to postgres too :).

Comment: This does deserve a story (Score 2, Informative) 471 471

by n_are_q (#31828046) Attached to: <em>StarCraft</em> Cheating Scandal Rocks Korea
As someone who occasionally follows the SC happenings in Korea, I can attest to the fact that this is a huge story there. The fame of these players really is comparable to that of football or basketball stars in the states.

More to the point, there is real talent, years of honing your skill, and real fans involved here. That's what makes this match fixing a real deal. That's too bad, this young sport deserves better.

Recovering Blurred Text Using Photoshop and JavaScript 157 157

Posted by timothy
from the careful-how-you-hide-stuff dept.
An anonymous reader writes "There's been a lot of talk about recovering blurred or pixelated text, but here's an actual implementation using nothing but Photoshop and a little JavaScript. Includes a Hollywood-esque video showing the uncovered letters slowly appearing."

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